Women’s March Madness Odds: Where BetMGM Futures Money Is Going

Written By Giovanni Shorter on March 22, 2023 - Last Updated on March 28, 2023
Women's march madness odds

BetMGM released March Madness betting information for the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament. Heading into the Final Four, odds at the popular sportsbook have begun to shape up, giving a clear indication as to how bettors are wagering. South Carolina has remained a strong favorite to be the national champion, ahead of the Final Four. The Gamecocks are looking to complete an undefeated season.

A lot of attention has also shifted to LSU following the Tigers’ strong showing against Miami. LSU’s odds shortened from +1300 to +700, now sitting with the second shortest odds to win the tournament.

Women’s March Madness Odds: To Win National Title

Teams not listed have odds longer than 100-1. Click on any of the odds to bet now.

(Eastern Time)
1. South Carolina
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3. LSU
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2. Iowa
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1. Virginia Tech
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BetMGM Women’s Final Four Betting Data

The Gamecocks remain favored over the field and continue to increase the gap between them and other teams, with four tournament wins under their belts. It is not just the oddsmakers either. Sports gamblers were active in placing action on SC throughout the season, according to BetMGM. South Carolina holds the highest betting handle percentage of any team with nearly 60% of total action.

The following information comes from pre-tournament wagers at BetMGM on women’s March Madness odds.

Highest Handle%

  • South Carolina 58.8%
  • Iowa 14.2%
  • Indiana 8.4%

Highest Ticket%

  • Iowa 22.0%
  • South Carolina 19.8%
  • Indiana 14.0%

Iowa, which sits with the third-shortest odds to win, has seen the most individual wagers. Should Iowa win, the payout would be far more than South Carolina. That is likely why Iowa has more total betting tickets than South Carolina but less total money bet on it.

Biggest Liability

  • Iowa
  • South Carolina
  • LSU

The odds in conjunction with the sheer amount of wagers coming in on Iowa have made them the biggest liability for BetMGM. Even more so than South Carolina which sees the most betting handle. Either way, these are the two teams BetMGM is rooting against the cut down the nets the most.

Which States Are Seeing The Most Action?

BetMGM also revealed the U.S. markets that are betting the most on Women’s March Madness at its sportsbook. So far, Arizona residents have been active with this tournament, leading the charge with the most money wagered. Massachusetts has also seen a lot of action on the women’s tournament. Being a new market, fans have embraced all forms of betting.

BetMGM Most Dollars Bet On The Women’s NCAA Tournament By State

  • Arizona
  • Massachusetts
  • Tennessee
  • New York
  • Illinois

The next round of the tournament will determine a lot for BetMGM and other March Madness sportsbooks. The unpredictability of the tournament could see the odds shift at any moment, especially in a year that saw two one seeds fall in the second round for the first time ever.

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