NBA Finals Odds 2022

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The NBA crowned a new champion on July 20 as Giannis Antetokounmpo led the Milwaukee Bucks to their first title in 50 years. Milwaukee will begin its journey to try and repeat this October when the 2021-22 season starts up. The Bucks are not the favorite to win the 2022 NBA title as the Nets and Lakers are at the top of the odds board at DraftKings Sportsbook. Brooklyn was +200 on July 21 while the Lakers were +525 and the Bucks were +900. The Lakers’ futures odds lowered to +400 on the day of the NBA Draft when they agreed to a trade with the Wizards for former MVP Russell Westbrook.

Below we will look at the latest NBA title odds and give you information on the variety of ways to bet on pro basketball.

NBA title odds

Next season NBA title odds have been released by top US sportsbooks. Click on the price you like to bet now.

Futures Report (July 30)


Brooklyn Nets (): The thinking here is pretty straightforward – James Harden, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving will play together in a lot more than the eight regular-season games they logged during the 2020-21 regular season, and that will make all the difference. All three are pending free agents for the following offseason, so the urgency will certainly be there in the coming campaign. However, the caliber of the supporting cast will also be a key factor, especially with starting-quality reserve Spencer Dinwiddie potentially set to land elsewhere.

Los Angeles Lakers () The Lakers became even more star-studded on July 29 when they agreed to a deal with the Wizards to acquire Russell Westbrook. Westbrook, who is now 32-years-old, has averaged over 22 points per game every season since 2013-14.

Milwaukee Bucks () The champs should greatly benefit keeping the core of Giannis Antetokounmpo, Khris Middleton and Jrue Holiday together. The return of Donte DiVincenzo to full health from a foot injury will also be a bonus, considering he’s coming off a career-best season.

The Contenders

Golden State Warriors (): Kelly Oubre is an unrestricted free agent, but the Warriors have plenty to fall back on if he departs. Stephen Curry left no doubt as to what he had left in the tank at age 32 this past season after putting up a career-best 32.0 points over 63 games. Golden State will also get Klay Thompson back after two seasons lost to ACL and Achilles injuries, although it’s fair to wonder what he’ll be able to offer in the early portion of the season. Second-year big James Wiseman could also take a big step forward alongside fellow complementary options Andrew Wiggins and Draymond Green.

Phoenix Suns () Assuming Chris Paul returns, the Suns have a chance to return what was a championship-caliber team. Cameron Johnson and Cameron Payne took a step forward in their development this postseason, which could pay major dividends in terms of the Suns’ functional depth in 2021-22.

Utah Jazz () If they couldn’t get it done in a season during which they garnered the NBA’s best regular-season record (52-20) and then blew a 2-0 series lead in the semifinal round, it’s fair to wonder whether the Jazz can find the motivation to get themselves all the way back to the top of the mountain a year later. Veteran point guard Mike Conley is also an unrestricted free agent, and his departure would certainly leave a leadership and production vacuum.

Philadelphia 76ers () Doc Rivers’ first season in Philadelphia culminated in a heartbreaking semifinal-round loss to the upstart Atlanta Hawks, and the 76ers now enter an offseason with some uncertainty. Ben Simmons could well be moved via trade in the coming days, while key complementary assets Danny Green and Dwight Howard are unrestricted free agents. What Philly fetches in a potential Simmons move will likely be a major determinant of how these odds look going into next regular season.

Notable Longshots

Los Angeles Clippers () The offseason will unsurprisingly center around the future of Kawhi Leonard, who has a player option and is also coming off a partially torn ACL suffered in the postseason. Serge Ibaka (player option), Nicolas Batum and Reggie Jackson are also notable free agents, which leaves Paul George as one of the only sure things on the roster at the moment. A Kawhi departure will undoubtedly elongate this number, and a potential loss of Jackson shouldn’t be underestimated either.

Atlanta Hawks () Trae Young took his game to another level in the playoffs and should carry that momentum into next season. But he could well be without John Collins, who’s a restricted free agent. Bojan Bogdanovic, who also had several breakout performances during the postseason, should be even better in his second season in the Hawks’ system, while the same can be expected of talented big man Clint Capela.

