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Denise Coates Made $338 Million From Sports Betting And Gambling At bet365 Last Year

Joss Wood December 5, 2018

Denise Coates knows how to make money from sports betting.

Last year, she earned £265 million ($338 million) as the boss of online sports betting giant, bet365.

That’s a lot more than she earned in 2016. Coates only took home £217 million ($276 million) that year.

She is the most highly paid chief executive in the UK and in January 2012, Coates was appointed a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) by the Queen.

Forbes lists her real-time net worth as $3.7 billion as of Nov. 27, 2018.

Coates earned her money the hard way

Coates founded bet365 and owns 50.01 percent of the company, giving her absolute control.

She built it from scratch, buying the domain name in January 2000, and creating one of the largest online gambling companies in the world.

Bet365 is truly a family company. Fully 93 percent of the shares are owned by her family, including her father, Sir Peter Coates.

Dad is the son of a coal miner and a serial entrepreneur, who left school at 14.

He founded a chain of betting shops in 1974 and had enough confidence in his daughter to pledge them as collateral for a £15 million ($19 million) loan to help bet365 expand.

Sir Peter is chairman of bet365, but it is Denise Coates who has masterminded the company’s incredible success.

Bet365 is coming to New Jersey

As early as June 19 this year, bet365 signed a deal with the Hard Rock Atlantic City. Note that that was before the Hard Rock opened for business June 28.

So far bet365 has not launched in New Jersey. The company has to go through the necessary approvals to get a gaming license from the Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE).

Once approved, bet365 should launch under its brand, offering sports betting and possibly online casino to New Jersey customers.

Given the predominance of bet365 in many national sports betting markets around the world, New Jersey can expect a strong new competitor.

Bet365 is the largest online sports betting operator in Europe and is No. 1 in regulated markets such as Italy.

And to New York

Three weeks ago, bet365 and Empire Resorts announced a complex deal that will see bet365 run a sportsbook at the Resorts World Catskills casino in New York.

If all goes to plan, bet365 will become Empire’s second-largest shareholder. Not only will Empire get a highly competent partner, but it will also have one with deep pockets if a future investment is required.

Online sports betting isn’t yet permitted in New York, but there’s some hope that the legislature could get to it in 2019.

Talk about a strategic deal.

Bet365 gets a foothold in the sports betting market in the fourth most populous US state. Add this to experience in online sports betting in New Jersey and bet365 would make an attractive partner for any casinos in states where sports betting becomes legal.

And of course, it will be in prime position if New York does allow online sports betting.

Bet365 has a unique record of compliance

The UK government thought it was getting a grip on gambling back when it passed the Gambling Act of 2005.

The actual effect of the bill was to push all UK online gaming companies to relocate offshore. Gibraltar, Malta and the Isle of Man became hosts to such big names as Ladbrokes, William Hill, partypoker and 888.

Only one major online gaming company stayed in the UK — and paid the extra gaming taxes that implied — bet365.

The law was changed in 2014, but Denise Coates insistence that the company stays headquartered in the UK has paid off in respectability.

The company is the largest employer in its home city of Stoke on Trent, and Peter Coates is the Chairman and owner of the local soccer club, Stoke City.

Bet365 is a family company with deep local roots. Something unique in the current sports betting corporate environment.

There’s more money to be made in US sports betting

Eilers & Krejcik Gaming forecasts $442 million (£340 million) in New Jersey annual gaming revenue by the end of 2021.

Not bad for a state with fewer than 10 million inhabitants. Multiply that by all the other states that might introduce sports betting and the market is large by any standards.

The entire gaming industry is currently looking at how to take a slice of this sports betting pie. Despite her eye-watering pay packet, Denise Coates is looking hungry for a big juicy piece of American pie.

I wouldn’t bet against her.

Esports Betting Outlook: The International To Be A Record-Breaker (Again)

July 17, 2017
This week, the prize pool for The International 7 in August topped $20.7 million, which puts this year’s edition ahead of 2016’s record-breaking tournament.

It’s official: This will be the world’s richest esports event.

Where to bet on esports


SkyBet remains the number one esports betting site for the number of tournaments covered and the in-game markets covered, with by far the largest selection available online.


