Coming To New Jersey: Topgolf And Sports Betting Are A Perfect Pairing

Written By Marc Meltzer on February 21, 2019 - Last Updated on September 10, 2020

The Topgolf concept is fantastic. Golf games mixed with food and drink service take a visit to a golf driving range to another level.

Topgolf took it even further when it opened its flagship location in Las Vegas (pictured). There you’ll find multiple performance stages, massive TVs, pools with cabanas, a sportsbook window, and more.

Topgolf Las Vegas is unique among its US locations in many ways. Maybe mostly because of the sports betting window inside the facility, which has drawn praise since the opening in 2016. And a twist on this small addition to Topgolf could be coming to a venue near you.

The company sees itself as a great venue for sports fans and possibly sports bettors. PointsBet sportsbook in New Jersey recently announced a partnership to bring Topgolf fans on the east coast a little closer to sports betting.

PointsBet and Topgolf

The New Jersey Topgolf locations won’t have a dedicated window for sports betting. Rather, this partnership will be focused around PointsBet-branded bar areas at Topgolf venues. The partnership will be most active around major sporting events.

The next planned event will take place at both Topgolf Edison and Topgolf Mt. Laurel. This will be a March Madness Hole in One competition. The winner will take home a grand prize of $25,000 on March 23. Other Premium prizes and promotions will be available to participating guests at the various Topgolf-PointsBet events.

Topgolf Media President Yu Chiang Cheng says that “Partnering with PointsBet aligns our shared purpose of connecting people in meaningful ways to provide year-round sports entertainment to the local community.”

This kind of year-round branding and special event marketing will help label PointsBet as the sportsbook of choice for Topgolf customers. It’s also potentially the beginning of making Topgolf one of the best “sportsbooks” in the country.

Topgolf and sports betting

Sportsbooks and sports betting no longer have to be inside of a physical casino. Nearly 80 percent of all sports wagers in New Jersey were made online or with a mobile device. While Buffalo Wild Wings is still talking about how to get in the sports betting game, Topgolf already is.

Topgolf isn’t a sportsbook operator. Their location in Las Vegas is at MGM Grand and MGM Resorts International operates the sportsbook. The sports betting window is only open for major events and football. The window is a way for MGM Resorts to promote mobile signups as much as it’s open to take physical wagers.

Topgolf locations in New Jersey won’t have a sportsbook at all. However, sports bettors in New Jersey will be reminded that they can sign up and wager online with PointsBet. The major difference in New Jersey and Las Vegas is the physical sportsbook window for guests to place sports bets.

The majority of guests at Topgolf are sports fans even though they don’t necessarily have to play sports or be golf fans to enjoy the Topgolf games. The low-pressure and upbeat environment helps make Topgolf games approachable for non-golfers. This same environment is an excellent way to recruit new sports bettors.

Topgolf has 59 physical locations in 27 states across the country. The only other state currently with legal sports betting and a Topgolf location is Pennsylvania. Topgolf Pittsburgh is currently without a sports betting partner. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see another similar sportsbook deal when Pennsylvania legalizes mobile sports betting.

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