Boston Celtics () There will be new faces at a few critical spots for the Celtics in 2021-22, with Ime Udoka taking over the head coaching reins, Brad Stevens bumping up to GM duties in place of the departed Danny Ainge, and a point guard to be determined sliding in for Kemba Walker, who’s been shipped to the Thunder for the time being. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown should once again serve as the linchpins, but a third consistent option will have to emerge for Boston to have a realistic chance at getting anywhere near the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

How the odds are changing

NBA title odds for the 2021-22 season have already been posted at DraftKings Sportsbook. Here we will monitor how the odds are changing in the days leading up to the start of the 2021-22 campaign, and during the season.

Brooklyn Nets+210
LA Lakers+450
Milwaukee Bucks+800
Golden State Warriors+1200
LA Clippers+1200
Phoenix Suns+1300
Utah Jazz+1400
Philadelphia 76ers+1600
Denver Nuggets+2000
Dallas Mavericks+2800
Atlanta Hawks+3500
Miami Heat+3500
Boston Celtics+5000
Portland Trail Blazers+5000
Toronto Raptors+8000
New Orleans Pelicans+8000
Memphis Grizzlies+10000
New York Knicks+10000
Indiana Pacers+10000
Chicago Bulls+10000
Charlotte Hornets+10000
Washington Wizards+15000
Minnesota Timberwolves+25000
San Antonio Spurs+25000
Sacramento Kings+25000
Houston Rockets+50000
Oklahoma City Thunder+50000
Orlando Magic+50000
Detroit Pistons+50000
Cleveland Cavaliers+50000

How the 2022 NBA Playoffs will work

The 2021-22 NBA regular season will consist of 82 games for each team with the top six teams in each conference earning an automatic playoff berth. Teams that finish in the 7-10 spots in each conference will participate in the Play-In tournament.

The 9th seed in each conference will have a chance to play their way into the playoffs by beating the 8th seed twice in a row. The 8th seed will have to win one of those games to advance. The scenario is the same for the 10th seed and 7th seed in each conference if the 10th seed qualifies.

The NBA will then run best-of-seven series formats for the quarterfinal, semifinal and finals in both the Eastern and Western Conference.

NBA Finals odds: Futures betting 101

NBA futures bets function like futures bets in other sports. They’re typically based on an end-of-season outcome. Futures bets are usually made available on both the team and player level.

Prior to the start of a season, team-level futures could include a wager on the minimum number of wins a team will capture in that season or whether a team will win its division or conference.

Player-level futures include whether a player will win the MVP, Rookie of the Year or Sixth Man of the Year awards, for example. Other player-level futures are based on whether a player will reach certain benchmarks in common statistical categories such as points, 3-point shots, rebounds or assists for the season.

Where do I find futures bets in an online sportsbook?

In an online sportsbook, available futures wagers are typically found under their own tab as a subcategory of wagers available for a particular sport. Like the odds for other bet types, futures bets are typically labeled with a number that has a “plus” or “minus” sign next to it.

In the case of futures bets, a “minus” sign would be placed next to a team or player that has a higher probability of reaching the statistical goal. Teams or players with a “plus” sign are considered by oddsmakers to have a lesser chance of reaching that goal. The higher the number next to the plus sign signifies the lower the probability the team or player achieves it.

It’s also important to note that futures odds for both players and teams can certainly fluctuate throughout the course of a season.

Common questions regarding wagering on the NBA Finals

Where can I bet on the NBA Finals in the US?

Bettors can currently bet on the NBA Finals in the US at a regulated sportsbook in one of the following states:

Who is the favorite to win the NBA Championship in 2022?

The Nets were initially installed as favorites to win the 2022 crown with NBA title odds of +200 at DraftKings Sportsbook. The Lakers and Bucks had the second and third lowest futures odds respectively.

When will the 2021-22 NBA season start?

The 2021-22 NBA regular season is expected to start in mid-October with the playoffs slated to begin in April and run until late June 2022.

When do the NBA Finals start?

The 2022 NBA Finals are expected to begin in early June of 2022.

Where can I get NBA betting tips?

Start with our own 6-part NBA betting series right here: is also a valuable resource for bettors of all levels. Throughout the NBA season, will feature articles with a sports betting breakdown of select games, including a suggested lean or pick on the game’s point spread, moneyline and/or the projected total. Additionally, new bettors can find rewarding offers and bonuses exclusive to readers that are also first-time depositors.