Betway can’t compete with some of the biggest sites when we compare the number of bets available. But for esports betting fans there’s no better place to go for in-depth analysis, blogs, and targeted promotions.


The only site on this list that caters specifically to esports, rather than simply doing well in terms of accommodating players, Unikrn continues to offer a solid selection of bets covering the major esports and tournaments.


Bet365 is another site that, for the simple volume of markets on esports betting, towers above most of its competitors. The site’s sports betting expertise and customer service also serves it well in providing a great experience to players.


Pinnacle remains lagging behind in usability and game coverage, but highly competitive with esports betting odds and promotions. This keeps the site well in the top five esports betting sites without too much effort.

[show-table name=betway]

The week in esports events

Let’s take a look at the week that was and upcoming esports betting opportunities.


The biggest esports tournament currently taking place is the PGL Major Kraków, which is giving $1 million to the world’s top Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players in Poland. After that, we have to wait until August and DreamHack Masters.

Dota 2

There is no Dota 2 action in major events taking place until August, but of course that action is massive in the shape of the largest esports tournament in history. At the time of writing, The International 7 is just about overtaking its last incarnation.

League of Legends

League of Legends is a constant presence in the world of esports betting sites due to the plethora of splits and playoffs and other tournaments that seem to be constantly ongoing.


Last week in WCS Valencia, Elazer took home the gold to Poland after Neeb’s back-to-back wins in Austin and Sweden. This week, StarCraft players head to Germany for the HomeStory Cup XV.

Esports Betting Outlook: Esports Betting In 2017

December 29, 2016

With 2016 wrapped up and a whole new and exciting year ahead of us, the world of esports betting has never been brighter.

We’ll be kicking off the year with a bang almost immediately, as the World Electronic Sports Games in China will be awarding literally millions of dollars to champions of various esports.

With dozens of major events across many of the most popular games taking place across the year, and many more to be announced, let’s check out the best esports and esports betting sites for 2017.

The best esports betting sites for 2017


Throughout the past year we have consistently rated Betway as one of the top esports betting sites available and they show no sign of stepping down from that podium this year.

They’ve really embraced the world of esports and consistently offer thorough and competitive markets on major and minor events.


UK bookmaker Bet365 have a reputation for quality across the world of sports, and the same is true of their esports offer.

We’ve always been fans of their comprehensive selection of bets, and while they haven’t climbed aboard the bandwagon as thoroughly as Betway have they’re still among the leading operators.


Rounding out our trio of favourite esports betting sites is SkyBet, another site with consistently varied offers and in-depth markets on many of the major events. Like Bet365, there is room for improvement in their non-betting offer, but we can’t fault them for their esports betting selection.


Unikrn are unique in that their speciality is in esports betting.

This, of course, has pros and cons. They often cover many of the smaller tournaments and have a host of niche markets; however, their lines are likely to be a lot tougher to beat as it’s their primary focus.


Ladbrokes are a latecomer to the world of esports betting, until recently operating only a scant and cursory selection of markets. Alas, in the past couple of months they’ve rocketed up in our esteem with many varied offers on numerous games.


Pinnacle were the first major bookmaker to offer esports betting, and while there’s nothing wrong with their markets or prices, they’ve fallen far behind many rivals in terms of extra-curricular content. For example, their articles and schedule pages are often very outdated.

Despite this, they proudly boast the eGR Esports Operator Of The Year award for 2016. It pays to be the first!


Speaking of scant and cursory, PaddyPower have spent the past couple of months somewhat slacking on their esports betting section. Obviously they’re a fantastic sports betting site, but this particular area is assuredly not their forte.

[show-table name=betway]

The world of esports in 2017

We had a fantastic 2016 with many multi-million dollar prize pools and record-breaking events. As the world of esports and esports betting continues to grow in 2017, it’s exciting to see what we have to look forward to.

League of Legends

As one of the big three major esports of the modern day, League of Legends naturally already has a fair few major events scheduled.

The Spring Split, divided between Europe and North America, opens its doors to League of Legends teams throughout January, February and March ahead of the finals in April.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players have had to buy their 2017 calendars early thanks to a packed schedule including many DreamHack $100,000 events, the ELEAGUE Major and a $1 million prize pool in January plus many more events to come throughout the year.

