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Next Year World Series odds
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The MLB season is just a few weeks away from kicking off. Shohei Ohtani to the Dodgers and Juan Soto to the Yankees were the biggest dominoes to fall this past winter. World Series odds show the Dodgers (+460) as the betting favorites. The Braves (+650) and Yankees (+850) are also near the top of sportsbook boards.

Check out live odds for the 2024 World Series below.

World Series odds

Compare World Series odds for the 2024 MLB season below. Click to bet on the price you like.

The Atlanta Braves opened as World Series favorites for 2024. Here were the opening prices for some of the favorites.

  • Atlanta Braves: +700
  • LA Dodgers: +750
  • Houston Astros: +900
  • Texas Rangers: +900
  • Philadelphia Phillies: +1100
  • New York Yankees: +1300

World Series odds

Here are World Series odds for every team with a betting breakdown for each.

  • LA Dodgers (+460): The Dodgers are the clear-cut favorites after landing Shohei Ohtani in free agency.
  • Atlanta Braves (+700): The Braves led the Majors with a +231 run differential and finished near the top of the league in every major statistical category during the regular season, but were knocked out in the NLDS by the Phillies for a second straight year. 
  • New York Yankees (+850): The Yankees are starting to spend like the Yankees of the early 2000s again as they brought in Juan Soto from San Diego.
  • Texas Rangers (+800): Coming off their first World Series title with Jacob deGrom (elbow) potentially returning to form next season, the Rangers will be looking to repeat. 
  • Philadelphia Phillies (+1000): The Phillies have found some postseason magic the past two autumns and have come up just short of a title. Oddsmakers are shortening their odds coming into the 2024 season under the expectation that they will continue to streak in October. 
  • Houston Astros (+1100): The Astros have been remarkably consistent with seven straight trips to the ALCS or further. Perhaps that continued success will convince Justin Verlander to stick around for one more campaign. 
  • Tampa Bay Rays (+1400): Despite winning 100, 86, and 99 games over the past three seasons, the Rays have fizzled out in the ALDS or Wild Card in the playoffs, earning a comparison to the modern day version of the “Moneyball” A’s. 
  • Baltimore Orioles (+1400): The O’s came out of nowhere to win 101 games last season without excelling in any particular metric. Owner Peter Angelos could give Mike Elias some more cash to deploy this offseason. 
  • Toronto Blue Jays (+1800): The Blue Jays play in the toughest division in baseball and went 21-31 against A.L. East foes last season. 
  • Seattle Mariners (+2000): With Julio Rodriguez leading the way, the Mariners got hot again late last season and narrowly missed out on a postseason berth. 
  • Minnesota Twins (+2200): The Twins are a team on the rise with young talent all over the field and a good bullpen to back up their starting rotation. 
  • San Diego Padres (+2200): Despite their massive payroll and star-studded roster, the Padres couldn’t string together wins last season, and now, as expected, they’ve moved on from Juan Soto. 
  • New York Mets (+2500): On his way out the door, Max Scherzer claimed the Mets front office told him they’re not planning to compete for a title in 2024 either, indicating a longer rebuild. 
  • Arizona Diamondbacks (+3300): Postseason stars Corbin Carroll and Ketel Marte are on guaranteed contracts for several more years and the D’Backs can use arbitration to keep stud arms Zac Gallen and Paul Sewald.  
  • Boston Red Sox (+3300): Boston was a streaky team last season with little consistency from its pitching staff. Chaim Bloom has been fired and Craig Breslow is calling the shots for now. 
  • Chicago Cubs (+3300): Cody Bellinger and Dansby Swanson nearly led the Cubs to the playoffs in their first season on the Southside, and this franchise has deep enough pockets to add more talent this offseason. 
  • Milwaukee Brewers (+4000): The Brewers have contended for the N.L. Central crown for several years, but haven’t made much noise in the postseason. 
  • San Francisco Giants (+4000): Last winter, the Giants tried to make a big move by landing Carlos Correa and it fell through. Will they make a splash this offseason? 
  • Cincinnati Reds (+4500): The Reds surprised throughout last season with a number of exciting young talents flashing their potential. 
  • Miami Marlins (+5000): Sandy Alcantara never seemed to recover his CY Young form and underwent elbow surgery late last season. 
  • Cleveland Guardians (+5000): Terry Francona retired and the Guardians have reached out to Craig Counsell as a candidate to become their next manager. 
  • St. Louis Cardinals (+5000): As one of the most consistent franchises in professional sports, it’s hard to imagine the Cardinals will follow up last year’s debacle with another poor season. 
  • Los Angeles Angels (+6000): Shohei Ohtani is an unrestricted free agent and the Angels are unlikely to bring back the sensation with other suitors ready to offer an enormous contract after their exclusive negotiating window closes. 
  • Detroit Tigers (+7500): Oddsmakers were relatively high on the Tigers heading into last season and their offense finally came to life late in the summer. 
  • Pittsburgh Pirates (+10000): O’Neil Cruz missed most of last year but should be good to go for the 2024 season. 
  • Chicago White Sox (+15000): The White Sox have been one of the worst teams in baseball in consecutive seasons despite coming into each year with a good roster on paper. 
  • Washington Nationals (+15000): The Nats bolstered their farm system by trading Juan Soto two seasons ago and will continue to develop their young players next year.
  • Kansas City Royals (+20000): Bobby Witt Jr. is one of the more exciting young players in baseball. 
  • Colorado Rockies (+20000): The Rockies added C.J. Cron and Randal Grichuk last offseason, then traded them ahead of the deadline after a rough first half. 
  • Oakland Athletics (+30000): This will be the final season for the A’s at the Oakland Coliseum, but it isn’t yet official that they will play in Las Vegas the following year. 

