Fliff Social Sportsbook – Review & Welcome Bonus

Updated September 2022

100% match Bonus on first purchase up to $100!

  • 100% Fliff Coin & Fliff Cash bonus on first purchase
  • The Fliff app is available on both iOS and Android devices
  • Fliff offers the option to play for fun with no purchase necessary.

Fliff, a new social sportsbook with sweepstakes, offers the proposition of being able to wager on sports for free but also for the chance to win real cash if you wish. Sign up with Fliff Social Sportsbook today, use the best Fliff promo code PLAYBONUS and you’ll get a 100% match bonus on your first purchase up to $100

Additionally, the Fliff site is available in most states, regardless of the sports betting legality in that particular locale. This is because Fliff offers the option to play for fun with no purchase necessary. In this way, Fliff is available for people to use in 42 states, and a few others just for social play.

Apart from the use of virtual currencies that allow Fliff to operate as it does, it functions in a very similar manner to online sportsbooks with which you may already be familiar. You can bet on a good variety of sports, including esports like League of Legends. Read on to learn more.

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Fliff promo code for December 2022

Fliff is offering a welcome bonus when you create a new account, just be sure to use the top Fliff promo code PLAYBONUS when you join Fliff. Once your account is ready, Fliff gives you a 100% match. You’ll get 100% Fliff Coin and Fliff cash bonus on your first purchase up to $100.

Social SportsbookFliff Sportsbook
Fliff Promo CodePLAYBONUS
Welcome Bonus100% Fliff Coin and Fliff Cash bonus on first purchase up to $100
Last UpdatedDecember 2022

Does Fliff sports betting have an app?

Yes, the Fliff app is available on both iOS and Android devices. In fact, the app is the only way to use the platform. This is great if you want to bet on the go, but not so great if you want to utilize the larger screen of a laptop or desktop monitor. Still, the app works well, and we’ll go over it more below.

How do I sign up at Fliff?

Creating an account at Fliff is fairly easy. The first step is to head to the Fliff website. Right on the landing page, under where it says “Join the Action,” select the link for Google Play or the App Store. This opens the store to the correct download page, and you can get the app from there. Remember to enter the Fliff Sportsbook bonus code PLAYBONUS to claim your Fliff match bonus. 

Once you’ve installed the app, you’ll see the new Fliff icon on your phone or tablet. Tap that to launch the app and see a sign-up button. Select that and fill out the form to create your account. To begin with, Fliff asks for surprisingly little personal information. Just your name, email address and phone number. It will also prompt you to create a username and password.

Once the form is complete, you’re ready to go. Fliff then gives you a 100% Fliff Coin and Fliff cash bonus on your initial purchase up to $100. 

Is Fliff legit? Yes, the free-to-play version of Fliff (which is referred to in-app as the “social” version) is available to play in almost every state in the country. The only state where you cannot access Fliff at all is Washington. Apart from that, anyone located within the borders of the United States (including Washington, DC) can play.

The version of Fliff that offers a chance at cash prizes (which requires Fliff Cash to utilize) is a little bit more restricted due to the nature of the sweepstakes-style contests. However, it is still much more widely available than real money online sportsbooks. Here are the states where you are not permitted to play using Fliff Cash:

  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • Idaho
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Nevada
  • South Carolina

You can still bet using Fliff coins in those states, but you aren’t eligible to win cash prizes. Note, however, that you do not need to be a resident of a state where Fliff is legal to play. You only need to be located within that state. You also must be at least 18 years old.

What sports can I wager on at Fliff sportsbook?

Fliff supports wagering on a variety of sports and events, and it regularly adds new ones. To start with, you can bet on the major pro North American sports — baseball, football, basketball and hockey. Fliff also offers wagers on a large number of soccer leagues, international baseball, tennis tournaments and more.

If you are looking to bet on more obscure events like darts and BMX biking, you are probably better off looking elsewhere, at least for the moment. Here is the current list of the sports that are available on the Fliff sports betting platform:

What kind of wagers can I make at Fliff?

Even though Fliff is distinct in that it offers a fully free-to-play option, it still functions similar to an online sportsbook. This means that you can place a variety of standard bets. Keeping things simple? Try a moneyline bet for either Fliff Coins or Fliff Cash. Got your eye on multiple games? Fliff offers parlays. Here is a quick rundown of a few basic options:

  • Moneyline: Bet whether a team will win or lose, regardless of the margin of victory.
  • Spread: Wager on one side to win (or avoid losing) by a predetermined margin. Fliff’s odds and spreads are in line with the ones you might see in Las Vegas.
  • Total: Also known as the over/under. Bet on whether the combined score of a game will end up over or under a line that Fliff sets.
  • Parlay: Wager on multiple outcomes to all occur as part of the same bet. These wagers can be all within the same league or spread out across different sports. The more bets you add to your parlay, the larger the potential payout, but also the tougher it will be to win.

What are the best Fliff bets for beginners?

If you have played on other sportsbooks in the past, there should not be much of a learning curve to Fliff. The hardest aspect of learning the platform is understanding the ways to collect Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash. Apart from that, it functions almost identically to real money online sportsbooks.

