Sportsbook House Rules: What Happens To My Bet If NFL Relocates A Game?

Written By Giovanni Shorter on September 29, 2022
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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are scheduled to host the Kansas City Chiefs at Raymond James Stadium. Sunday Night Football odds could have been affected by Hurricane Ian, along with Bucs Chiefs bets, if the game was relocated.

The Tampa Sports Authority informed the NFL Thursday they can host the game instead of moving it to Minnesota.

If the league had moved the game, what are the various sportsbook house rules for NFL betting? Is the bet voided or not?

Kansas City Chiefs Vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers In Minnesota?

U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis was chosen as the potential relocation site for this Sunday Night Football matchup. The Minnesota Vikings will be playing the New Orleans Saints in London, leaving the stadium available.

The NFL confirmed the game will not be relocated, but fans should note the house rules surrounding a relocated game.

Most sportsbooks will void the wager should a game be relocated. Odds are often calculated with the location in mind ahead of time. For example, a home game in Buffalo during the winter would see the odds favor the Buffalo Bills over their opponents. The Denver Broncos also gain an edge at home as their stadium is harder to play in for away teams, due to thinner air at elevation.

Because of this, when games have relocated, the odds that were initially calculated are no longer valid as the advantages are mute. Let’s take a look at each sportsbook’s policies surrounding a relocated game.

Sportsbooks Relocation House Rules


BetMGM will void tickets for relocated games. The sportsbook also voids tickets for postponed games that are relocated. Should a game be postponed it must be replayed within one week of the original date. It must also be played at the original location.


NFL bettors who wagered on relocated games at BetRivers should see their wager remain. BetRivers house rules state that a change of venue does not warrant a ticket being voided. The only case that the wager will be voided is if the new location can be viewed as a “home field” for either team.

Caesars Sportsbooks

Caesars Sportsbooks house rules state that change of venue will result in a void ticket and refund. The only exceptions are boxing, MMA, tennis, and table tennis matches.


Relocated NFL games will see the wager stand so long as the home team is still designated as the home team. DraftKings house rules specifically state that if the listings are reversed, the ticket will be voided. The Chiefs vs. Bucs matchup would have remained in this case.


A Chiefs vs. Bucs relocation would have been voided at FanDuel outright. Should the wager be on a parlay, only the Chiefs vs. Bucs lines will be voided. The final betting lines will be adjusted following.


PointsBet will allow wagers to continue if they are relocated, so long as the event is not postponed. The popular sportsbook only voids wagers on postponed games that are not played within 48 hours of the original date. So long as the game runs on time, PointsBet will honor the wager.

Know the House Rules

These are the house rules surrounding what will occur should Chiefs Bucs bets be subject to a changed venue. NFL fans placing action should check each sportsbook’s rules surrounding this issue.

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