Updated September 2022


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Not available in AK, GA, HI, MS, MO, NV, NJ, NC, SC, TX, UT, DC

  • Bet on Races at Over 300 Tracks
  • Mobile App for iPhone/iPad and Android
  • Up To $500 Deposit Bonus

If you are thinking about betting on the ponies, Xpressbet has an offer that will get you into the action. Xpressbet is currently offering a $500 deposit match with the promo code XB500.

You receive a $10 bonus for every $100 you spend. Xpressbet does have some other options, too, for the bettor who isn’t quite ready to spend that kind of money.

Xpressbet allows you to bet online using your mobile phone, computer or its Xpressbet app.

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Registration is easy and relatively quick. Just submit a few bits of information (name, address and email) and a deposit method, and you will be on your way.

Xpressbet offers several deposit methods you are likely familiar with if you play daily fantasy sports or are into sports betting. Bank transfer, PayPal, debit or credit card, and mailing in a check are all viable options.

What is Xpressbet?

Xpressbet is a horse racing site that offers you up to 300 tracks around the globe.

You can bet on thoroughbreds, quarter horses and harness racing. Like most of its competitors, you can live stream from almost every track, and receive access to tools to help you make an informed bet.

Xpressbet opened in 2002 and is owned by the Stronach Group, which is one of the biggest horse racing companies in the world and the largest in the US. Stronach also owns Santa Anita Park, Pimlico, Portland Meadows, Gulfstream Park and Golden Gates Field.

Xpressbet promotions & bonuses

As we mentioned earlier, the best bonus in the industry is Xpressbet’s $500 deposit match.

You get $10 in bonus money for every $100 you bet up to $500 total. It has two other offers if you aren’t willing to throw down the amount required to obtain this one.

Entering the promo code XB100 gets you $100 in bonus money as long as you wager $500 in the first 90 days of your account being open.

If you are a first-time or low-stakes player, use the promo code XB20, which gets you a $20 bonus if you wager $20 in the first 30 days of opening your account.

Make sure you really know what you are getting yourself into when choosing your bonus. If you know you are not a big player, we like bonus XB20, because it doesn’t require a lot of betting. Deposit $20 and play it over the first 30 days; it is that easy. Even if you lose every bet of your first $20, you will still get the bonus.

Middle-of-the-road players might want to use the promo code XB100. Keep in mind that you do have to bet $500 in 90 days to get the bonus. This isn’t exactly chump change, but if you play it safe and bet a lot of “shows,” you can unlock it without risking your bankroll. However, we don’t recommend this bonus if this is your first experience online horse betting.

Xpressbet promotion codes

Online Horse BookXpressbet
Promo CodesXB500, XB100, XB20
Deposit BonusesUp to $500
Online Since2002
Last UpdatedDecember 2022

The bonus is slow as you only get $10 for every $100 you bet, but it is the biggest in the industry.

If you are a gambler who likes to throw down $100 on a race, then you probably will get the full $500 without much trouble.

Betting $5,000, which is the amount you will need to bet to unlock this bonus, isn’t for the faint of heart, so really take a long look in the mirror first.

None of these bonuses are immediately withdrawable. Most people who have done some other form of gambling understand this, but we wanted to clarify. You have to use this money to bet on the site before you can withdraw it as cash.

Once you are on the site, Xpressbet does a pretty good job of keeping promotions fresh and relevant for long-time and new bettors. Offers can range from money-back guarantees, trip giveaways as well as an occasional handicapping contest.

How to bet at Xpressbet

For the gamblers who have bet the horses online, this site won’t be much different. The 300 tracks available have every type of horse bet possible.

The parlay option is one offering that you won’t find at a lot of the other horse racing sites.

You can bet from two to six races, and the winnings add up as the bets come in so that all your winnings are wagered on the last leg of your parlay.

If we are looking for a reason not to recommend Xpressbet, it’s that the layout can be confusing for new and even seasoned horse racing bettors.

The interface isn’t user-friendly, especially now that most of us are spoiled by the excellent products available in the daily fantasy and sports betting industries.

Once you get accustomed to it, however, it isn’t bad.

When you have familiarized yourself with the site, it is time to place a bet.

The list of tracks is on the left side of your screen, no matter if you are on your phone, the app or the website. They are in order of start time, so it is easy to identify which race starts next.

Toward the bottom of the screen, you can filter out selections depending on what type of racing you want to wager. It allows you to choose quarter horse, thoroughbred or harness racing.

There is also a selection of US and international tracks if you are looking for a particular racecourse.

When you choose the wagering pad on the left side of the screen when you are viewing an individual track, this will open your options for bets and you can start building your ticket. From here, everything is pretty self-explanatory.

Xpressbet Rewards

Xpressbet offers a loyalty program called XB Rewards. Xpressbet is one of the few companies in the industry offering a rewards program.

If you are a member of a casino rewards program, this one is very similar. For every $1 you wager on Xpressbet, you get one XB Reward point.

