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Tennesseans, are you ready? Tennessee sports betting is live!

The debut of online sports betting started early November 2020. Here at The Lines, we have all the latest updates about the current TN sports betting apps in addition to upcoming sportsbooks.

We will also have the top bonuses that available to you for Tennessee online sports betting. As more sportsbooks get ready to launch, we will fill you in on how to score free money and bets with those bonuses. Some of our offers are exclusive, so you won’t find them elsewhere.

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Is sports betting legal in Tennessee?

Yes! Sports betting became legal in Tennessee in May 2019. Though Gov. Bill Lee declined to sign House Bill 0001 at the time, he also did not veto it, allowing it to become law.

Since there are no land-based gambling venues in Tennessee, the only option you have is to download a TN sports betting app and bet online.

Best Tennessee sports betting apps

As you may know, there are no retail casinos, sportsbooks, or any other gambling venues open for business in Tennessee, so betting on sports in the state is limited to mobile only. Each app is designed to maximize your display and functionality while you wager. We’ll go over the process of downloading and using a TN sports betting app in more detail below.

Here is a list of the best sportsbooks available in TN right now:

RankTennessee AppBonus offerFree BetPlay Now
1.DraftKings Sportsbook TN$1,000$50Play Now!
2. Caesars Sportsbook TN$5,000--Play Now
3.BetMGM Sportsbook TN$1,000--Play Now!
4.FanDuel Sportsbook TN$1,000--Play Now!
5.WynnBet$1,000--Play Now!

In addition, lottery officials have indicated that there are more applications for licenses that they are considering right now. However, they have not released the identities of those operators just yet.

How to download an online sportsbook in Tennessee

Tennessee is the first state in the US to offer sports betting exclusively online. There are no casinos, racetracks or OTBs in the state, and the law that granted sports betting to the state did not allow for standalone retail sportsbooks.

Tennesseans are going to have to use their internet connections to wager on their favorite sporting events and teams. The vast majority of bets will occur through mobile devices, so it’s important to understand the ins and outs of using a sports betting app in Tennessee.

The good news is that most major sportsbook operators have dedicated apps for the two main mobile formats, Apple (iOS) and Android, so here’s what to do if you want to download a sports betting app in Tennessee.

Apple (iOS) betting apps

Apple products are quite common in the US. Anyone who uses an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is using an iOS device.

At one time, the process for downloading a gambling app to one’s phone looked to be growing far more restrictive. Apple issued an edict in June 2019 that all real money gambling apps must be written in code native to Apple. The mandate placed a heavy burden on many gambling software providers that had written the entirety of their software in HTML5.

Thankfully, most providers figured out a solution by Apple’s March 2020 deadline. So, by and large, there’s no difference between downloading a sports betting app onto your Apple product and downloading any other type of app.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Click through our link above. Make sure to note any bonus codes.
  2. Select the logo button that corresponds to your device’s format.
  3. Click “get” when you reach the download page. You may have to approve the installation.

That’s it. You’ve now got a Tennessee sportsbook on your phone.

Android betting apps

Android users are much more plentiful than their Apple counterparts on an absolute basis. Worldwide, there’s no question that Android is the dominant format. Basically, if you don’t use an Apple device, you almost certainly have an Android phone.

Android-using sports bettors do have a bit of a hurdle to traverse before they can wager. Google has a longstanding policy not to allow gambling apps on the Google Store. The only way to circumvent this restriction is to download the .apk file directly from the sportsbook and install it.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Go into your phone’s settings. Under “Security,” set your phone to accept downloads from unknown sources.
  2. Click through our link above. Make sure to note any bonus codes.
  3. Select the logo button that corresponds to your device’s format.
  4. When you reach the sportsbook’s site, you should receive a prompt to download the file.
  5. Once the file downloads, install it onto your device. You may see a warning pop up, but since every sportsbook we’re mentioning is fully legal and regulated in Tennessee, you can safely override the warning.

After the file installs, you should be able to operate it like any other app on your device.

