The Top Five NFL Schedule Release Videos – Chargers Take The Top Spot

Written By Giovanni Shorter | Last Updated
Top NFL Schedule Release Videos

The NFL schedule has been released, and teams have found the most creative ways to announce their 2024-2025 matchups. While they could just put out an infographic informing fans about the upcoming games, teams have begun releasing creative and intricate schedule release videos to get their fans excited for the season. Some feature players from the past, while others feature celebrities or famous narrators.

Let’s look at the top five NFL schedule release videos.

5. Miami Dolphins Fastest NFL Schedule Release Video

The Miami Dolphins earn points here for creativity despite having the shortest video on the list. With WR Tyreek Hill contributing to Miami being the fastest team in the NFL last season, the Dolphins decided to play into it. Speed is the name of the game, and Hill is quickly putting together the schedule release video. Alongside Hill is RB Raheem Mostert, who also put up some of the fastest speeds last season.

The entire announcement lasts 22 seconds. In comparison, some team’s videos are longer than three minutes. Mostert looks in amazement and declares, “It’s perfect,” as the video ends. Blink, and you might miss the schedule flash on the screen.

4. Detroit Lions Schedule Release Video Brought To You By Tim Robinson And Sam Richardson

The Lions brought in a couple of Detroit natives, comedians Tim Robinson and Sam Richardson, for their NFL schedule release video. In expected comedic fashion, the pair hilariously explained multiple ideas they had for announcing the schedule and why those ideas were shot down.

With all their ideas denied, they end up just showing the schedule and making jokes as each game is displayed. What makes this video stand out is how natural it feels. Ultimately, it’s two Detroit fans having fun on the schedule release day. In the end, isn’t that all this is about?

3. Chicago Bears Take Us To School

Class is in session for our next entry as the Chicago Bears parody 1980s high school teen dramas for their video. This video is filled with easter eggs for each opponent, as well as cameos from the likes of Dj Moore, D’Andre Swift, and Caleb Williams.

There is even some self-deprecation with the Green Bay Packers. The school dean (Anthony “Spice” Adams) sends a student in a Green Bay hoodie to detention while the Week 11 and Week 18 matchups are displayed, as the narrator states, “Make that two people to avoid.” That student happens to be NFL correspondent Annie Agar.

This video gains points for all the easter eggs sprinkled throughout. The San Francisco 49ers are represented as mathlete students who “ran it up” last year. The Houston Texans are the students who went utterly unnoticed at first and are now the envy of the entire school. Fans will find tidbits like these sprinkled throughout the video.

2. Dallas Cowboys Troll Celebrities

The Dallas Cowboys played on the fact that many non-Cowboy fans hate their team. The video stars Post Malone, Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, mascot Rowdy, and former and current players. Cowboys fans, coaches, and players Facetime opponents’ fans. They stare at the phone stoically, forcing the call’s recipient to respond first. Most people on the other end of the call weren’t too excited to open a Facetime to Jerry Jones staring them down. But they also didn’t know how to respond, which made for top-tier awkward humor.

How would you react?

Standouts from the video include Jake Paul’s reaction for Week 1 against the Cleveland Browns, Eli Manning’s reaction for Week 4 against the New York Giants, and Shane Gillis for Week 10 against the Philadelphia Eagles, which includes a cameo from Joe Rogen. The video ends with Kelly Clarkson calling Dak Prescott to send her the schedule.

1. Los Angeles Chargers NFL Schedule Release Video As Sims

The cream of the crop has to go to the Los Angeles Chargers. The Chargers schedule release video was made in the Sims and is hilarious from start to finish. It is jam-packed with Easter eggs and references to the league, teams, and pop culture.

Some notable moments from the video include Cam Newton fighting in the ring for the Carolina Panthers Week 2 announcement. Taylor Swift cameos as the Kelce brothers film their podcast for the Kansas City Chiefs Week 4 announcement. Taylor parking her private jet in front of the Kelce brothers’ house is the chef’s kiss.

For the Week 13 matchup against the Atlanta Falcons, fans wait in line to enter a nightclub with a banner showing 28-3.

The social media team even made day-of edits to comment on the controversy surrounding Harrison Butker’s recent commencement speech.

These are just some moments from the video. Take a look and see what else stands out in one of the best and funniest NFL schedule release videos.