PointsBet Sportsbook App Review

PointsBet may be a new player in the sea of US sports betting, but the company has made quite a splash in a short time.

The Australian-based operator debuted in New Jersey in January.

Innovative offerings, robust promotions and a dedicated sports betting platform helped PointsBet make a name for itself.

While entering New Jersey was the first part of the company’s strategy, it’s by no means the last. PointsBet has deals in place in other marketplaces, with its sights set on offering more in the future.

So, what does PointsBet have to offer for casual and seasoned handicappers? What kind of bonus is available for new users? What’s the platform like?

For the answers to those questions and everything else you need to know about PointsBet, read on.

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PointsBet Review
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PointsBet welcome bonus

Sports bettors in NJ have plenty of places to wager, and there will be even more to come. That being the case, operators need to give bettors a reason to check out their offerings and hopefully stay around for a while.

PointsBet does that with an affordable offer that provides plenty of incentive for new players to check out the site.

New users wanting to try PointsBet can deposit $50 and receive a free $100 bonus.

It’s an enticing offer that doesn’t require a considerable commitment from new players. Simply depositing $50 upon sign up will entitle them to an additional $100, which players receive as free bonus bets.

Here’s how it works.

A new user who signs up at PointsBet must enter the promo code PLAYNJ to receive this attractive offer.

Once the new account is up and running, the player will have $100 in bonus bets. However, the bonus offer is not available for immediate withdrawal.

PointsBet players can place bets on the game or event of their choosing. Any winnings obtained as a result of the free bets are fair game and free to withdraw immediately.

For example, let’s say you use a $50 bonus bet on a two-team parlay, which is paying out at odds of +264. The wager works out in your favor, and you receive a return of $182.23.

You’ll immediately be able to withdraw the $132.23 in winnings, and you’ll still have another free $50 bet in the bank to boot.

In short, those who deposit $50 will have $150 to play with upon account creation.

Do I need a promo or bonus code for PointsBet?

Yes, to be eligible for this promotion, you will need to enter the PointsBet promo code PLAYNJ.

PointsBet Sportsbook Promo Code

Online Sportsbook PointsBet Sportsbook NJ
Promo CodeNone needed - click here
First Deposit Bonus200% Match up to $100
Other PromosOdds Boost & Early Cashout
Last VerifiedOctober 16, 2019

PointsBet VIP Loyalty Rewards

PointsBet offers a loyalty program that rewards its customers based on their play.

For every dollar they wager on a fixed-odds market, PointsBet gives users one point. The company is even more generous for parlay bets, as every $1 wager receives five points.

Players wagering with the innovative PointsBetting feature receive one point for each dollar won or lost. In a nutshell, PointsBetting is the company’s unique product, which is both high-risk and high-reward.

As rewards accumulate, players can redeem them for bonus bets.

For example, 500 bonus points would be suitable for a $5 bet, while 10,000 points equal $100 in bonus bets.

Redeeming rewards at retail locations

For its NJ operations, PointsBet is partnered with Meadowlands Racetrack.

Similar deals are in the works for other state’s on the company’s radar. At this time, rewards are only redeemable online, but that could change as PointsBet enters additional markets.

PointsBet Sportsbook: Creating a new account

Signing up for an account on PointsBet is a quick and easy process. After visiting the site the first time, you’ll notice a big, red “Sign Up” button located in the upper-right-hand corner. Clicking on that will begin a two-step process.

It will request necessary information, such as your screen name and password, and also prompt you for any promo codes.

You must provide your full name and address.

Signing up at PointsBet is a similar experience as at any other reputable online operator. You aren’t asked to provide anything unusual.

Taking your time to read and review the “About Us” and “Terms and Conditions” section will give you even more insight into the company. If you happen to get stuck or have a question, there are several ways to contact PointsBet, including live chat.

All told, signing up for PointsBet takes just a couple of minutes and minimal clicks.

We were able to create an account quickly and began browsing the site right away. After logging in and checking it out, you can click on your account and deposit immediately.

We’ll cover the cashier function more in-depth as we advance in our review.

PointsBet Sportsbook App

One of the ways that PointsBet has been able to garner attention is via a platform that caters to sports bettors. The company’s focus is on sports betting, and it shows in the product offering.

Users will find a clean layout that is easy to navigate, crystal clear odds and a bet slip function that is smooth and nonintrusive. There are markets for virtually every sport, which moves the needle in terms of interest.

PointsBet has a mobile betting app that is available for Android and Apple users. Just like the web-based version, the platform is simple, easy to use and targets sports bettors.

