Super Bowl 58 Novelty Props: Usher Halftime Show And Also … Stadium Temperature?!

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usher halftime show odds

One of the great joys of Super Bowl betting is all the odds around the big game. Unfortunately, Super Bowl novelty props like Usher halftime show odds and national anthem odds are not legal to bet on in most states; however, I am Canadian, and these are available to me at regulated sportsbooks in Ontario. Therefore, I get to share all the fun with you before 49ers vs. Chiefs kicks off Sunday.

Even though most of you, my poor American friends, cannot bet Usher halftime show odds legally, I’m excited to share has a free Super Bowl halftime show game, where the winner will receive a $100 Amazon gift card!

Usher HalfTime Show Odds

Below I’ve compiled the odds for several Usher halftime show props being offered at regulated Ontario sportsbooks.

First Song

My Way+100
DJ Got Us Falling In Love+850
U Got It Bad+1200
U Remind Me+1800
Confessions Part II+2100
You Make Me Wanna …+2300
Good Good+2800
My Boo+2800
Nice & Slow+3500
Think Of You+4100
U Don’t Have To Call+4100

Generally speaking, the first song hits two criteria. Usually, it’s one of an artist’s truly big hits, and it’s generally a high-energy hit. For this reason, OMG and My Way – the two current favorites – don’t make much sense with recent history. Yeah! makes a lot of sense as a high-energy starter, at a significant underdog price.

Peace up. A-Town down.

Last Song

Confessions Part II+390
DJ Got Us Falling In Love+490
Without You+490
Somebody To Love+950
Love In This Club+1500
My Boo+1900
My Way+2500
Good Good+3400
Debut New Song+6000
I don’t mind+6000
U Remind Me+6000
You Make Me Wanna …+6000

Last songs don’t usually have to follow the high-energy hit rule, but it is generally a mega-hit. Given that slower songs can go in this slot, OMG would make some sense as a closer. Obviously, there’s a risk that it’ll go belly up if he chooses to go OMG first, but I think that OMG works better as a closer than an opener.

Pow, pow, pow.

Number Of Songs

Over 8.5-125
Under 8.5-125

The minimum 10-second requirement is informative about what this prop will be. If he does full renditions of his biggest hits, this will go under. Some artists choose to do more of a medley, where they hit a wider variety of their catalogue. Yes, I spelled catalogue the Canadian way, because you mostly cannot bet these legally in America. What a flex.

Given the variety of guests expected by the odds above, the market seems to expect more of a greatest-hits medley. That said, if you’re looking to bet this, pay attention to the next market because they’re correlated.

Will Usher Debut A New Song?


If Usher debuts a new song, it’s almost impossible that he’ll hit the Over on songs. If you think he debuts a new song, he’ll want to play the whole song, which will take time. On whether he will play a song, he’s never played live before, he is dropping a new album on Friday. It seems overwhelmingly likely he’ll play a song from that album.

I may have missed my calling as a concert tour producer.


Will ____ Perform On Stage?Odds
Alicia Keys-550
Post Malone-340
Lil Jon-172
Justin Bieber-114
Nicki Minaj+310
Lil Wayne+550
Taylor Swift+550
David Guetta+640
21 Savage+680
50 Cent+880
DJ Klahed+880
Jay Z+980
Sean Diddy+1100
Miley Cyrus+1280

It would be fairly shocking if Alicia Keys didn’t come on stage to do a rendition of their mega-hit My Boo.

Ludacris & Lil Jon are featured on Yeah!, the favorite to be the final song. Having one or both come back to recreate their features makes sense.

Bieber’s battled some health issues in recent times, but Usher was his manager and inspiration. Bieber was also out and about in Toronto this past weekend for the NHL All-Star game, which could be a sign his health issues are behind him.

Post Malone seems so favored because we know he’s in Vegas as the singer of America the Beautiful. He has collaborated with Usher before as well, so it makes sense.

More Super Bowl 58 Novelty Props

Reba McEntire’s National Anthem

Under 90.5 Seconds-128
Over 90.5 Seconds+102

With Reba McEntire doing the anthem, a crisp edition of the rendition is expected. Reba did the anthem at a 1997 World Series game, where she clocked in at 82 seconds. She moved through the song’s first half quickly; she decided to elongate the second half. If she decides to move at a brisk pace through the first stanza again, she’ll go under.

She also did the 2017 Celebrity of Hope softball game Anthem, where she clocked in at 80 seconds.

Las Vegas Temperature On Super Bowl Sunday Odds (At Allegiant Stadium)

11-15 C-150
16-20 C+160
6-10 C+1600
0-5 C+3500

This feels like a good time to remind anybody that if you feel you may have a gambling problem, you can call or text 1-800-GAMBLER.

Per, the best weather report suggests that the temperature in Paradise, Nevada (where the stadium is) will be between 54-55F at the time of kickoff. That, in Celsius, is roughly 12 degrees. The forecast should, therefore, come in at the favored range of 11-15C. The 16-20 band seems to be overpriced in market because a high of 55F is unlikely to overshoot to 61F or above, which is what would be needed to cash this.

The 6-10 range is worth it if you want a punt. Vegas has a reputation for heat that is somewhat unearned. It can be a billion degrees in the summer, but it can still get cold. Betting on others assuming it can’t get too cold even though it can? I mean, Formula 1 didn’t realize it got cold in Vegas, so it’s worth at least a small bet.

Best of luck with betting Usher halftime show odds and other Super Bowl novelty props (if you’re in a place where it’s legal and regulated to do so).

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