How Elon Musk Twitter Rumors Could Affect Sports Betting Media

Written By Giovanni Shorter on November 8, 2022
Twitter Sports Betting

With Elon Musk’s full takeover of Twitter, changes to the social media giant were inevitable. Musk has already implemented an $8 subscription fee for verified accounts. The centibillionaire could be plotting to charge every user on the app by introducing a Twitter paywall, according to reports.

Needless to say, this would have huge ramifications for the sports betting content space, as Twitter is the No. 1 source of information for many sports fans and casual sports bettors.

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Twitter Paywall For All Users?

Reports from Platformer suggest that Musk could put twitter behind a paywall in an effort to make the company profitable. In the short time that Musk has taken over, he has instituted mass layoffs and delisted the company. Musk also dismissed former CEO Parag Agrawal and appointed himself in the role.

The company now being privately owned makes it possible for the Tesla CEO to implement any changes he wishes. Twitter becoming a subscription-based platform would change the entire landscape of social media with all major platforms being free.

While this idea of Twitter being behind a paywall completely is not fully confirmed as a plan, it still raises a concern. This would have a massive effect on sports betting discourse.

Twitter Dominates Sports Betting Conversations

Every metric indicates that Twitter is the No. 1 spot for sports betting media content and conversations. According to a poll run by Twitter, 7 out of 10 bettors are on Twitter. The poll also reveals that 33% of bettors wager because of Twitter. Additionally, 65% of bettors are motivated to wager so they can join in on Twitter discourse.

The survey also suggests 36% of sports bettors use Twitter as their main source of information. These are the results of Twitter’s analysis of the U.S. sports betting market from September 2021-September 2022. This does not even account for the global Twitter landscape which could see more bettors choosing the social media site.

Potential Negative Impact Of Twitter Paywall

Should Twitter require a subscription, many sports betting fans would simply opt out of using the platform altogether. This would lower the entire base of bettors engaging in discourse. The overall betting conversations throughout the year would likely diminish.

Additionally, other sites would likely emerge in response, splitting the overall audience who engage. Now, instead of Twitter dominating sports betting conversations, it would be even more spread across multiple social media platforms.

Fans who opt to not subscribe would lose their outlet for engaging in betting talks, potentially lowering their motivation to wager. If Twitter’s poll results suggested 65% of bettors are motivated to wager so they can join in on the conversations, that percentage likely drops if a paywall is in place.

Twitter is the sports betting media outlet for most of the betting community. With Elon Musk now at the helm, the future of this platform and its claim as the king of sports betting discourse could change whenever Twitter’s new CEO deems.

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