Here’s what we found in our test run of the PointsBet app:

  • Availability: At the bottom of the PointsBet website, there are clickable links for both versions of the app.
  • Speed: The app is smooth, quick and intuitive. We didn’t come across any lags or glitches that slowed down the overall experience.
  • Overall Performance: The PointsBet app functions very well. It’s just like what you’ll find online, albeit in a condensed version
  • Markets: PointsBet offers numerous sports and betting markets. If you’re looking to bet on a game that has at least a decent following, PointsBet has you covered. The same applies to bets, and the company also offers its unique PointsBetting feature.
  • Live Betting: The main tab displays featured games that are coming up, and there’s also a dedicated link for in-play betting.
  • Bet Slip: This feature is functional and responsive without being overly sensitive. It can be minimized and restored with ease.
  • General Layout: PointsBet has put together a layout that is both easy to use and navigate. You don’t need to do a ton of clicking to find what you’re looking for, as everything is laid out clearly.
  • Cashier: The cashier function on mobile is quick and efficient, the same as it is on the PointsBet website. The deposit process was smooth and seamless, and there are plenty of funding options.

PointsBet browser, desktop review

PointsBet offers a platform that caters to sports bettors. Navigating is simple, and there are numerous ways to access what you are looking to wager. At the top of the main screen, you’ll find clickable links to all of the major sports.

The center of the screen is full of upcoming events. This area can easily switch by clicking the “In Play” tab, which will bring you to all of the events happening now.

On the left-hand side of the screen is an expandable menu. Here you’ll find a list of all of the sports that PointsBet offers markets on, as well as a clickable link to current promotions.

The main screen also has a rotating banner of current and featured promotions. PointsBet isn’t shy on this front. During our review, several exciting offers were there for the taking.

Over on the right, there’s a list of upcoming events. Also, this is where the bet slip will appear once you begin adding your wagers to a ticket. The bet slip functions well and can be easily minimized and restored.

Adding and deleting events from the ticket is easy as well, which is particularly useful for parlay wagers.

Last but not least, you can find the deposit and account sections by clicking on your screen name in the upper-right corner.

The cashier function is smooth and seamless, with numerous funding options available.

From your expandable screen name menu, you can also track your bonuses and find your complete transaction history.

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PointsBet overall user experience

The PointsBet platform focus on sports bettors. In short, the company has built a functional website and app experience that is simple and easy to use, yet also chock full of features.

That’s not the easiest trick to turn, but PointsBet has made it happen. The navigation experience is pleasant, and it’s easy to find things. Everything you need is a click away, and there are several support options available.

Is PointsBet legal and safe?

Yes. PointsBet is an Australian-based company that came to the US betting market in January. The company has gone through all the proper channels to get its US operations up and running. PointsBet is completely legal and safe to use in states it currently operates.

Here’s a summary of where PointsBet is legal in the following states:

  • New Jersey: This was the first US market the company entered via a partnership with Meadowlands Racetrack.
  • West Virginia: PointsBet is not available in West Virginia.
  • Pennsylvania: The company has not entered the PA market as of yet.
  • Indiana: PointsBet plans to enter the Indiana market, but there’s been no official announcement yet.
  • Iowa: The company has opened its first retail location at Catfish Bend Casino and intends to launch online once it’s legal to do so.
  • Illinois: PointsBet has a deal in place with Hawthorne Race Course and has big overall plans in the state.

How does PointsBet benefit casual bettors?

Casual bettors can benefit from the simple layout, which is clear and devoid of clutter. Finding what you’re looking for doesn’t require a lot of hunting.

There are also support options at the bottom of the homepage.

One of the most significant benefits for new and casual bettors is an education section chock full of information. The “Revis Betting Academy” is under the expandable menu or as a clickable link at the bottom of the page.

Visitors will go to the “PointsBetting 101” page that lays out the basics in a precise fashion. Also, it offers some videos to review.

How does PointsBet benefit experienced bettors?

For experienced bettors, PointsBet also has plenty to offer.

It offers all of the major sports, as well as niche categories.

PointsBet offers all of the primary bet types, not to mention markets that seem to be quite efficient. In our research, the odds were in line or better than the average of other major sportsbooks.

Sharp bettors can sometimes run into trouble finding places that will take their action. Well, that’s not an issue on PointsBet. Earlier this year, the company made headlines by announcing a $10,000 game-day guarantee for all of the major sports.

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PointsBet betting options

All of the major betting markets are available on PointsBet. These include the standard moneylinespread and totals bets one would expect to find, as well as futuresprops and live bets.

The default layout on the main screen will list out all of the main bet types for upcoming events. Clicking on an individual game will bring you to a new screen where you’ll find all of the markets available for that event.

On this screen, you’ll find not only the fixed odds markets for the game but also all of the prop markets currently available. Based on our research, PointsBet puts a lot of time and effort into its prop and alternative bet markets.

Users can also click through for opportunities on the company’s feature known as PointsBetting, which is a high-risk, high-reward option that helps the company generate some buzz.

Here’s how it works.

In a nutshell, bettors who use this feature can win more based on how accurate they are, but they can also lose more based on how wrong they are. For example, let’s say you put in a simple bet on an NFL quarterback’s passing yards.

The benchmark is set at 250 yards. The player goes out and throws for 260 yards. For PointsBetting, you’re awarded a multiple based on how much you exceeded the benchmark. In this case, a simple $1 bet would get you a return of $10.

