CS:GO And LOL Analyst Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields Joins Forces With Fantasy Esports Platform

Written By Dejan Zalik on June 5, 2017 - Last Updated on January 22, 2018

[toc]Esports fantasy platform EsportsPools is adding a new player to its squad.

Duncan “Thorin” Shields, a CS:GO and League of Legends journalist and analyst, is joining ESP to help it grow in the community.

The partnership should further expand the platform’s presence in the esports industry and help it become the go-to destination for fantasy esports and esports betting fans.

Thorin, the esports historian

Thanks to his game expertise and knowledge of the community, Shields has become a personality in the scene.

Since 2001, his YouTube shows and other appearances have been a valuable contribution to the games’ communities. Besides his nickname “Thorin,” he’s also called “the esports historian. That’s thanks to his in-depth knowledge of teams, players and the games themselves.

“I am very excited to work with ESP moving forward. There are many shady betting sites trying to enter the esports space. However, ESP is nothing like that,” Shields said.

:They make sure everything is done by the book, ethically, and they care about the safety of the users. ESP’s product is very well cut, and I am looking forward to using it myself.”

ESP hopes that with the addition of Thorin, the company can continue its successful path to becoming a globally renowned esports fantasy destination.

“We have been talking to Thorin for a while now, and I am ecstatic to have him officially representing ESP,” said ESP CEO Scott Burton. “Not only do I find Thorin to be a great person to work with, but I am also a huge fan of his content. I can’t wait to see what Thorin and his influence in the esports scene can do for ESP.”

ESP successfully leveraging industry partnerships

The Vancouver-based company has been partnering with influential gaming organizations consistently since the platform’s launch in 2015.

ESP signed collaborations with Natus Vincere (Na’Vi), Vexed Gaming, and StatsHelix during the first year of the company’s operations. In 2016, ESP partnered with the popular CS:GO team, Flipsid3 Tactics, to further expand its presence.

The team at ESP is proud of is progress, which helped it grow into a popular destination for esports fans:

“During these partnerships, ESP developed a strong foundation within the industry as an ethical, reliable, and exciting fantasy and betting esports company.”

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Thorin partnership comes with promotions

The company announced a number of promotions to celebrate the partnership.

“To celebrate our collaboration with Thorin, ESP is offering a huge number of giveaways and fantasy pools to all customers, new and old. Thorin will provide his trademark Thoughts and Reflections on Youtube for esports events that are happening around these epic promotions,” said Carlo Scappaticci, chief marketing officer at ESP.

Thorin will first represent the ESP brand at the upcoming CS:GO PGL Minor, which runs between June 15 and 18.

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