DraftKings Hosting Free Entry NFL Survivor Pool With $1 Million Prize

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Survivor Pool NFL Free DraftKings 2020

One of the staples of NFL betting each year are survivor pools, and DraftKings is rolling out a monster of a contest for the 2020 pro football season that will feature up to $100 million in prizes when all is said and done. By simply reserving entry into the $1 Million NFL Survivor Pool, users will also be able to opt into DraftKings’ free $100 Million Golden Ticket Giveaway where one person is guaranteed to win $1 million in cash.

Not only is the total prize pool for Week 1 massive, but there is no entry fee to enter the pool. That’s right, it’s free to participate!

In addition, because it’s not a paid-entry contest, it’s accessible even to residents of states that don’t yet offer legalized sports betting.

DraftKings Sportsbook is already offering pool-based contests for golf, lacrosse, UFC and NBA. There’s even a pool for what could turn out to be the biggest spectacle of any kind in 2020 – the presidential election. But NFL survivor pools are almost always the most popular of all, given how much interest pro football generates for all types of real-money-based gaming products.

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How to sign up for DraftKings Free NFL Survivor Pool

To get started with DraftKings’ NFL Survivor Pool, go here.

  • Those wishing to enter the contest simply need to go to the Pools tab near the top right corner of the home page within DK Sportsbook’s web platform or through the DK app.
  • Once in Pools, a list of available contests, including the $1 Million Pro Football Survivor Pool, will be seen running vertically down the right side of the screen. Interested participants simply need to select the contest and follow the prompts to enter.
  • The list of survivor picks for Week 1 will be available by Tuesday, Sept. 8, two days before the Texans-Chiefs game that is slated to launch the 2020 season.
  • As detailed in the Survivor Pool rules above, the $1 million prize could conceivably go to one participant in its entirety, or it may be split among multiple contestants.

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How to play DraftKings Free NFL Survivor Pool

NFL Survivor Pools should be immediately familiar to the casual football fan who perhaps has never even placed a bet on a game or entered a DFS contest.

In DK’s NFL Survivor Pool, participants operate within the following rules:

  • They must designate an NFL team each week that they think will win their game. The pick must be made within DK Sportsbook’s contest platform before 1 p.m. ET on Sundays during the regular season for any Sunday or Monday night games. Participants selecting a team from a Thursday night game must make their selection before the kickoff of that contest.
  • If their selected team is a winner that week, the participant “survives” to play again the following week. He or she will then pick a different team that they think will win their contest that following week. The participant remains in the Survivor Pool as long as their pick each week wins.
  • Whenever a team the participant selects loses their game that week, the participant is eliminated from the Survivor Pool.
  • Once a participant has picked a team, they can no longer utilize the same team as a selection at any point the rest of the season.
  • By this process, participants are eliminated each week when the teams they select lose their games. The last participant remaining, at whatever point in the regular season that is, is declared the winner. If multiple participants are still alive at the end of Week 17 of the NFL season, the prize pool is split among all survivors.

$100 Million Golden Ticket Giveaway

It addition to the $1 million survivor pool, DraftKings users will also get a shot at the $100 million Golden Ticket Giveaway. Here is how it works:

  • By reserving entry into the $1 million survivor pool, users can claim a free reward ranging from $5 – $25,000 in value.
  • Users will then be able to opt into the free Golden Ticket Giveaway sweepstakes where one person is guaranteed to win $1 million in cash.
  • The drawing will take place on Sept. 13.
  • The $100 Million Golden Ticket Giveaway is for both DraftKings DFS and DraftKings Sportsbook users – new and existing.

Survivor contests engage through strategy and competition

Survivor Pools for a sport as popular as pro football should attract many who already regularly play similar contests among co-workers, family or friends.

The concept is extremely straightforward and also taps into a prominent part of many sports fans’ psyches — ego.

Most football aficionados aren’t exactly short on opinions. Survivor pools give them a chance to put the expertise they think they have toward weekly predictions that could ultimately win them cold, hard cash.

However, as alluded to above, there’s some nuance attached to succeeding in a survivor-themed contest. Because no team can be used more than once, participants have to familiarize themselves with individual schedules in order to determine when it might be best to deploy a selection.

For example, teams projected to be among the elite – such as the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs – might be tempting to utilize as early as possible in a season.

Yet it may actually be more prudent to first tab some squads that may be considered playoff contenders, for example, but that aren’t quite on the same tier as the Super Bowl champs. If one takes advantage of those teams’ easiest matchups, there’s reduced chances of an upset stemming from being forced to instead use them later in the season against a tougher opponent or after injuries have struck.

Meanwhile, an elite unit like the Chiefs, which are likely to be heavy favorites against many opponents, can be “stored away” for future use later in the season. At that point there will likely a lesser group of contestants remaining in the pool and even fewer that have yet to pick the Chiefs in a prior week.