New Ways To Watch And Wager: PointsBet, NBC, PGA Tee Up New Golf Betting ‘Companion Show’

Written By Derek Helling on January 25, 2021

Several sports entertainment properties are facing adjustments this year due to the news that NBC-Universal will shutter the NBC Sports Network later this year to push content to Peacock Premium. While that does mean sports fans will have to adjust their viewing habits, it also means new opportunities for golf betting content.

The PGA Tour and PointsBet have already pounced on that chance. As a matter of fact, bettors will get a chance to see a new video product as soon as next month. If it’s successful, it could lead to a lot more similar content.

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Details on the new golf betting content available soon on Peacock

Essentially, this programming is a “companion show” or “second-screen experience.” It’s meant to pair with NBC’s coverage of PGA events. The first rollout will take place during the coverage of the PGA Waste Management Phoenix Open, starting Thursday, Feb. 4.

While you’re watching the live action on GOLF Channel and NBC, you can also punch up NBC Sports Edge BetCast via Peacock Premium. Essentially, it’s additional analysis and commentary but focused on the betting angles.

“The NBC Sports Edge BetCast stream on Peacock Premium is another step forward for our sports betting strategy,” said Norb Gambuzza, PGA Tour Senior Vice President of Media and Gaming in a press release. “We are extremely excited to produce and distribute specialized betting content as a companion to our linear and digital coverage with our partners at NBC Sports and PointsBet. As we continue to embrace sports betting, the Tour will continue to innovate and find new ways to engage fans around the world.”

The plan is to offer 2.5 hours of the companion show during each of the four rounds, or 10 hours in total. PointsBet will provide all the data, including the odds. PointsBet will also provide insight from one of its traders as well.

If the content gets in front of a lot of eyes, it’s a win-win-win. It may drive bettors in relevant jurisdictions – like Illinois and Michigan – to PointsBet’s betting markets. Additionally, the betting angles may drive the TV ratings for the tournament. Finally, it gives people an incentive to pay for Peacock.

To what degree those things will happen remains to be seen. But what appears certain is that the amount of gambling-centric video content will continue to build as time passes.

Why platforms like Peacock lend well to this type of content

Unlike linear programming, streaming platforms offer viewers a nearly endless array of content choices. Take Peacock, for example. Premium subscribers can choose to binge episodes of The Office or this new golf betting content over the first weekend in February.

Thus, NBC Sports can call upon PointsBet to produce a wide array of betting-focused content, all tailored to specific events and leagues. For example, NBC also has broadcast rights for the NHL, NASCAR, English Premier League, and NFL games. All of those present opportunities to replicate this formula.

The production cost of such content could be relatively smaller in comparison to linear programming, especially if done in smaller bites. Requiring a premium subscription helps cover some of that cost.

NBC Sports also likely gets some revenue for the new customers it drives to PointsBet, so that’s another opportunity to monetize the content.

Eventually, live sports coverage that doesn’t have companion betting-focused content may seem out of place. NBC is betting on that being the case, at the same time hoping it makes Peacock a popular streaming subscription product for a lot of bettors.

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