Xpress Football: Betting On Fake Football Games Is Now A Thing In Pennsylvania

Posted By Marc Meltzer on August 20, 2018

Sports bettors in Pennsylvania should be able to wager at casinos in the state before the year is over. However, there’s no reason to wait to gamble on a football game in Pennsylvania if you don’t care about odds, statistics, and whether or not the game is real.

Last week, Scientific Games announced that it has reached an agreement with the Pennsylvania Lottery for the distribution of virtual sports games at retailers across the state. The new virtual sports experiences are called Xpress Sports. The first two virtual games in Pennsylvania are Xpress Car Racing and Xpress Football.

Everyone loves football so let’s start there. Take a look at how to play the virtual football lottery game now available all over the state of Pennsylvania.

Xpress Sports are lottery games. Similar to Keno and slot machines, the results are randomly generated. There’s zero skill involved with each wager. These games can be played at PA Lottery locations around the state. The PA Lottery will even have monitors showing games and races in bars and taverns around the state.

Make no mistake about it, Xpress Sports is gambling on randomly generated virtual games and races. Yes, gambling on video games – but this isn’t esports betting. That’s something different. The press release from Scientific Games even notes that participating in this game is a wager. Participants are not “playing the lottery,” they’re gambling. Wagers can be made for $1 to $20 on a virtual event that lasts a couple of minutes. Load up your card for more action!

There was a time when it appeared Pennsylvania would be slow to legalize sports betting. Now they have Keno and Virtual Sports wagering in at least 1,500 locations with more on the way.

The National Council on Problem Gambling is trying to protect children from gambling by making sure Super Mario Slot Machine toy and Yoshi bingo games aren’t included in some Happy Meals at McDonald’s. Meanwhile, the Pennsylvania Lottery is somehow allowing gambling in 1,500 bars, taverns, and convenience stores throughout the state.

“Bro, let’s go to Wawa for a shortie, some delicious iced tea, and to gamble on fake football games!

Buffalo Wild Wings won’t be the first bar to have legal sports betting in Pennsylvania. Neither will Hooters or Dave and Buster’s. XPress Football and XPress Car Racing will be shown on monitors for gamblers at bars and taverns across the state. Pretty cool if you like a little gambling action with your suds.

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