The Future Of US Sports Betting Technology Is Being Showcased In Las Vegas

Written By Marc Meltzer | Last Updated
US Sports betting technology

The Global Gaming Expo (G2E) is an annual gathering of gaming manufacturers and casino employees. There are thousands of people from casino companies looking at new games for their properties. At the same time, there are hundreds of companies shilling their products to be placed in those casinos.

Altogether, G2E is casino porn for the average gambler. This year there has been one main theme at the expo and seminars at the expo. Sports betting are the two words being discussed more than anything. There are way more sports betting products than ever before at G2E.

Not only are there more sports betting products on display, but they’re actually in casinos and will be in more casinos. This is a far cry from previous G2E shows where there was just a handful of sports betting exhibitors showing products from Europe that haven’t been regulated in America.

Casino sportsbooks are changing

Sportsbooks evolving in casinos isn’t a new topic. The evolution shown at G2E fits the physical change to the sportsbook experience we’ve been seeing. Sports betting tech is real and it’s fantastic. More importantly, the technological advances from overseas are finally in US casinos.

The sports betting kiosks that punters from overseas have been using for years are now available to American casinos. Bettors can find SB Tech betting kiosks at the Golden Nugget in Mississippi and New Jersey and other casinos in both states.

Younger bettors in the US have been waiting for the day where they can place bets in the sportsbook without dealing with other humans. The lines for a kiosk tend to be shorter since older gamblers still prefer dealing with a person.

Later this year or early next year, IGT will have their PlayShot sports betting kiosks in casinos in both states as well. They work with MGM Resorts and FanDuel so there are potentially a plethora of properties where you can place your wagers without dealing with a human.

Just about every tech company operating in the US has a sports betting kiosk available should they find a partner. SB Tech and IGT have those partners and will make the sportsbook experience in their casino just a little better for some gamblers.

The IGT kiosks are more casino oriented than other manufacturers. Their PlayShot kiosks have an area where a gambler might be able to use a mobile players club card if available. IGT’s Cardless Connect technology is awesome but isn’t available at all casinos just yet.

In-play in casinos

IGT debuted the CrystalBetting Terminal at G2E. This betting station looks similar to CG Technology betting stations but is made especially for in-play sports betting while watching a game.

Each station allows bettors to customize their screen to show specific games they prefer to watch. The screen also shows in-play odds, and wagers can be placed directly on the screen. Bettors can even play the audio from the game they’re watching instead so they’re not stuck with whatever the sportsbook deems the important game.

Unlike most mobile apps, a bettor can populate the CrystalBetting Terminal with the amount they want to wager. For example, bettors who only want to make $20 wagers throughout the game just have to enter the information once instead of each bet. This speed will make placing a wager quicker for fast-paced sports like football.

The CrystalBetting Terminal still has to undergo a field trial before it’s in casinos. The tech here is great for bettors that love in-play action but are frustrated with current mobile apps.

The American in-play problem

In-play wagering may be very popular in Europe but it’s still just catching on in America. There are multiple reasons for this. Most bettors in the US have grown up only wagering on games before they start. It will take some time to grasp this “new” way to bet.

One of the biggest issues with in-play wagering in the United States is because of the technology. Mobile betting in Nevada is still less than 10 years old. Many of the older app platforms are too slow for in-play wagering. Trying to get down a wager during a football game can be very frustrating.

Some of the European apps in other states are better but overall, the tech in the US is still a bit behind other countries. Between newer and better mobile apps and betting stations like the CrystalBetting Terminal American sports bettors could well be on the way to joining the rest of the world with in-play wagering. Just be patient.

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