Dota 2

Unsurprisingly, Dota 2 is another esport with a rapidly-filling 2017 schedule of major tournaments. So far the highlight is the Kiev Major in April, with a hefty $3 million up for grabs. All in all, there is already more than $5.1 million in prize money to be won between now and May.

Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm has a pretty action-packed January already, with the Gold Series Heroes League, the Global Championship Phase 1 and the North American counterpart to the latter all kicking off later this month.


Many times we’ve described StarCraft as the O.G. of the esports betting world, and the game is still going strong heading into 2017. Already we’ve the Global StarCraft II League and the World Electronic Sports Games to look forward to in January.


Overwatch really burst onto the scene in 2016, and if we were doing an awards program here then this game would definitely take home “Best Newcomer” without a doubt. We saw $870,000 won in major events between August and December last year and the game shows no signs of slowing down.


Hearthstone had a fairly quiet end to 2016, and the trend continues with few major events officially announced for the next year. However, this ever-growing market is definitely one to watch.

Opinion: Will Esports Betting Repeat The Scandal-Ridden History Of Online Poker?

Joss Wood December 22, 2016

The early years of online gambling were marked by innovation, rapid growth, and a flood of new market entrants.

A few survive, but the unregulated free-for-all environment saw many operators go to the wall after weak security, weak morals, and outright fraud brought about their collapse.

Even though regulators have begun to take notice of esports betting, and the main game providers are now taking game integrity seriously, the industry still looks like it will have to fight off the reputational risks it is facing in order to succeed.

In 20 years of online betting there have been many scandals

January 2016 marked the 20th anniversary of online sports betting. The first company to take an online sports bet was Intertops, an operator which is still in business and still going strong.

Intertops is well known as an honest, customer-focused company, but many of its peers failed to adopt these essential traits of success.

At Ultimate Bet, a scandal involving a software feature that allowed so-called “super-users” to see other players’ hole cards destroyed the company’s reputation. When poker’s Black Friday came along, the operator went bust and players lost their money.

The list of sites going bust and leaving players high and dry is very, very long, and even now court cases continue against operators like Everleaf Gaming, and Europoker—both of which were fully regulated in Malta and France, respectively.

It is not just bad management, negligence, or fraud that can kill a company or its reputation. Bad customer service will ensure that a company fails to survive in a competitive market place.

Established operators can navigate new industry with integrity

The long-established online sports betting operators who have now added esports betting as a business vertical, have the luxury of experience and the constraint of existing regulatory obligations.

Bet365, SkyBet, Betway and Pinnacle know how to deliver esports betting with integrity. Some new companies, such as Unikrn, have also put the lessons of the past 20 years into practice in establishing their own approach to esports betting.

Unfortunately, there are other new players who have failed to take the long term view, and appear to be falling into the same trap as the early cowboy operators of the internet age.

Several threads on Reddit currently contain complaints about the introductory bonuses offered by GG.Bet.

GG.Bet is an official sponsor for Team NP, Ad Finem and Empire, well respected esports teams with huge followings.

The Reddit posts allege that the terms and conditions of its introductory bonuses make it unreasonably difficult to earn the bonus, and restrict cash outs until any bonus period is expired.

  • The Reddit thread and original allegation is here.
  • Additional Reddit information is here.

This is not the place to go into the details of the allegations and whether they are true or not.

What is more important is the issue of reputational risk and how operators that lose sight of the importance of reputation can damage their own business.

Social media accelerates propagation of bad news

GG.Bet is taking a public relations hit because social media sites like Reddit have changed the information balance of power.

Consumers can now share and publicize their criticisms of a company in a targeted way.

Their complaints are no longer relatively private and restricted to a small audience, they can now be shared with a wide audience of other customers using a specific service or product.

They have much more power than the early customers of online betting operators 20 years ago.

The esports skin betting scandals which erupted earlier in 2016 gained traction with customers extremely quickly because they were accelerated by social media. This resulted in immediate action by the game developers and unusually rapid intervention by regulators.

As a consequence, the entire skin betting industry has seen its formerly bright future fade, with revenue expectations collapsing.

