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The 2021 MLB regular season is underway, with all 30 teams vying for a spot in the postseason. The baseball playoffs will begin right after the regular season concludes on Oct. 3. The World Series is slated to start on Oct. 27, with a potential Game 7 coming on Nov. 3.

It is not yet clear if the MLB playoffs will return to a more traditional format than what took place in the abbreviated 2020 season. Last year, the postseason was expanded from 10 teams total to 16 teams total.

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MLB Playoffs odds: World Series

Bettors have the option of wagering on the overall result of a series, or the entire postseason by backing a World Series champion. These are called futures bets and they can be placed during the preseason, regular season, or during the postseason.

Here is a look at the current World Series odds.

How the MLB playoffs work

It is likely that MLB will return to the format it used in the 2019 postseason. Ten teams make it total, five in each league. 

  • Each division winner gains a “bye” to the LDS and they are seeded 1-3 based on record.
  • There are two wild card games between the 4 seeds and 5 seeds in each league (teams that don’t win the division title). The winner of those games advances to the LDS to face the top seed in each league.
  • The other games in the LDS feature the 2 seed and 3 seed.
  • Winners of the best-of-five LDS series’ advance to the two LCS series’, which are best-of-seven affairs.
  • The winner of the ALCS and NLCS then advances to the World Series.

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