Reported $35 Billion Will Be Wagered On The 2022 World Cup

Written By Giovanni Shorter on November 30, 2022
World Cup Betting

The global sports wagering market has seen a massive surge in activity thanks to 2022 World Cup betting. It is projected to see $35 billion in wagers across the globe. This is a 65% increase compared to the previous World Cup. The report also shows that the U.S. betting market will see $1.7 billion in bets on the World Cup.

World Cup Not As Popular In USA

Betting on World Cup odds in the U.S. is actually projected less than those who wagered on Super Bowl and March Madness odds. Super Bowl betting accounted for $7.6 billion in bets stateside, with $3.1 billion being wagered on March Madness.

Comparatively, markets that have really seen a massive increase in activity are European and Latin American markets. Data from James Rowland Clark and other betting analysts estimate the increase in sports betting popularity during the pandemic lockdowns is responsible for such an increase in these markets.

The smaller interest in World Cup betting is still beneficial to U.S. bookmakers, however, as overall sports wagering is more popular. Even leading into the World Cup season, markets like Louisiana have reported record-setting monthly betting handles.

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Sportsbooks Embrace Heavy World Cup Traffic

Licensed bookmakers are expected to see $400 million wagered on each group match of the World Cup, $1 billion for each knockout game, and $2.5 billion on the World Cup Final. This comes from data provided by H2 Gambling Capital. These estimates come with a caveat of the recession and holiday season likely diminishing the numbers.

The overall early success sportsbooks have seen from World Cup betting has led to optimism, however. Online sports wagering is more popular than ever across the globe and the World Cup is available to be bet on in more markets than ever.

The projections for the increase in wagering have come only based on the first few weeks of the World Cup. If the surge in wagers continues, this World Cup to see unprecedented numbers. Sportsbooks have been embracing this boom, issuing promotions that promote the World Cup events and spending heavily on marketing campaigns.

The World Cup is bringing out the bettors across the globe.

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