Could esports cash betting collapse like skin betting?

A similar collapse in esports cash betting is extremely unlikely.

The big name operators continue to dominate the majority of online bets, and so the impact of negative behavior by smaller operators is likely to be less significant.

Nonetheless, even minor scandals or abusive marketing practices will have an effect beyond their immediate origin.

Social media has expanded the audience for such “errors” and the media headlines won’t be “Operator X abuses customers,” they will be generic: “Esports betting is a dangerous risk.”

Scandal and predatory marketing won’t kill the whole industry, but they could easily reduce its potential rate of growth , and induce regulators into more heavy-handed regulation than the risks require.

History is repeating itself, but now that the major esports betting operators have learned history’s lessons, the negative risks should be mitigated.

Esports Betting Outlook: OG Win The Boston Major; All Eyes On China For World Cyber Arena

December 12, 2016

The Boston Major wrapped up this weekend, with (spoiler alert) OG defeating Ad Finem to take home a $1 million first prize. Don’t feel overly sorry for the AF lads, though; they’re still $500,000 richer after their runner-up finish.

The next (and pretty much last) big event of the year to watch out for takes place in Yinchuan, China, as we watch out for the World Cyber Arena. As well as that this week, we’ve got the Intel Extreme Masters to keep an eye on.

The best esports betting sites


There’s no update from Betway since last week, but they’ve still got esports betting competitions, a timely blog and a good selection of esports markets.

Some other sites are catching up, but they’re still definitely ending 2016 as the kings of the esports betting world.


Once again, nothing bad to say about SkyBet. They’ve got a lot of the smaller CS:GO events on their radar, though if we had to make a criticism of them (we don’t, but will) it’s that their Intel Extreme Masters markets aren’t as comprehensive as they perhaps could be.


Unikrn have a really strong selection of Intel Extreme Masters bets and markets, plus some smaller events; at the time of writing, they’re one of only two sites covering the 99Damage League, which makes them a great shout for hardcore esports fans.


Bet365 are the other site covering the 99Damage League, and they also have a wide selection of CS:GO bets to enjoy. They’re actually getting to the point of covering more of the smaller games than esports specialists Unikrn.


Sometimes it feels like our Pinnacle summary could be copy-pasted week-to-week, but this writer probably won’t get paid if that happens so once again we’ll have to say that the markets are OK, the information is outdated, and the offer overall is pretty meh.

Do you see what we did there?

PaddyPower and Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes’ selection is looking smaller again, but that’s just because there are so few events.

They’re actually a really competitive esports betting site now, so perhaps you can expect to see them with their own section here soon. They’re really outshining PaddyPower, so it seems unfair to put them together.

[show-table name=betway]

The week in esports events

The year is drawing to a close and we’ve seen some fantastic esports action throughout the course of 2016. Let’s see how it will all wrap up.

League of Legends

We’re still lacking in major events for League of Legends fans during what remains of the year, but we do have qualifiers for the 2017 Challenger Series Spring Split currently underway.

Apart from that, there are a few other small events throughout the month.


The final major Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament of 2016 is done and dusted, with Astralis defeating OpTic in Anaheim to win the Esports Championship Series, taking home a tidy $250,000 for their efforts.

Dota 2

As we said in the introduction to this column, The Boston Major has wrapped up and OG find themselves $1 million richer having bested Ad Finem in Sunday’s final. Next up, the World Cyber Arena.

StarCraft 2

StarCraft 2 is one of the few esports with one or two events left in the year, thanks to the double whammy of the World Cyber Arena and the Intel Extreme Masters. They are both taking place over the course of the next week, so keep an eye out.

Heroes of the Storm

There’s nothing more to report for Heroes of the Storm until next year, so check back then!


Overwatch is another feature at the Intel Extreme Masters later this week, and that’ll be all she wrote for the Blizzard FPS until 2017.


Another group of esports fans waiting for this week’s World Cyber Arena is Hearthstone aficionados, who can check back next week for the results.


Esports Betting Outlook: The Boston Major Headlines An Action-Packed Year’s End

December 5, 2016

The year is winding down, which means that while some esports have been put thoroughly to bed until 2017, others are exploding in a climactic multi-million dollar finish to the year.