How World Series odds are changing

Sportsbooks have posted early World Series odds for the 2024 MLB season. World Series futures will change throughout the course of next season.

TeamWorld Series Odds November 2
Atlanta Braves+700
Texas Rangers +800
Los Angeles Dodgers +900
Philadelphia Phillies +1000
Houston Astros +1100
Baltimore Orioles+1200
Tampa Bay Rays +1400
New York Yankees+1600
Toronto Blue Jays +1800
San Diego Padres +2000
Seattle Mariners +2000
Minnesota Twins +2200
New York Mets+2500
Chicago Cubs +3300
Arizona Diamondbacks +3300
Boston Red Sox +3300
San Francisco Giants +4000
Milwaukee Brewers +4000
Cincinnati Reds +4000
Cleveland Guardians +5000
Miami Marlins +5000
St. Louis Cardinals +5000
Los Angeles Angels +6000
Detroit Tigers +7500
Pittsburgh Pirates +10000
Chicago White Sox +15000
Washington Nationals +15000
Kansas City Royals +20000
Colorado Rockies+20000
Oakland Athletics +30000

Basics of MLB Futures

Betting on the World Series is available all season long in the form of futures bets. It’s simple — find a team that you like and bet on them at their odds to win it all. For example, the Braves were +1000 to win the World Series before the start of the 2021 season. If you bet $100 on Atlanta to win it all before the season began, you would have won $1000 with a total payout of $1100. A $10 bet would have netted you $100.

Futures bets may also include the winner of the American League, National League, and each division. Some sportsbooks delve deeper with “prop bets” on individual achievements, such as who will lead the Majors in home runs, wins, strikeouts, etc.

Generally, books take bets on futures in between game action. When teams are competing on a full slate of night games, your sportsbook of choice might hold off on updating odds in the event there is a catastrophic injury or another event that might change the prospects of a contender.

Here is a quick summary of how the odds are displayed for MLB Futures bets:

  • Some sportsbooks will use a system that shows the odds as 5/1, while some display them as +500. This is just semantics, as both systems indicate that a winning $100 bet on the team would cash out at 5x that amount ($500).
  • Odds can also be split into fractions. A team may be listed as a 9/2 favorite on one book, which is the same as a +450 favorite, i.e. a winning ticket pays out 4.5x the amount of the bet.

History of MLB futures

Placing a long shot Futures bet on baseball is a very risky proposition. In NBA betting, for one, it’s almost akin to throwing away your money. The NFL is a bit more unpredictable with its single-elimination postseason, and the MLB is somewhere in between.

