Tennessee Proposed A Gambling Ban For Sundays And Holidays And It’s The Most Southern Thing Ever

Posted By i15admin on March 27, 2019 - Last Updated on April 15, 2019

Tennessee is one of many states with proposed sports betting legislation in the works. The latest iteration of their bi-partisan Senate bill, SB-16, is currently facing bi-partisan opposition from phony pretend bible-thumping morally righteous politicians.

This bill would allow for online sports betting only.

And only Monday through Saturday. Well, kind of on Sundays, but only certain times. And not on holidays either.

Facepalm Sunday

I grew up in the South. The South (some would argue) has an antiquated view on certain things. From when and where you can buy alcohol to when stores can open on Sunday. The South really, really holds Sunday sacred. For church. And for the NFL.

The fact that a southern politician would attempt to put religious-based sanctions on sports betting isn’t surprising. What is surprising is this Tennessee rep didn’t go even more draconian.  Why not require geo-fencing around churches? I’m super disappointed in you, Tennessee. Sure, your proposed bans are ridiculous, but you are nowhere near your lofty standards. Step. It. Up.

For more on Tennessee’s sports betting legislation, check out Legal Sports Report.

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