UMBC Retrievers Won And Lost Two Bettors Boatloads

Chops March 17, 2018

UCLA. UNC. Kentucky. Kansas. UMBC.

The University of Maryland Baltimore County Retrievers shocked the world Friday night by becoming the first NCAA tourney #16 seed to upset a #1 seed (in this case, an utterly shell-shocked Virginia).

The Retrievers were a -20.5 dog (+2000). Fortunes could be won or lost with those odds.

Fortunes Won: UMBC $800 Moneyline

Some lucky punter laid down $800 on the moneyline at the Venetian for a $16,000 payout. You could buy about 20 golden retriever puppies with that score.

Fortunes Lost: UMBC Cost a $20,000 Parlay

Vegas doesn’t exist because people win +2000 moneyline wagers left and right. On the other end of the spectrum, some poor guy had his $20,000 moneyline parlay busted by the bracket-busting Retrievers.

Reminder: The Retrievers are the team name from Maryland Baltimore County, the school you never heard of before Friday night.

The $20,000 parlay would’ve netted $870.

Totally worth it.

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