NBA On TNT Player Props For Tuesday: Nets Vs. Lakers, Warriors Vs. Mavericks

Written By Mo Nuwwarah on January 25, 2022
TNT NBA player props

The journey towards the NBA Finals continues tonight with two more national TV games on TNT as the Nets host the Lakers, and the Warriors take on the Mavericks. Each week throughout the season, TheLines will look at some matchups for the televised slates and try to figure if there are any TNT NBA player props worth a look.

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LA Lakers At Brooklyn Nets

Two star-laden teams do battle on national TV once more after the Nets nearly blew a massive lead against the Lakers on Christmas.

Things were considerably different for these teams then. The Lakers will get Anthony Davis back on Tuesday after he missed the last game, while the Nets swapped out Kevin Durant for Kyrie Irving. Unfortunately for them, Irving’s ongoing vaccine boycott leaves him out of this home game and all the others.

So many moving parts on the teams makes it difficult to handicap this one.

James Harden Props

One thing we know is James Harden will be the only star on the court for the Nets, mimicking the teams’ last encounter when Durant was in COVID protocols.

The Lakers had a tough time containing Harden, allowing 17 free throw attempts. They lack top-level wing defenders to slow him down. The question is, will the return of Anthony Davis at least deter him at the rim? It’s difficult to say how many minutes he’ll play, but given his injury history, we can likely expect some kind of restriction.

Teams have feasted at the rim on the Lakers as they move to smaller lineups. Unless Davis changes the equation and plays an unexpectedly large number of minutes, Harden figures to continue that trend.

LeBron James And Russell Westbrook Props

It’s much the same story for the stars expected to play big minutes on the other side. LeBron James and Russell Westbrook both have potential to enjoy field days in the paint but potential issues loom for both as well.

Westbrook takes an extremely high share of his shots at the rim, but he converts at 56%, well below average for a point guard, according to Cleaning The Glass. Conversely, James’ game has drifted farther from the hoop, but when he does venture into the lane, he finishes at an elite 77% clip.

Whether these two can win these battles will likely determine not only the outcome of their player props but probably the game. It’s anyone’s guess whether that will be the case with lineups in flux and Westbrook bringing massive variance to the table.


Dallas Mavericks At Golden State Warriors

Last week, we highlighted how Golden State has been playing at an extremely slow pace without Draymond Green available to grab boards and push. He remains out and that has remained true, as the the Dubs had another glacially slow game against Indiana followed by a merely very slow game against the breakneck Rockets.

Against fellow slowpoke Dallas here, expect a very slow affair again. That will conspire to push prop numbers down, and if it doesn’t, then be ready to hit a variety of unders.

Add in two top-four defensive teams and we have even less reason to expect success for the respective offenses. Look for a play on the game total under if it’s not set well below these teams’ normal scoring rates.

These two teams’ stars are trending in opposite directions at the moment.

Stephen Curry Props

Stephen Curry is slumping. He’s down to 38% from deep, a number most players would be thrilled with, but one that represents a career low by far.

He won’t find the going easy against Dallas. The Mavericks allow fewer above-the-break 3s than anyone in the league. When teams do get these shots off, they rarely go in, although that may be dumb luck. Regardless, expect a tough day for Curry against the Mavs’ aggressive defensive scheme.

Without Draymond Green as a release valve, the offense might struggle against traps. If Curry runs more pick and roll as a result, he might have a chance to top his assist props since he’ll have more direct passes to shooters versus the hockey assists he accumulates via Green.

Jordan Poole Props

One player who could step it up is Jordan Poole. Klay Thompson is listed as questionable. Should he sit, that would open up the door for quite a bit of shots, as Thompson is firing away at a 99th percentile rate, per Cleaning The Glass.

Poole, of course, will run into the same issues as Curry. He also takes a high volume of 3s, the exact shots the Mavericks excel at preventing.

The main difference could be market perception. The market will expect a big game from Curry. Will it show Poole the same respect?

Luka Doncic Props

While Curry’s production has hit a downturn, Doncic has been peaking. Since an early January game in which he sat with an injury, Doncic has averaged 27/11/9. Perhaps most frightening if you’re looking to click on Doncic unders, he’s done so while shooting below his season averages both overall and on 3s in that time.

Could the Warriors actually be a good matchup for Doncic here? While his 3-point shooting has deserted him this year, Doncic has been excellent from the mid-range. That’s where Golden State has been successfully pushing opposing scorers all year.

Additionally, they’re without their defensive leader in Green.

See how the markets react to these changing variables for Doncic. Numbers significantly below his season marks might represent value on some overs if he can pull himself out of this shooting slump.


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