Fuse TV Extends Its Involvement In Esports With Team Liquid Documentary

Written By Joss Wood | Last Updated
[toc]On Nov. 14, Fuse TV will air a documentary on Team Liquid’s preparations for ESL One New York 2016, which took place at the beginning of October. The half hour special, “Gamer Gods: Team Liquid,” will go out to Fuse TV’s “fast-growing, Latino and multicultural 18-34 audience.” Fuse is available in over 70 million US households. Team Liquid Co-CEO Steve Arhancet said:
“By partnering with Fuse, Gamer Gods: Team Liquid allows the Team Liquid community unprecedented, behind-the-scenes access to the team’s preparation and training. Giving viewers the opportunity to see the stress the players place on themselves to be successful and the sheer amount of effort that goes into competing at this level, is extremely compelling.”

ESL One New York was Fuse TV’s first step into esports

Fuse TV’s first active involvement in esports was to strike a deal with ESL to be the music sponsors of ESL One New York 2016. Now Fuse viewers will get to see the backstage action starring top CS:GO players: • Spencer “Hiko” MartinNick “nitr0” Cannella • Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski • Josh “jdm64” Marzano • Jacob “Pimp” Winneche Steve “Joka” Perino (team manager) Luis “peacemaker” Tadeu (team coach) Fuse TV explained that:
“Viewers will see the team strategize maneuvers, develop player tactics and psychologically prepare for battle – all culminating in either the sweetness of victory, or with the powerful realization that they must regroup to fight again another day.”

Team Liquid’s new owners aXiomatic have moved quickly

The program is being produced by 1UP StudiosMike Milanov, Team Liquid’s Bruce Stein and Mandalay Sports Media’s Dick Glover. The involvement of Dick Glover is notable because he is one of the new investors in Team Liquid, after aXiomatic bought a controlling stake in the team in late September. Glover is a former EVP at ESPN. The chairman and CEO of Mandalay Entertainment Group is Peter Guber, and he has taken on the role of co-executive chairman of aXiomatic. Filming for the show must have begun immediately after aXiomatic took over. Striking a deal with a TV broadcaster, setting up the production of a documentary, and acquiring an esports team is a lot of work – which could not have been accomplished in a week. The fast execution will have been helped by the fact that the 1UP Studios was founded as “a full service creative agency, studio and production company” by Team Liquid in 2015.

Ad hoc arrangements giving way to strategic partnerships

One of the developments which is most visible in the esports industry is the creation of strategic partnerships between teams, leagues, and broadcasters. These are replacing the ad hoc relationships of the past which may have produced excellent one-off events, but lack the commitment to a longer term relationship. The ELEAGUE from Turner Broadcasting is a good example of the new professionalism which is coming to esports. The title of the Fuse TV broadcast, “Gamer Gods: Team Liquid,” makes it evident that Fuse believes there is scope for a multi-program series. If the first show gets a good response, there are many other teams whose names could come after the colon – “Gamer Gods: Ninjas in Pyjamas,” “Gamer Gods: Team Rogue,” and so on. Team Liquid could easily return in “Gamer Gods: Team Liquid 2.” [geoip2 region=’ROW’][show-table name=betway][/geoip2] Image c/o Team Liquid / Instagram