5 Wacky and Wild World Cup Longshots: Do Big Odds Have Big Value?

Written By Dan Tracey on November 16, 2022 - Last Updated on November 22, 2022
world cup longshots

With this year’s World Cup countdown clock now ticking down to its final few seconds, the time for predicting is almost over. Almost but not quite. Although we have already provided our readers with an in-depth World Cup betting guide to the tournament, we still have a few more betting angles up our sleeve. In this post, we’ll cover World Cup longshots.

World Cup Longshots Tutorial

These are outcomes with odds that imply a high probability of not happening but may at least slightly more likely than those odds indicate. We do not recommend betting your full unit size on these, but they could make for some fun “lunch money” wagers.

You may have already read our posts on Group A odds through Group H odds, and you have hopefully looked at our best World Cup bets of the opening few days. Now, we are going to remove the shackles and serve up some wagers that would be considered crazy outcomes.

The Hail Mary that only the most ardent supporter would consider backing or the pick that is good for the last dollar in your account. The pick that is a small stake in terms of outlay, with almost eye-watering odds. What follows is a considerable number of prayers made to the sporting gods above.

However, it would not be a World Cup without a few light-hearted dalliances with the sportsbooks and with this in mind, we are now going to serve five of our long-range punts.

5 World Cup Longshots

USMNT Star Christian Pulisic to Score Most Goals ()

I warned you these were not for the faint of heart. Can Captain America lead the United States Men’s National Team to glory in Qatar? That all depends on whether the current Chelsea edition of the forward is left behind in London. While if he is to lead the charge in the Middle East, he is going to need to bring his shooting boots.

Boots that may also charge him up the scoring charts, with the Golden Boot being handed over to the player who nets the most goals, stocking up in the group stage is a good way to place yourself in contention.

In recent editions of the World Cup finals, six goals is usually the gold standard in terms of winning the Golden Boot. Earn a brace (two goals) in both the fixtures against Wales and Iran and this should also lead to a fixture in the Round of 16.

Another game, another opportunity to score goals. If there are enough in Pulisic’s bank account previously, odds will only shorten. There’s already market disagreement on the price. At the time of publish, PointsBet is hanging +50000, with DraftKings Sportsbook only offering +10000. This means you may want to get on the 24-year-old at the best price, as the World Cup is prone to market swings at the U.S. sportsbooks.

Qatar to win the World Cup ()

Only a handful of teams have longer odds than Qatar. However, this is more about the trickle down in Qatar’s pricing to other markets if the host can advance from Group A.

  • To Reach Final:
  • To Reach Semifinal:
  • To Reach Quarterfinal:
  • To Advance Out of Group A:

As recent folklore goes, the team that hosts the World Cup usually fails to win the tournament. Such an achievement has not been carried out since France’s success in 1998. With Qatar being afforded the task of party planners, the sportsbooks have hung a price that implies less than a 0.5% chance.

With that said, this is a Qatar side that certainly has a home advantage in the desert. If they can earn a point in this year’s opening fixture against Ecuador ( to win, to earn a draw), it will at least give Félix Sánchez Bas’s squad a platform from which to build from.

Whether they should have been given the job of hosts is almost beyond question now, and I’m sure the host nation would love nothing more than to advance to the Knockout Stage. It is certainly a long shot, but it would certainly make an already strange tournament even stranger. 

African Nation to Win the World Cup (+4000)

Since the inception of the World Cup, no African nation has ever managed to climb the summit of world soccer.

With five in this year’s tournament, the quintet will certainly look to do the continent proud. Then again, in most cases the representatives from these shores are usually left playing for pride.

With Senegal likely to be the biggest flag bearers for the continent, they find themselves with the shortest outright price among the African nations at . Factor in the curveballs that are the weather, location and calendar slot for this non-traditional World Cup and that could be considered a decent amount of value.

If it is not to be Senegal, that leaves Morocco (), Ghana (), and Cameroon () will be aiming to take their place at the top. A position that Tunisia () would also love to find themselves; although, it’s likely wishful thinking.

England to be eliminated by a penalty shootout (+550)

Like oil and water, England and penalty shootouts do not mix. Admittedly the Three Lions have had more joy in recent years, but there is still a nagging doubt when it comes to breaking a stalemate from 12 yards.

Should the World Cup knockout bracket go to plan, Gareth Southgate’s men will be on course to face France in the quarterfinals and with these two sides being evenly matched, it may need penalties to provide the eventual winner.

England held their nerve in the World Cup four years ago against Colombia. They lost their nerve against Italy in the European Championships last summer. Should they lose in a sudden death scenario once again, odds of +550 will at least soften the blow for any of their supporters. 

Scorigami Occurring (+1000)

For those who are not aware of the Scorigami concept, it is one that can be found within the confines of the NFL. Created by Jon Bois, it is the measure of creating final scores that have never happened.

Although soccer is a far lower-scoring game than its football cousin, the potential for a Scorigami result happening in Qatar is still there. Should this be the case, at least one or both team’s attack would find itself in overdrive. 

Potential Scorigamis in the World Cup would include 5-4, 5-5, 6-2, 6-4, 6-6, 7-2 and 7-4. Most options with the winner scoring 8+ goals also remain. UPDATE: England 6-2 vs. Iran SCORIGAMI!

Best of luck betting World Cup longshots. Search for all the best odds available, just by typing in the nation or player below.

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