How to register for a Tennessee sports betting account

Once you have downloaded your desired TN betting app, the next thing to do will be to register for an account. No matter the format of your phone, this process is identical. Here’s what you do:

  1. Look for and press a large button in the top right. It should say “Join,” “Sign Up,” “Register” or some other kind of phrase that appeals to new players.
  2. Pressing the button should take you to the screen or screens for registration. There should be several blanks requesting your personal details.
  3. Fill in each blank with the appropriate information. Typically, you’ll need to provide your name, email, phone number, address, date of birth and Social Security number. You’ll also have to select a username, password and security questions.
  4. Make sure to fill in the box for a bonus code if we had one listed. Be careful to spell the code correctly and exactly as it appears. Codes are precise and case-sensitive, and you won’t get your bonus if you have a typo.
  5. After you finish, hit “Submit” or “Finish” at the bottom right to complete the process.
  6. Start playing!

Pros and cons of using a betting app in Tennessee

Although Tennessee is exclusively offering online sports betting, it is possible to visit a retail sportsbook. Obviously, there will be a bit of travel involved, although people in the western part of the state can easily dip south into Mississippi and visit Tunica.

Nevertheless, you may be wondering how Tennessee online sports betting compares with its land-based counterpart. You may’ve seen the beautiful colored display boards on trips to Nevada, and thought it unlikely that a simple app could be superior.

Well, the short answer is that there are many ways that the experience you’ll have online exceeds that of retail sports betting. However, it would be disingenuous to say that everything is better, so here are some pros and cons of betting on a sports betting app in Tennessee.


  • Accessibility — Obviously, it is far easier to access an online sportsbook than a live one. There is no driving involved, there’s no line to wait in, and you don’t even have to dress up.
  • Capability — Believe it or not, sportsbook apps far exceed their retail counterparts in terms of the types of bets you can make and the control you have over your wagers. Live, or in-game betting alone can yield more than 100 options to bet on a single game. The format and logistics of land-based sportsbooks simply don’t make such things possible.
  • Bonuses — For sportsbook apps, the competition is just seconds away at all times. They cannot afford to be cavalier with such a fickle customer base, so they are much more likely to extend offers for free money, free bets and other goodies to you.


  • Complexity — Even though most online sportsbooks have smooth, sleek apps that move faster than a blink, they’re not always easy to negotiate. It can be a chore to navigate sites and find all the information you want — even with a search function. You may also struggle to complete the bet you want if you are not technologically inclined.
  • Connections — It is absolutely crucial that you maintain an active internet connection at all times that you use a sportsbook app. Any losses of service could prove costly for those who are taking their time to bet. Having to maintain a connection with a Wi-Fi signal isn’t too difficult, but it might be frustrating if you have to leave the signal’s area.
  • Social isolation — The third downside of sportsbook apps is that you don’t get the same camaraderie as you do in a live casino. Sports betting is one of the most social games, with total strangers briefly joining to celebrate their wins and mourn their losses. A person on an app cannot usually interact with others.

Legal sports betting in Tennessee has finally arrived, but before you get started wagering in the Volunteer State – you need to know the rules.

The rules are pretty standard compared to protocols in other legal sports betting states, so there’s no reason to be concerned if you’ve placed legal bets in other places. The first of these five does represent what makes Tennessee unique, however.

Legal Tennessee sports betting is all digital

Legal wagering in Tennessee is essentially the opposite of legal betting in places like Arkansas and sports betting in New York. There, you can only wager at brick-and-mortar sportsbooks inside casinos.

In the land of Dollywood and Pat Summitt, however, you can only wager online. There are no physical casinos, off-track betting sites, or racetracks in TN where you can bet on sports. In addition, the law does not allow for retail wagering on sporting events.

So if you want to place a legal bet on the Tennessee Titans or Volunteers from just outside their stadiums, you’ll have to use a computer, smartphone, or tablet with Internet connectivity.

It’s important to note, as well, that despite the online-only framework, offshore betting sites are not legal. The sportsbook must be registered with the Tennessee Lottery for it to accept bets legally from people in TN.

The next important part has to do with location.

Geolocation and minimum age requirements in Tennessee

For residents of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina, and Virginia, this is great news. In all of those states, at least for now, there are no legal online sportsbooks.

In Mississippi, online wagering is restricted to geofenced locations of casinos’ properties, if available at all. As far as Tennessee goes, however, you can wager from anywhere within the state’s borders.

You do not have to be a legal resident of TN to place a bet. All that’s necessary for your eligibility is for you to be somewhere in the Volunteer State when you make your wager. You can drive across the border, do your business, then head home and hopefully watch your bet pay off.

