New Sports Social Media App Named Takes Launches Today

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Written By Giovanni Shorter | Last Updated
takes app

What do you get when you combine the features of all the top social media platforms with a strong sports presence? You get Takes, an all-new sports experience app launching today. This app is aiming to change the way fans engage with sports discourse online. The app uses AI technology to curate feeds that are tailored to users’ preferences.

Whether fans are looking for NFL betting discourse, fantasy sports content, or just wild hot takes about their favorite sports, Takes plans to provide it all.

What Is Takes?

CEO Michael Iams describes the Takes app as one aiming to meet the fans where they are. The goal is to democratize being a sportscaster and open up discourse and content creation to fans. The app is building an organic base, already being active on 15+ college campuses.

“Sports have always been about those exhilarating moments that captivate passionate fans,” said Iams, a former executive at Amazon and at MLB, helping launch the league’s MLB.TV and StatCast products. “Takes amplifies these moments by making users feel like they’re at a sports bar with their best friends. With the ability to tap into AI-driven personalization, live interactions, and content co-creation, Takes meets the next generation of sports fans where they are — on their phones – whether at the game, watching live, or just looking for quick content or stats.”

The app promises a comprehensive suite of creator tools and real-time statistics. Users will be able to use picture-in-picture editing on live plays for color commentary. This will be an interactive and personalized content consumption experience.

A Closer Look At The App

When entering the Takes app, fans will feel familiar with the product. The home page offers a feed that is reminiscent of Instagram. However, what stands out is the sports scores being integrated into posts. Users can see what games other users are discussing at the moment.

ChatGPT is also integrated into the app through a feature called “The Commish”, which allows users to fact check each other in the midst of conversations. Don’t think what somebody said is correct? Ask “The Commish” and the app will immediately spit out the correct answer.

Fans can take video from games and commentate on plays as they occur. There are also stand-out augmented reality features and filters that superimpose broadcaster headsets on creators. Fans may have a new way to discuss betting lines found on the best sports betting sites, along with a new way to enjoy the biggest moments in sports. The app is available to download starting today.