Betting Markets Have President Donald Trump An Odds-On Favorite For Impeachment

Written By Chops on November 21, 2019 - Last Updated on November 22, 2019

Despite a defiant tone struck by President Donald Trump during a shouty exit from the White House to assembled media (where he could be seen reading large handwritten notes stating “no quid pro quo”), the impeachment hearings against him are not going well.

How bad?

So bad that oddsmakers now view his impeachment as a matter of not “if” but “when.”

Donald Trump impeachment odds

Will Donald Trump Be Impeached?Odds

President Trump is now priced at -300 to be impeached at the European exchange Betfair. That moneyline wager means you’d need to bet $300 to win $100. The “No” odds are +250, meaning a $100 bet wins you $250.

Crowd-sourced platform Smarkets is pricing a similar outcome. “Will the House of Representatives pass articles of impeachment against Trump during his first term” is at nearly 83%.

President Trump 2020 US presidential election odds

Even though Trump’s impeachment seems likely, he’s still the favorite to be re-elected. The 2020 presidential election odds remain unchanged as of today, with Trump +130 to win the White House again.

He’s followed by Elizabeth Warren (+450). As Pete Buttigieg surges in Iowa, his odds continue to improve (+800) as well.

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