Rarely has a team come out of “nowhere” to win the World Series over the past several years, but plenty of fringe contenders have started the season with long odds before getting hot at the right time. According to archives compiled by Caesars Sportsbook, the Kansas City Royals were listed with +3300 odds to win it all during the first month of the 2015 season. Those odds dropped to +1400 in May, +1000 in June, and were down to +550 by the time the playoffs began.

In 2014, the San Francisco Giants opened the season with +2500 World Series odds and went on to win it all. The Boston Red Sox were getting +2800 odds prior to the 2013 season, and the St. Louis Cardinals were getting +2500 odds prior to the 2011 season.

Hence, there is value in placing a small bet on an underdog early in the season. There is a chance that an unexpected champion is crowned, but it is not guaranteed in today’s MLB due to the importance of pitching in the postseason.

Recent World Series winners and preseason odds

Here is a look back at the last five World Series champions along with a consensus of the winner’s preseason odds. The 2020 regular season was reduced to 60 games as a result of the global pandemic. It also included an expanded playoff field.

Year TeamPreseason Odds
2023 Texas Rangers +4500
2022Houston Astros+700
2021Atlanta Braves +1400
2020Los Angeles Dodgers +450*
2019Washington Nationals +2000
2018Boston Red Sox +1300

Other ways to bet on the World Series

For those with wagering experience in other sports, much of the baseball terminology and concepts will be familiar. However, as with all sports, there are certain bet types and props that naturally are particular to the individual sport.

Here are the various ways to get a wager down on the World Series.

  • Moneyline: As with other sports, the moneyline represents the odds of a team winning a game. A “minus” sign indicates the favorite.  The number next to the minus sign represents the amount of money a bettor would need to wager to win a theoretical amount of $100. A “plus” sign indicates the underdog. The amount next to the plus sign represents the amount of money a bettor would win on a theoretical amount of $100.
  • Run line: Typically set at either -1.5 or +1.5, the run line functions much like the point spread in other sports. In a conventional run line scenario, the favored team must win by two or more runs or the underdog must lose by two runs or less in order for the run line to be covered. Odds are assigned next to the favorite (which is designated with a run line of -1.5) and underdog (which is designated with a run line of +1.5).
  • Total runs (over/under): The total combined number of runs projected to be scored in the game by both teams. As with other sports, bettors can place bets on the total either being exceeded or being greater than the amount of total runs scored.
  • Series line: With baseball usually being played in multi-game series between two teams — three- or four-game series being the most common — wagers are also available on which team will emerge as the winner in each matchup.
  • Player props: A variety of wagers based on individual players reaching certain benchmarks within a game or in a season.  Seasonal examples include over/under wagers on the number of hits, extra-base hits or home runs a player might hit in a season. In-game examples include over/under wagers on the number of hits, walks or home runs a player might hit in a game.
  • Team props: A variety of wagers based on teams reaching certain benchmarks within a game. Examples include over/under wagers on whether a team will score a team will score a certain amount of runs in a game. Or, how many runs a team will score by a certain inning within a game.
  • Parlays: Parlay wagering is defined as a series of bets that must all be correct in order for a bettor to be paid. Parlay bets feature more favorable odds and payouts due to the increased difficulty involved in predicting multiple outcomes correctly.

For states that have yet to legalize online betting, you can also play MLB daily fantasy sports or check out free-to-play betting sites, like these California sports betting apps that offer social wagering.

MLB betting FAQ

Where can I bet on the World Series in the US?

Currently, there are 30 states that offer some form of legal sports betting. Residents of those states can use best sports betting sites (if available) or casino sportsbooks to place legal, real-money bets. In 2023, Kentucky sports betting apps will launch and join this list of MLB betting states.

Who is the favorite to win the World Series in 2023?

The 2022 World Series champion Houston Astros are the early favorite to repeat with +600 odds. The Yankees and Braves, both at +750, are close behind. Count the LA Dodgers among the early favorites as well with +850 odds. The defending NL champion Phillies currently sit in the middle of the pack at +1700.

Expect these future odds to shift once the regular season begins. In 2022, the Astros were sitting at +1000 in early April. By Oct. 5, their odds shifted to +425. Only the Dodgers (+350) had shorter odds.