MLB Betting: FanDuel Sportsbook Has Odds For Every Possible World Series Matchup Left

Written By Marc Meltzer on September 23, 2019
world series matchups

The regular season is coming to an end for Major League Baseball (MLB). Most sportsbooks have whittled down futures wagering to just a few teams in each division. Meanwhile, FanDuel Sportsbook is taking World Series betting to another level with odds on specific matchups.

World Series MatchupOdds
Astros vs. Dodgers+250
Yankees vs. Dodgers+450
Astros vs. Braves+750
Twins vs. Dodgers+1300
Yankees vs Braves+1300
Astros vs. Nationals+1600
Astros vs. Cardinals+1800
Yankees vs. Cardinals+2000
Yankees vs. Nationals+2600
Athletics vs. Dodgers+2600
Astros vs. Brewers+2800
Rays vs. Dodgers+2800
Yankees vs. Brewers+3400
Twins vs. Braves+3600
Twins vs. Brewers+4100
Indians vs. Dodgers+4200
Twins vs. Cardinals+4400
Athletics vs. Braves+4400
Twins vs. Nationals+5000

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World Series matchups

These matchup odds at FanDuel will only be available this week as the regular season ends on Sept. 29. After that, it’s playoff time and there will be new odds based on the actual matchups.

There are only 14 MLB teams remaining with odds to win the World Series at FanDuel. Only 12 teams will make the MLB playoffs. FanDuel is offering matchup odds on even fewer teams. Right now you can wager on a World Series matchup involving the following six teams:

  • Atlanta Braves
  • Houston Astros
  • Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Minnesota Twins
  • New York Yankees
  • St. Louis Cardinals

The New York Mets have a slim 2% chance of making the playoffs according to Fangraphs. The math at Fangraphs gives the Mets a 0% chance of winning the World Series. They’re +10000 to win the World Series at FanDuel for anyone that has a dollar and a dream.

For what it’s worth, Fangraphs gives the American League’s Astros a 33.8% chance of winning the World Series. The best odds for a National League team at the Dodgers with a 15.4% chance of winning the World Series.

Futures odds and playoff percentages don’t guarantee an outcome but they help paint a picture of where the teams are seen by sportsbook operators and baseball math nerds.

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World Series futures

The number of teams in the National League playoff hunt decreased by one over the weekend. Thanks, in part, to six consecutive losses, the Chicago Cubs have officially been eliminated from the MLB playoffs.

There are eight remaining teams in the National League with futures odds to win the division. Thanks to a wide discrepancy in the quality of teams, the American League is down to six teams with odds to win the division and make it to the World Series.

Current World Series Championship Odds

MLB Playoff schedule

Major League Baseball wastes no time moving into playoff mode. It’s possible that there could be ties on which National League teams will be eligible for a playoff game. If there is a tie, that game would take place on Sept. 30.

The “win and move on” Wild Card playoff games will take place on Oct. 1 and 2. The Division Series begin on Thursday, Oct. 3 and the Championship series’ will begin Oct. 11. Finally, the World Series begins on Tuesday, Oct. 22.

The playoffs and World Series allow plenty more betting opportunities for baseball fans. Before anyone knows it, baseball fans will be checking the Spring Training Countdown clock to see how long it will be until pitchers and catchers report.

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