You also have to be at least 21 years of age. The sportsbook app and/or website will ask for your date of birth when you register. Operators use verification services to check up on the information you provide, so it’s not simply a matter of back-dating yourself if you’re underage.

So – you’re of age, in the state, and you’ve got your smartphone ready. What else might you need to know? Well, the next important thing is how to access the licensed sportsbooks in Tennessee.

Can I bet on college sports in Tennessee?

The statute which governs sports betting in TN includes a restriction for college sports. Essentially, TN books can’t take in-game prop bets on college games.

So, for example, if you wanted to wager on how many yards the Vanderbilt Commodores will rush for in a specific quarter of a football game, you would be disappointed. This might prove of little importance, however, as sportsbooks in less restrictive jurisdictions don’t usually offer these types of markets anyway.

The logic behind this restriction is that it maintains the integrity of collegiate sporting events. Proponents also argued that it would protect athletes from abuse from disgruntled bettors.

Whether it actually achieves those ends remains to be seen.

There’s a final component of the market in TN that bettors should be aware of.

What’s this payout cap and what does it mean?

Tennessee is the only state so far to cap how much its licensees can pay out to customers. TN sportsbooks mandate that operators hold at least 10% of handle.

It’s too early to tell exactly how this unique requirement will affect the market. Operators can face fines and a loss of their licenses if they don’t comply.

There are some potential ramifications. One is that books may push parlays because the vig on those wagers is higher than straight bets.

Another possibility is that operators may build extra vig into straight bets to ensure they stay compliant with the regulations. They will probably try to avoid that, however, as it harms their ability to compete.

For bettors, this means that shopping operators for the best odds could be even more important in TN.

Equally important is to stay aware of all of these five rules, so your legal Tennessee sports betting experience is optimal.

How do I bet on sports in Tennessee?

Sports betting seems like such a straightforward activity that we can take it for granted that people understand it. Most folks have heard sports betting terms before, but they may not understand exactly what they mean or to what they refer.

So, before we discuss what sports and teams you’ll be able to wager on, let’s run through all the different types of bets you can make.

Before we begin, we do need to discuss the house edge in sports betting. Like most gambling hosts, the sportsbook does charge you for the privilege of placing your wager with it. The charge comes in the form of a premium on every wager you make. This premium, which is known as the “vig, is usually around 10% on every wager.

However, because sportsbooks pay out nearly all of what they take in (ideally), the true house edge is not nearly as high as it seems. In fact, the typical house advantage in a sportsbook is about 4.5%.

What that means is that you’ll have to win slightly more than half of your wagers in order to be profitable over the long haul. The house edge in sportsbooks is actually quite reasonable, and since there are so many other factors in placing a sports bet that you can control, sports betting remains one of the few gambling activities in which you can turn a consistent profit through skill.


The moneyline is probably the most fundamental bet in a Tennessee sportsbook. It is a wager on nothing more than the eventual winner of the game or match. All other factors are irrelevant to a moneyline. Whether a game is a buzzer beater or a blowout, the moneyline will pay bets on the winner.

A moneyline listing might look something like this:

  • Memphis Grizzlies        +185
  • Los Angeles Lakers      -200

What these numbers tell us is the ratio of payouts that successful bettors can expect. The positive number is the amount of money you’ll win from a successful $100 bet, while the negative number is the amount you must pay in order to win $100.

Point spreads

Point spreads, or spread bets, are likely the most common type of sports bet. In a spread bet, you are wagering on the margin of victory that the game or match will have.

A spread bet listing might look something like this:

What spread bettors are wagering is whether the favorite will win by more points than the given number, or the underdog will lose by fewer. A successful favorite is said to have “beaten” the spread, while a successful underdog “covers” the spread. An underdog that wins the game outright automatically covers.

As you may have noticed, the given spread contains a decimal. This practice is quite common because sportsbooks want to avoid tie bets. They often do the same thing with totals bets.


Totals bets are the only type of sports bet more likely to be called by its nickname. Many people refer to these bets as the “over/under,” so if you hear that phrase, that’s the type of bet they mean. However, to be exact, a totals bet is a wager on the combined point total that both teams in a game will score.

A typical totals bet listing might look like this:


The notion of a futures bet might seem a bit odd. After all, every bet is about an event in the future, so it’s not immediately apparent what makes these special.

