Underdog NBA Picks: May 10 Discounts And Specials Include Nikola Jokic, Anthony Edwards

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Written By Mo Nuwwarah | Last Updated
Underdog NBA picks

The Minnesota Timberwolves and New York Knicks try to press their 2-0 advantages tonight in NBA playoff odds. Peruse below for the best Underdog promos and Underdog NBA picks, which include point higher/lower discounts on both superstars in Denver at Minnesota.

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NOTE: Certain discounts and specials may not appear for all users when browsing Underdog NBA picks. Also note that most discounts and specials will have a max of around $10.

Underdog NBA Picks: Discounts On Jokic, Edwards

Can the Nuggets author a comeback after dropping the first two games of the series at home?

It’s going to take quite a feat, and it will undoubtedly start with a strong Game 3 from Nikola Jokic. With co-star Jamal Murray looking both physically compromised and mentally frayed, the now three-time MVP must step it up in a big way.

After dominating the Timberwolves in the regular season, Jokic has averaged 24/12/8.5 with an uncharacteristic 11 turnovers and just 42.1% shooting (20% on 3s). He’s finding the going tough against the Wolves’ aggressive style of defense.

Underdog is offering a discount with Higher Than 24.5 points on Jokic. That’s 5 points lower than his “normal” market at 29.5.

Meanwhile, Anthony Edwards continues to drive history-making when it comes to Timberwolves playoff odds. Minnesota has yet to drop a game, and now they get to head home with a chance to close out the series.

Edwards has averaged 35/4.5/5 while shouldering a massive minutes load (40 MPG). His “normal” higher/lower sits at 28.5, so Underdog has also discounted this number to 23.5.

Neither one of these will be a freebie, as each player still has to deal with strong opposition here in a lower-scoring playoff environment. But, these Underdog NBA picks are probably worth adding to your daily fantasy sports plays.