Let’s take a look at some of the best esports betting action heading into December.

Where the action is


This week, Betway have something extra-special by way of their Esports Leaderboard promotion. There’s some Ninjas In Pyjamas goodie bags to be won by simply placing regular esports bets in December.

Oh, and naturally their markets and whatnot are top-notch as usual, too.


Over at SkyBet we have all the markets you’d expect for CS:GO plus The Boston Major bets, while they’ve also got a few of the lesser-spotted markets out there such as smaller StarCraft 2 and League of Legends events.


Nothing shocking from Unikrn here, though we should point out that their articles could do with an update since the ELEAGUE Group D review is still proudly emblazoned in headline position despite the finals playing out this past weekend.


Bet365 have a few World Cyber Arena and Intel Extreme Masters markets up already for the early birds who fancy catching a worm.

Additionally, there is even a market for the 2017 League of Legends World Championship, for the early birds who fancy catching other early birds.


Sometimes it feels like our Pinnacle summary could be copy-pasted week-to-week, but this writer probably won’t get paid if that happens so once again we’ll have to say that the markets are OK, the information is outdated, and the offer overall is pretty meh.

PaddyPower and Ladbrokes

PaddyPower’s esports betting offers have taken a real nosedive recently, with once again a solitary market open.

On the other hand, Ladbrokes have really upped the ante with theirs and are now quite competitive.

[show-table name=betway]

The week in esports events

There’s a lot concluding and a lot kicking off as the year comes to a gripping end. Let’s check out the major action that’s concluded and will be coming up.

Dota 2

The Boston Major is underway as Dota 2 teams fight for the year’s second-largest esports prize pool. The group stages have played out, and we have 16 teams through to the Main Event, which kicks off on Dec. 7.


Just last night, OpTic defeated Astralis to win the ELEAGUE Season 2 title and $400,000 in prize money after a series of intense matches.

Now we have just another few days until the finals of the Esports Championship Series in Anaheim, where $750,000 is up for grabs.

League of Legends

There’s still not a lot to report in the world of League of Legends, though paiN Gaming did win the XLG Super Cup in Brazil last night.

With a R$28,000 (US$8,090) first prize, it’s not really on the same level as The Boston Major or ELEAGUE finals, though – still, congratulations to paiN Gaming either way!

Heroes of the Storm

Now that Ballistix have won the Heroes of the Storm Gold Club World Championship (an impressive follow-up to their Fall Global Championship victory in November) there is no more Heroes of the Storm action in major tournaments for 2016.


The World Cyber Arena 2016 gets underway in China later this week, which is the event that StarCraft fans have been waiting for. After that, the Intel Extreme Masters in Korea will round off the year nicely.


Team EnVyUs won the inaugural Overwatch APEX, defeating AF.Blue and taking down the penultimate major Overwatch event of the year ahead of the Intel Extreme Masters later this month.

Hearthstone 2

Like many of us, Hearthstone 2 players are eagerly awaiting the World Cyber Arena, which begins in 10 days’ time in China.

Esports Betting Outlook: The Boston Major And World Cyber Arena Are On The Horizon

November 21, 2016

It’s probably time to start looking forward to December’s major events, with the last month of the year just nine days away.

As well as Christmas, we’ll have The Boston Major and the World Cyber Arena to look forward to, with millions of dollars in prizes up for grabs and a lot of esports betting action.

For now, though, we’ll have to settle for waiting.

Where to bet on esports this week


It’s a little late for Betway’s excellent blog on The Summit 6 to be of relevance, but it’s still worth a read. Plus, we love – once again – how involved in the esports world that this betting site is.

Betway’s Ninjas in Pyjamas sponsorship, incidentally, is still headline news on the site.


SkyBet have a pretty lackluster esports betting offer this week, but it’s hard to hold it against them for a couple of reasons: Firstly, they’ve been pretty good on a consistent basis for a while; secondly, there really isn’t a lot to bet on right now.


Unikrn once again remain one of the only sites with a thorough coverage of the smaller tournaments, which makes it a great place for esports betting maniacs to get their fill of action.