While that sounds great, it’s important to remember that this works in reverse as well when you’re wrong. PointsBet provides clear instructions on how it all works, but it’s still important to keep this in mind.

PointsBet also offers a stop-loss feature on many of the PointsBetting markets so that you know what your maximum loss would be and limit the damage. This feature is exciting and innovative, but it’s one that you must manage carefully.

What’s not available at PointsBet Sportsbook

PointsBet covers all of the major team and individual sports, from basketball to tennis to football to golf. The same applies to niche sports, such as cycling and darts.

For betting markets, you will find everything at a significant sportsbook and then some. If you’re looking to place a bet on a game or event that has at least a decent level of public interest, you’ll find it here.

PointsBet odds boost

PointsBet is continuously offering a variety of promotions. You can find these on the homepage’s rotating banner. The company sends out promotional emails with the latest offerings, as well.

On the expandable menu on the left, there’s a clickable link to current promos. If you scroll down, you’ll find a link called “Boosters.” Clicking on that brings you to a new screen with current odds boost opportunities.

When we checked it out, we found odds boosts for parlays set by PointsBet, as well as a few for upcoming games. As with its other promotions, PointsBet has solid offerings here that will appeal to many bettors.

How does PointsBet pricing compare to other sportsbooks?

When an operator is dedicated to sports betting, you would assume it is on top of the marketplace and what it will support. That’s the case on PointsBet.

In our research, we found spreads and totals that were right in line with the general marketplace.

The same applies to odds available. PointsBet knows who its core customers are, so it appears to be quite focused on providing an efficient marketplace. The spread and total odds are right where they should be, while we found moneyline odds that were better than the average marketplace, in some cases.

For example, here are the average moneyline odds available for an upcoming NFL game at major sportsbooks:

  • New York Giants +800
  • New England Patriots -1400

Now, let’s take a look at how PointsBet priced out the same projected blowout:

  • New York Giants +775
  • New England Patriots -1226

While PointsBet was offering less than the average on the underdog side, they were offering much more on the favored side. While this may not seem like a huge discrepancy, points of difference such as this can certainly add up over the season.

Speaking of NFL betting, PointsBet is going above and beyond to capture the attention of the betting marketplace.

Standard odds across the industry on spread bets are -110. PointsBet has moved the bar to -105. This may not sound like much, but let’s take a look at the math to illustrate the difference.

  • Winning $100 bet at odds of -110 provides a total return of $190.90.
  • Winning $100 bet at odds of -105 provides a total return of $195.20.

This is a significant difference-maker for bettors, but it’s especially beneficial for those who like to play a good amount of volume on the NFL.

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How to deposit and cash out winnings?

PointsBet offers several ways to move money in and out of your betting account.

Standard options include online banking and credit cards, as well as PayNearMe. The latter is a convenient option, as some banks and payment processors can be finicky when it comes to gambling-related transactions.

Not all deposit methods are available as withdrawals.

For example, you can add and withdraw funds via online banking or eChecks. On credit cards, you can deposit but will need to find another method for withdrawals.

All of PointsBets’ various options are here:

MethodPointsBet NJPointsBet IAPointsBet INPayout Timeframe
VisaDeposit OnlyTBATBAN/A
MastercardDeposit OnlyTBATBAN/A
Online BankingDeposit & WithdrawalTBATBA24-36 hours
ACH / eCheckDeposit & WithdrawalTBATBA24-36 hours
PointsBet MastercardDeposit & WithdrawalTBATBA24-36 hours
PayNearMeDeposit OnlyTBATBAN/A
Cash at CageDeposit & WithdrawalTBATBAUp to 24 hours
*For Meadowlands cage withdrawal, you need a unique SMS code to process the withdraw. This code must be presented to the cage along with government ID. You will need to visit the cage within 24 hours of receiving the SMS. Cage is open Monday-Friday.

How to contact customer support

PointsBet offers several support options. For starters, there’s a clickable email link at the bottom of the main screen. For more pressing matters, there’s also a live chat feature.

Clicking on live chat will bring up a new window that will populate with your name and email address. You’ll be able to type in a short message with the nature of your query. From there, you’ll enter a queue and wait for an agent.

We didn’t have to wait long at all. A rep responded quickly and asked us to verify some details before proceeding. The live chat feature is a nice touch and a sign of a company that prioritizes reliable customer service.

Also, there’s a clickable help section that is full of answers to several FAQs.

History of PointsBet

PointsBet is an Australian-based bookmaker, which is a new player in the sports betting the scene. Initially launched in 2017, the company set its sights on the US market as states began sorting out their legal issues.

New Jersey was its first point of entry. PointsBet launched in the Garden State in 2019 and quickly gained attention with its innovative offerings and intriguing promotions. The company has since put deals in place to enter the Iowa and Illinois markets.

PointsBet isn’t stopping there. As the legal US sports betting market continues to grow, the company has designs on going along for the ride. While still a new kid on the block, PointsBet has managed to capture a good deal of attention and looks like it’s poised to continue doing so.