It’s better to think of futures bets as wagers on events that must take place after a season, tournament or some other event with a high degree of finality. In other words, we’re talking about bets on eventual champions, season award winners or tournament winners.

So, if you wanted to bet that the Titans will win the Super Bowl, that would be a futures bet. If you wanted to wager that Ja Morant will win the 2021 MVP award, you’d be a futures bettor. You get the idea.

Because each event has so many possibilities, most futures listings will be quite long. In many cases, you can find an option to wager on every single team in a given league.


Propositions, or prop bets, are wagers on events that do not directly depend on the outcome of the game for their resolution. Prop bets do not care who wins the game or by how much — they are merely concerned with whether certain conditions in the game (stats, achievements) were met.

More to the point, the prop bet category is reserved for wonky bets that defy easy classification. Any bet on an ancillary event or depending on a combination of occurrences is likely a prop bet. Prop bets are also common as casual bets — most dares or bar bets would qualify as props.


Parlays have something in common with Frankenstein’s monster. Both the type of betting and the man with bolts in his neck are a combination of other things.

For the monster, it’s obviously other bodies, and that’s all we need to say. A parlay, however, is a bet made up of multiple wagers.

You can fold whatever kind of single wagers into a parlay that you like. Each individual bet that makes up a parlay is known as a “leg.” Usually, the only restriction is that legs have to be unrelated to one another. You couldn’t, say, combine both the point spread and the moneyline from the same game.


Teasers are far more common, so we’ll start with them. With a teaser, the sportsbook pledges to move all legs of a parlay in favor of the bettor. Each leg receives the same adjustment, regardless of its original numbers. In a pleaser, the sportsbook adjusts the lines in its own favor.

How Tennessee online sports betting works on live events

One of the most popular bets in all of modern sports betting is coming to Tennessee. Live betting, or in game wagering, allows you to bet on games and matches that are already in progress. The days of having to sit idly and wait for your game to end are over.

Live betting options are now all but ubiquitous on most online sportsbooks. In some cases, they represent the vast majority of wagers taken on individual games. Live bets usually come in one of three varieties.

Continued pregame betting

The first type of live bet you’ll encounter might be a bit deceptive. All that you’ll really notice is that you’re still able to bet on the point spread, the moneyline and the total (over/under) after the game has begun.

You may think that you’re looking at the same bet that you were before the clock began. You’re not. The sportsbook’s estimates that you’re seeing now are dynamic and will change according to the progress of the game.

If you choose to bet on one of these types of wagers, make sure to take that fact into account. If you have a typical method to approach pregame bets, don’t simply continue with the same assumptions into the game.

Milestone achievement

The second type of live bet that you’ll see will revolve around milestone achievements. Truthfully, you see these kinds of bets before the game begins, too. Any kind of question about which team will score first, which player will lead all scorers or whether a player will achieve a certain statistic could also be available before the game.

However, in-game milestone wagers are much more dependent on the actual progress of the game. It may take a few minutes of gameplay to come up with a bet that works. If a player scores 10 points in the first half, for instance, you might see a bet about whether he will score 25 for the game.

In other words, in-game milestone bets have to develop over the course of the game. It’s hard to know how you would prepare for such a wager, but an understanding of each star player’s typical game might help.

Partial game results

The final type of in-game wager you will see is the most numerous of the three. A partial game result simply asks that you predict the outcome of a smaller chunk of the game at hand.

You may see these in both pregame and live settings. Questions about which team will “win” a period of play or will score more in a certain timeframe are all fair game for these types of bets.

However, their breadth is due to the fact that sportsbook technology allows for an increasing amount of granularity when it comes to the creation of wagers. It is now possible to bet, in one way or another, on the outcome of events as minute as single plays in a game.

Because of this granularity, the number of potential wagers in a game has exploded by an order of magnitude or more. It is not uncommon to see more than 100 betting options in one game.

Sports that you can wager on in Tennessee

Now that you’re informed and armed with all the types of sports bets you can make, let’s talk about what sports will be available for you. TN betting sites offer chances to wager on every major sport around the world. The games from all of the main leagues are a given, and there will even be more esoteric leagues and sports.

You can also find options for sports that you may have never experienced before. Some sportsbooks will have options for sports like Gaelic hurling, Gaelic football and futsal.

However, most people like to bet on sports as a way to support their favorite teams further, so here are some of the most likely options you’ll want to know about in Tennessee.

