TheLines Podcast Episode 4: A Brand New Sports Betting World

Posted By Brett Collson on May 16, 2018

So, something happened this week.

In Episode 4 of TheLines Podcast, Matt Brown and Dustin Gouker dig into the landmark Supreme Court decision that will completely reshape the way we bet on sports in the U.S. By a vote of six to three, SCOTUS reversed the federal ban on sports betting, allowing states to offer sports wagering if they choose to legalize and regulate it.

What does it mean for your state? A lot still needs to happen, and we unpack as much as we can in 47 minutes. Have a listen below.

Show Timestamps

  • 0:27 — The decision
  • 4:11 — Next steps for states
  • 6:32 — Winners and losers of the ruling
  • 24:20 — Falsities about sports integrity
  • 28:30 — The future of offshore betting sites and local bookies
  • 36:10 — More on integrity: statements from the NBA and NFL
  • 41:40 — Potential launch date for sports betting in New Jersey

Have thoughts about the podcast? Anything you’d like us to discuss next week? Reach out to us on Twitter at @TheLinesUS or individually at @MattBrownM2 and @DustinGouker.

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