The rewards are credits, discounts, merchandise, handicapping tools, experiences or money off at Stronach-owned courses, electronics and more.

It is a four-level system, and the more points you earn, the higher you climb the tiers. The tiers help you unlock other bonuses and earn points more quickly.

Xpressbet also offers a refer-a-friend program as a way to earn additional bonuses.

You can earn up to $50 for every referral you make. Scroll down to the bottom and find the “XB Friends” button.

The person you refer will have to open an account and deposit $100 within the first 30 days for you to receive your $50 bonus.

Options for wagering at Xpressbet

Xpressbet offers three various methods of wagering. They all do the same thing but are set up depending on what type of bettor you are.

Clicking on the “Settings” tab will let you search for which one suits your betting style.

The three types are “Wagerpage,” “Wagerpad Classic” and “Wagerpad Pro.” Once you make a selection, it will become the pad that pops up when you click the yellow wager button.

  • Wagerpage: This is for the more serious bettor who likes to look into the horse’s history and other information. You can bet from every track and view an entire race card from this selection.
  • Wagerpad Classic: We recommend this view. It is the best option if you are new to horse racing because it is the easiest to use. It also shows the races via the live streaming option when you are in multiview.
  • Wagerpad Pro: If you like to add multiple legs, or play the Xpressbet parlays, this is a great option. It is easy to scroll through and gives more information than the classic version without overloading you, as the Wagerpage does.

Try them all out and find out which one suits your wagering style the best.

Customer service

Xpressbet is top-notch when it comes to service. With horse racing going on 24/7 around the globe, the operator has to be on top of its game.

The phone option lets you talk to a person and quickly. Xpressbet also offers an email option, but you won’t get a response nearly as fast with this method.

Deposit options

Xpressbet offers a lot of the banking options you are familiar with in the other gambling industries. One slightly frustrating thing is the fees.

If Xpressbet wants to keep up with the industry, it may have to get rid of fees for credit cards and PayPal as its competition is offering them for free.

Here are Xpressbet’s available deposit options:

  • Bank transfer or ACH
  • Credit or debit card
  • Green Dot at the register
  • Green Dot at Money Park
  • PayNearMe
  • PayPal

Horse racing betting types

Here are the types of bets you can make on horse racing. Some are extremely straightforward, while others will require a little more explaining.

  • Win: This is about as simple as it gets. You are betting on which horse will win the race. If a horse is listed at 5-1 and you place a $2 bet to win, you will receive $10 if the horse wins the race. A win is the only way for this bet to pay; a second-place finish will net you nothing.
  • Place: A place bet is a bet on a horse to finish second or better. This bet is a little safer as you only need your horse to finish in the top two.
  • Show: A show bet is a bet for your horse to finish in the top three. There is even less risk in this bet. This is a great time to use the information that tells you how often the horse finishes in the top three.
  • Exacta: An exacta bet is picking the horses that will finish first and second. The horses must finish in the order of your wager. If you have the five to win and the two to show, they have to finish in that order. You can box the horses and bet on them to finish to any order, but you will have to double your bet.
  • Trifecta: A trifecta is a bet where you pick the horses that finish first, second or third. Obviously, these are hard to hit but can have huge payouts, especially if you have a long shot in one of the slots. You can bet much smaller amounts with trifectas and superfectas to allow you to add more horses to your ticket.
  • Superfecta: This is the same as the trifecta, except you must now pick the horse that finishes fourth as well. A lot of the smaller tracks and races will not offer an option to bet a superfecta.
  • Parlay: Xpressbet has a unique option of adding two to six races to a parlay card. No other site that we know of offers this option.
  • Daily Double: You have to pick the winner of the next two races to win a daily double. If you are betting the daily double in the fourth race of the day, you have to pick the winner of race four and five to win.
  • Pick 3: Like the daily double, you have to pick winners of consecutive races. For a Pick 3, you must pick three straight winners to cash. Like the other bets, you can add multiple horses to your ticket for each race.
  • Pick 4, 5 and 6: See pick 3, but now you have to pick the winner in either four, five or six straight races. The bigger your number, the higher the payout. Some tracks will have an ongoing pot for Pick 6s and higher that grows each day that someone doesn’t hit them.

States where you cannot use Xpressbet

Most states allow online horse racing, even if they don’t have sports betting or daily fantasy available. Only a few states don’t allow it, including:

  • Alaska
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Washington, DC


Xpressbet has one of the longest track records in the online horse racing business as it has been open since 2002.

The biggest complaint is getting used to the interface, which isn’t the most user-friendly. As far as negatives, the only other one that comes to mind is the fee for PayPal and credit cards.

Xpressbet providing three welcome bonus options is a huge plus; most operators only offer one, and they aren’t as generous as Xpressbet’s.

The site hosting 300 racetracks is a significant plus, as well.

You can get the Xpressbet app on both Android and Apple devices; however, you cannot download it from the Google Play Store as it does not allow betting apps.

Go directly to the Xpressbet site to download the app if you are an Android user.