They’re also continuing to go strong with blogs and analysis.


Bet365 has another week of solid esports betting options, with a good selection of CS:GO, League of Legends and Dota 2 action. If you want to get some early bets in on The Boston Major, you could do a lot worse than here.


Pinnacle still have a website full of outdated information and a dust-gathering esports betting articles section, but in terms of esports gambling odds and markets they’re presenting a reasonable selection.

They’re still a far cry from their former position as the number one esports betting site, though.

PaddyPower and Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes have really come into their own as an esports betting hub, while PaddyPower’s markets still seem like something of an afterthought. That still puts them ahead of many betting sites, though!

[show-table name=betway]

The week in esports events

Are you literally counting the days until The Boston Major and the World Cyber Arena yet?

League of Legends

After all the pomp of the World Championships, there’s not much but smaller events on in the world of League of Legends.

Last week, Unicorns of Love claimed a $50,000 first prize in the Intel Extreme Masters Oakland event. This week, there are a few smaller events in Russia and Brazil to keep an eye on.


The Intel Extreme Masters is wrapping up for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players, too.

Unlike League of Legends, however, there are still have some good-sized events to look forward to. Finland hosts DreamHack Winter 2016 this week, while a few weeks from now there’s $750,000 up for grabs in Anaheim.

Dota 2

Virtus.pro took down The Summit 6 in Los Angeles, which means we’ve a little under two weeks’ wait until The Boston Major and a mighty $3 million prize pool. That’s one to watch for certain.

Heroes of the Storm

No change here, as Heroes of the Storm has no major scheduled events for the remainder of 2016. There is, of course, the Gold Club World Championship in Beijing kicking off this week, but it’s overshadowed by the recent $1 million BlizzCon event.


There’s still not much StarCraft II action on the horizon, save a few smaller events in Korea. However, the World Cyber Arena finals in Beijing next month have $200,000 to be won.


As per last week, we’re still waiting for APEX Season 1 before we can give you any new Overwatch updates. That’ll be 12 days from now, if you’re wondering.

Hearthstone 2

Hearthstone fans will have to wait for December and the World Cyber Arena as well.

Esports Betting Outlook: November Doldrums Continue, But Still Plenty Of Bets To Place

November 14, 2016

If you’re looking to get some early action on the coming major events in the world of esports, then we have good news for you.

There are markets open for the World Electronic Sports Games, World Cyber Arena and The Boston Major.

If you’re looking  to check out some great esports tournament action this coming week, then the good news is a little more thin on the ground…

Where to bet on esports


Betway are still flaunting their Ninjas In Pyjamas sponsorship, and why not? They’re definitely ahead of the curve when it comes to mainstream sports betting sites getting fully involved in the esports world.

Their regular blog is still great to read, too. Oh, and on the esports betting front, they’ve opened markets for The Boston Major.


SkyBet have had some unique markets open for the past couple of weeks, but this time around they’re back to basics with their selection of esports bets.

That’s no bad thing, though, because SkyBet’s basics are still pretty damn good almost every time we check them out.


Unikrn’s awesome esports blog is still going strong, plus there’s a very nice selection of markets available.

They really benefit from this letup in major events, as Unikrn tend to be one of the only sites covering the smaller tournaments.


Once again, Bet365 presents itself as one of the best esports betting sites with a couple of early Dota 2 markets on next month’s tournaments.

That’s joined by a ton of League of Legends bets and a lesser-spotted APEX market for Overwatch.

[show-table name=betway]


Pinnacle actually have quite the selection of ongoing bets at the moment. If you check out their Schedule page you still find little but outdated information, however their markets are out in force this week.

Long may it continue!

PaddyPower and Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes also boast an Overwatch market this week and we’d say that for the first time since they’ve shared a paragraph in this piece, they’re outshining PaddyPower’s own not-too-shabby selection.

The week in esports events

We’re still very much in a November hiatus, so don’t get overly excited for reports of tournaments in the week ahead.

League of Legends

League of Legends has had its moment in the sun for 2016, it seems. There are plenty of smaller events such as the Garena All-Star Championship in Vietnam, but nothing to look forward to that can come close to matching the scale of the World Championships.