NFL betting in Tennessee

Tennessee is home to a single NFL franchise. The Tennessee Titans, which are the former Houston Oilers, have been to the Super Bowl one time in their history. However, the team has been on the upswing in recent years and looks to challenge for the title just as Tennesseans will gain the ability to bet on the Super Bowl.

  • Tennessee Titans: Nissan Stadium, 1 Titans Way, Nashville, TN

Football is one of the more straightforward sports to wager on. The amount of scoring in most games lends itself well to the formation of spread wagers and totals. In addition, there are so many different statistical measures to use for proposition bets and live betting that you will never run out of options to bet on the Titans (or whatever team you like).

NBA betting in Tennessee

Tennessee has a lone NBA franchise inside its borders. The Memphis Grizzlies, so named because they began life in Vancouver (which has grizzlies, presumably), are still searching for long-term and consistent success. The team just missed the playoffs in the most recent season and will look to improve next year.

  • Memphis Grizzlies: FedEx Forum, 191 Beale St., Memphis, TN

Like football, basketball presents a mountain of opportunities for sportsbooks to offer bets. It is not uncommon for both teams to score more than 100 points each, and the difference in final scores can be quite large, in some cases. With five players on each team and a variety of statistics, there are always in-game and prop bets to be had in a game of hoops.

MLB betting in Tennessee

Tennessee is not home to any MLB franchises. The most popular Major League teams, therefore, are some of the clubs in neighboring states. Both the Cardinals and Braves play in the National League and have had great success over the years, with multiple World Series wins for both.

  • Atlanta Braves: Truist Park, 755 Battery Ave. SE, Atlanta, GA
  • St. Louis Cardinals: Busch Stadium, 700 Clark Ave., St. Louis, MO

Betting on baseball is somewhat different from football and basketball because there are so many fewer points (runs). As a result, spread bets are much more difficult to host for sportsbooks.

So, what most sportsbooks do is offer a bet known as the “run line.” In a run line wager, the spread is set at 1.5 runs, regardless of which teams are playing. The variation, then, occurs on the payout ratios.

A run line is, in effect, a hybrid bet between spreads and moneylines. However, you can also just bet the moneyline on baseball, if you like. There are usually options for the other types of wagers that you’d normally expect to find, too.

NHL betting in Tennessee

Tennessee is home to a single NHL franchise. The team, which grew out of an expansion in 1998, finally broke through and made it to the Stanley Cup Final in 2017.

  • Nashville Predators: Bridgestone Arena, 501 Broadway, Nashville, TN

Like baseball, hockey does not feature nearly as much scoring as a sport like football or basketball. To compensate, sportsbooks produce the “puck line,” which is analogous to the run line for betting on baseball.

College football betting in Tennessee

Obviously, college football is a big deal throughout the US. However, Tennessee is a hotbed of college football fandom. There are 10 Division I football teams in Tennessee, including two that play in the prestigious Southeastern Conference. The two most prominent teams in the state are:

  • University of Tennessee: Neyland Stadium, 1300 Phillip Fulmer Way, Knoxville, TN
  • Vanderbilt University: Vanderbilt Stadium, Jess Neely Drive, Nashville, TN

College sports are always a bit of a contentious issue for lawmakers when it comes to sports betting. The notion of keeping collegiate athletics as purely amateur level endeavors makes the prospect of opening the games to gamblers a bit unsettling.

Tennesseans are, thankfully, able to wager on college games, including those that involve in-state teams. However, live prop bets are not permitted on college teams or players. You are also not able to make prop bets of any sort on individual players.

College basketball betting in Tennessee

College basketball is also a big deal in the US, especially around March. Tennesseans will be able to cheer on their favorite teams in the Big Dance as usual, but they’ll also be able to put some extra coin in their pockets, too — hopefully, anyway.

As far as homegrown teams go, Tennessee is home to a dozen schools that compete in the NCAA’s Division I. Two of them, the University of Tennessee and Vanderbilt, are members of the SEC, one of the Power Five conferences.

However, the most prestigious basketball program in the state belongs to the University of Memphis. The Tigers have been to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament 26 times, including twice as a No. 1 seed. The program has made it as far as the national championship game.

