UFC Fighters Barred From Betting On Fights

Written By Giovanni Shorter on October 19, 2022
UFC Betting Policy

The UFC has released a new updated code of conduct which now prohibits fighters from betting on any match. Originally, fighters were only barred from betting on their own bouts. The UFC betting policy is in line with other leagues such as the NFL and NBA.

Infamously, Calvin Ridley was banned by the NFL for one season for betting on his team while he was away from the organization.

UFC Implements Stricter Betting Policy

The new UFC betting policy does not just affect fighters, but all personnel involved in the UFC. The policy speaks on those who have insider information. This includes teams, coaches, and unspecified ‘certain others’.

“As the sport has grown over time, the overwhelming majority of states that regulate sports gambling have some prohibitions on inside betting activity,” said Hunter Campbell, UFC Chief Business Officer to ESPN. “And this wasn’t something the UFC advanced independently. This was something the UFC set forth in response from governmental agencies, aware we are also subject to governmental regulation as we’re licensed promoters in virtually every state. It’s the natural evolution of the sport.”

UFC athletes can still be sponsored by sportsbooks but betting on fights is prohibited. The UFC has embraced sports betting as a league, with many figures having sports betting-related deals. UFC coach James Krouse sells picks alongside professional sports bettor Shay Handicapping. Krouse uses his expertise in the industry to inform bettors.

Despite the league itself embracing sports betting, it appears that officials want to take a harsher stance on fighters and team members actually placing bets. Even prior to the league passing this legislation, it appears that UFC fighters have had trouble with betting.

Sportsbooks Preventing Fighters From Betting

Following the news, UFC Featherweight Christopher Wade voiced his issues when attempting to bet at DraftKings. The sportsbook allegedly barred him from making an account, making him unable to bet on any sport.

Middleweight champion Chris Weidman also supported Wade, claiming he suffered the same fate at DraftKings when trying to bet. UFC fighters will have an even harder time betting with the new policy. This goes for those looking to bet on the UFC as well as simply wager.

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