On the other hand, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans can keep themselves occupied with good-sized tournaments for most of the rest of the year.

The Intel Extreme Masters XI is taking place in Oakland this week, before we head to Jönköping, Sweden, for DreamHack Winter 2016 and then over to Anaheim for the Esports Championship Series finals.

All told, there’s $1.15 million to be won between now and 2017.

Dota 2

It’s been a long wait for Dota 2 fans for another major event, but The Summit 6 is kicking off in Los Angeles this week. Less than a fortnight after that, we’ll be seeing a $3 million prize pool doled out at The Boston Major.

Heroes of the Storm

The world of Heroes of the Storm is joining League of Legends in taking a breather after they saw the Fall Global Championship concluded in Anaheim last week.

The next major event won’t take place until December when we head to Beijing.


Like many of us, StarCraft fans are waiting for the burst of major events in December. Until the WESG and WCA finals, we’ve not a lot of StarCraft action to look out for.


We’re still waiting for APEX Season 1 to conclude before we can give you any new Overwatch updates, sadly.

Hearthstone 2

Much like StarCraft, Hearthstone fans will have to wait for December’s majors before hearing anything new on the competitive front.

Image credit: trekandshoot / Shutterstock.com

Esports Betting Outlook: The Lull Continues Ahead Of A Major December

November 7, 2016

The League of Legends World Championship is over, and there are various major events right around the corner.

The good news is, there’s some early action to be had on said majors. The bad news is that there’s not much going on this week.

Where the esports betting action is…


We have nothing bad to say about Betway, as usual.

There’s not a lot of action on this week which means that we don’t have much in general to say about Betway, either.

Just keep doing what you’re doing, Betway!


SkyBet have another solid esports betting selection this week, as they have done week in and week out for quite a while.

Their Overwatch markets are something of a unique selling point for them this time around, and they’re often embracing the less-embraced games (last time, you’ll recall, it was Halo).


In times like these, Unikrn suffer.

The other major esportsbooks have something to fall back on during esports droughts, but the esports betting specialists at Unikrn don’t have that luxury and instead must present scant selections.


Last week we complimented Bet365 on a solid selection, especially in the smaller events. This week, we’re pretty much repeating ourselves.

Dota 2 fans especially should feel very much at home here!


We’ll say something positive about Pinnacle, the original esports betting site that have fallen from the pinnacle of the industry: Pinnacle’s esports Twitter account is very active and helpful.

Unfortunately the site’s offering is still quite sub-par.

PaddyPower and Ladbrokes

Like a nerd who’s been hitting the gym, PaddyPower is looking unusually beefy this week with quite a lot of CS:GO action and early markets on the Boston Major. Ladbrokes has a smaller selection, but it’s not too shabby either.

The week in esports events

We’re in another lull between major events this week, which means there isn’t a lot of esports action to report. Nevertheless, here’s the news of the week that was and the week that will be.

League of Legends

Now that SK Telecom T1 have taken the world championship back to South Korea, the League of Legends world is a little snoozy. There’s still a fair few events left to take place this year, but nothing on a massive scale.

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CS:GO might have the most action-packed November out of all of the esports, with $500,000 in prizes up for grabs across three North American events.

The Northern Arena hits Montreal next week, with $100,000 to be won.

Dota 2

Yet again Dota 2 fans will have to wait for The Summit 6 and then the massive Boston Major for their dose of esports action. The good news is that the former event begins the week after next, so there’s not long to wait.

Heroes of the Storm

The Heroes of the Storm Fall Global Championship concluded at Blizzcon last week, with Ballistix defeating Fnatic to take a $300,000 first place prize.

Don’t feel too sorry for Fnatic, though; they’re $150,000 richer now.


The World Cyber Series finals took place in Anaheim last week and we saw ByUN defeat Dark to win the lion’s share of a $500,000 prize pool. The next major StarCraft event isn’t until December, though, when the WESG kicks off.


APEX Season 1 is ongoing and will be for the next few weeks, so sadly there’s very little to say on the Overwatch front until then.

Hearthstone 2

Pavel defeated DrHippi in the 2016 Hearthstone World Championship in Anaheim, taking home $250,000 for the victory.