If you are a newcomer to sports betting, however, the simplest wager to understand is likely the moneyline bet. Placing one of these wagers means you don’t have to worry about point spreads or anything else. Just choose a game and pick one of the two teams to win.

The next step once you fully understand moneyline betting might be an over/under wager. This is still simple while being a bit more intricate than just a straight bet. All you have to do is place your wager and then keep track of the combined score.

Once you’re comfortable, feel free to have fun with parlays. If Fliff adds prop bets at some point, those can be fun options, too.

Can I play against my friends on Fliff?

Yes, one of the best parts about using the Fliff platform is that you can play with (and compete against) your friends while using the free “social” side of the app. This means that you can see what wagers your friends are making and compete with them for bragging rights. Make sure your trash-talk game is ready.

Fliff allows you to play with friends because there are no real stakes if you are playing for free, which Fliff allows. There is even a fun leaderboard feature to keep track of all of your group’s activities over time.

Banking and withdrawals at Fliff online sportsbook

Fliff operates as a social sportsbook with sweepstakes. This means that — in most states — it operates via two virtual currencies:

  • Fliff Cash: This one is never available for purchase. When you place bets using Fliff Cash, though, you’ll have the chance to redeem winnings for cash prizes. You can obtain Fliff Cash for free when you sign up, as a bonus when you purchase Fliff Coins and via other free methods.
  • Fliff Coins: These are available for purchase and allow you to make wagers socially, with no chance to claim cash prizes.

That means there is no depositing, just purchasing of Fliff Coins. For example, $10 will get you 10,000 Fliff Coins plus $10 in Fliff Cash for free.

Win enough Fliff Cash (a minimum of $50) and you can redeem that amount for real money. You will need to provide information such as your Social Security number as well as a scanned copy of your driver’s license for Fliff to verify your identity and ensure that you are of legal age (at least 18). Fliff will then process the transaction via bank transfer or by Skrill transfer. One important thing to note is that you must wager all Fliff Cash at least once, and then the winnings will be eligible for withdrawal.

Fliff rewards and XP

The Fliff rewards program involves gaining XP by making wagers and completing daily challenges that the platform offers. Each time you place a bet, be it with Fliff Coins or Fliff Cash, you will earn XP. The more you wager, the more XP you will earn.

Another method of accruing XP is to complete daily challenges on the app. Challenges include placing a parlay or wagering on a specific game. This keeps things fun, and breaks the routine of the typical sportsbook app. We found ourselves logging in daily just to check out the new challenges and how much XP we could receive from them.

So what do you do with this XP? You can receive Fliff Cash. The more XP you earn, the more Fliff Cash the platform deposits into your account. Milestones include $10 Fliff Cash for 10,000 XP, $25 Fliff Cash for 25,000 XP and $125 Fliff Cash for 10,000 XP. As with all other Fliff Cash, you must wager it at least once. You can’t just withdraw it.

Fliff design and platform

If you want to play on Fliff, you need to use the Fliff betting app. There is currently no browser-based version of the platform. The good news is that the Fliff app works well, with a fast and smooth interface. The graphics are pleasing to look at while not being overly distracting.

With a single click after opening the app, you can pull up the full menu of sports that Fliff offers. In addition to this, Fliff serves up suggested wagers right on the home screen.

Navigating the app is easy, and making the switch between Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash is simple and — more importantly — very clear. You can see what form of currency you are wagering by glancing at the icon in the top right of the app. A coin symbol means Fliff Coins, and a dollar bill means Fliff Cash.

Overall, the user experience and design of the Fliff app are solid, and reminiscent of a lot of the big money online sportsbooks out there.

Fair play, responsible gambling, and account support

Even though Fliff offers a free-to-play feature, the fact that you can make purchases means that it must have checks to assist with responsible play. In fact, Fliff offers multiple methods to help ensure that you are not spending above your head. You can enact several types of limits on your account — time limits, deposit limits and wagering limits. You can also email Fliff to suspend your account for a set amount of time or to close your account permanently.

As far as account support, Fliff could improve a little bit in this arena. There are a few ways to get in contact, but we found response times to be slow. There is no phone number or live chat on the website; you need to either send an email or open a support ticket.

Fliff sports betting FAQ

What is the best Fliff welcome bonus for December 2022?

When you sign up at Fliff Social Sportsbook using the top Fliff promo code PLAYBONUS, you receive a 100% match bonus on your first purchase up to $100.

Is Fliff legal?

Yes, Fliff is available in almost every state in the US.

Who owns Fliff?

Fliff was co-founded by Mario Dodev and Matt Ricci. As a venture-backed company, it is owned by a series of investors and venture capital firms.

Where is Fliff located?

Fliff’s US headquarters are in Philadelphia. Its development primarily takes place in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Is Fliff safe?

Yes, Fliff is subject to all of the same restrictions and oversight as other social sportsbooks with sweepstakes sites.

How old do I have to be to gamble at Fliff?

You must be at least 18 to place bets at Fliff.