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THELINES REPUTATION AND MISSION is a leading resource for live betting odds and cutting-edge sports betting news and strategy. We provide information to both casual bettors and professional sharps about how and where to find the most value at the online sportsbooks every day.

We seek to help visitors to our site gain the knowledge and awareness to improve their returns every time they place a bet.


We are always looking for writers with strong, authentic followings who are subject matter experts about the various markets where sports betting exists.
Some of the content we write includes:

  • Breaking news
  • Opinion pieces
  • Longform feature stories
  • Tips and strategy for sports betting
  • Sportsbook offers
  • Resources and education for new sports bettors


We need to hire writers who can add value to our content. They need to be able to take developments in the sports world and synthesize them into compelling pieces of writing.

Ideally, a writer at TheLines has a writing or journalism background and experience in sports betting. We’re looking for a writer that has a passion for sports and sports betting and loves to communicate that passion with others.

Here are some other qualities that writers at TheLines should possess:

  • Experience in creating professional, public-facing copy
  • Experience in conducting interviews or other interactions with members of the sports betting community
  • Knowledge or familiarity with current SEO practices
  • Punctuality with regard to deadlines
  • The ability to create and innovate angles and storylines appropriate for the site’s readers

If this description fits your experience or goals, please let us know. If possible, please provide links to your previous work and your typical pay rate. is part of the Catena Media US network of sites. Catena Media is already a growing company with opportunities for more growth. We’d love to hear from you!

If interested, please follow Catena Media on LinkedIn and be on the lookout for open positions.