  • University of Memphis: FedEx Forum, 191 Beale St., Memphis, TN

Naturally, betting on the Tigers or any of the other basketball programs in Tennessee falls under the same restrictions as college football: In-game prop bets are off-limits, and you will also not be able to place props on individual players.

Betting on horse racing in Tennessee

There’s no doubt that Tennessee’s online-only foray into sports betting is unusual. However, Tennesseans have had some practice with this kind of setup before. Betting on horseracing is legal in the state, but there are no live tracks or off-track betting venues that host wagering.

Instead, those in Tennessee who want to bet on who will win, place or show must seek out various online horse betting sites. Not every major site will allow action from Tennessee — notably, TVG does accept bets from Tennessee — but there are some that will book from Tennessee inhabitants.

Make sure to do your research and bet with a domestic company, however. You can determine where a site calls home from its contact information and corporate headquarters. If you cannot find a site in the good old US of A, it’s best to look elsewhere.

How banking works on Tennessee sports betting sites

Obviously, if you’re going to be betting real money on Tennessee sportsbooks, you’re going to need to have real money on Tennessee sportsbooks. Fortunately, sportsbooks have a vested interest in making sure that almost anyone who visits the site can find a viable option for depositing.

Here are some of the more common options that you’ll find:

  • Credit/debit cards: Visa or Mastercard
  • E-checks: ACH or VIP Preferred
  • E-wallets: PayPal, Skrill or Neteller
  • Prepaid Cards: Play+
  • Online bill pay or wire transfer
  • PayNearMe

In some states, it is also possible to deposit into your account directly at the casino cage of the online sportsbook’s land-based partner. Obviously, this option is not available for Tennesseans, so you’ll have to make it work online.

The other thing to mention is that credit card transactions can be problematic for you to complete. Some issuing banks, including large ones like Chase and Bank of America, do not permit transactions from credit cards onto gambling sites.

Even if your bank does allow such a transaction to proceed, it will likely consider it to be a cash advance. Please check the terms and conditions of your card or account for information about the fees that can apply with cash advances — they can be quite steep.

TN Sports Betting FAQ

Is sports betting legal in Tennessee?

Yes. Sports betting became legal in Tennessee as the result of House Bill 0001 in 2019. The bill passed into law without a signature from Gov. Bill Lee.

Where can I bet on sports in Tennessee?

Betting on sports in Tennessee is entirely online, so there really isn’t a where involved with sports betting.

In terms of online sportsbooks you can use, the Tennessee Lottery has issued licenses to the following operators:

  • DraftKings
  • Caesars Sports
  • BetMGM
  • Unibet
  • FanDuel 
  • PointsBet 
  • BetRivers
  • WynnBET

Who is allowed to bet on sports in Tennessee?

Anyone 21 or older and inside the state lines can place a bet in Tennessee.

Can I place a bet at a Tennessee sportsbook from out of state?

No. Both state and federal law prohibit interstate wagering of any kind.

Sportsbooks have a duty to enforce this prohibition as a condition of their licenses. Since they have so much on the line to lose, they are not inclined to be flexible about this issue.

They use geolocation verification software to pinpoint each player’s location when they log onto the site. If you cannot reliably prove that you are inside Tennessee (through your device’s onboard GPS or another app), you will not be permitted to wager.

What bets are not allowed in Tennessee?

Most bets are permitted in Tennessee. However, one type of wager that you will not be able to find on any American sportsbook — including in Tennessee — is action on high school sports.

As stated earlier, Tennessee also prohibits live prop bets on collegiate teams and athletes. It also limits proposition wagering on college sports to team bets only — you cannot bet on individual props.

I find more Tennessee sportsbooks when I web search than you have listed. Why?

A quick web search will reveal the names of several sites not mentioned on this page. Those sites are offshore sportsbooks, and we do not recommend that you play on them.

Quite simply, there are added risks to playing on an offshore book. Offshore sportsbook operators do not have to comply with US law in any way, shape or form, and could legitimately engage in practices that are not permitted here. In addition, you could find yourself without much legal recourse if anything went wrong with your account.

With online sportsbooks opening their doors in Tennessee, there’s no reason that you would want to go offshore. Stick to the sites we mentioned, and feel safe about what you’re doing.

Do Tennessee sportsbooks allow for the cash-out option?

Yes. Tennessee sportsbooks will allow you to use the cash-out option if you meet certain criteria during the course of your wager.