As SuperBook Expands Across U.S., What Happens To The SuperContest?

Written By Marc Meltzer | Last Updated
The SuperBook at Westgate Las Vegas is the largest sportsbook in the world. It offers a sports betting experienced unmatched by any casino. The SuperBook has more than 350 seats and a massive, one-of-a-kind 220-foot-by-18-foot 4K video wall. The size of the sportsbook is only part of what makes the SuperBook so popular. The SuperBook offers some of the fairest odds in America, a large variety of betting options, and will take large wagers on a regular basis. They even have a line specifically dedicated to larger bettors. The SuperBook offers a great experience for high rollers and low rollers. One of the best marketing tools for the Westgate (formerly Hilton and LVH) SuperBook has been the SuperContest. The pro football betting contest costs $1,500 to enter and has participants all over the world. The word of mouth from celebrities, gamblers, and football fans have helped the popularity of contest to grow annually. Even though picks have to be placed in Nevada, the Westgate allows participants to hire a proxy to place wagers in their place. This is the biggest reason for the growth of the SuperContest. The football contest started with 342 contestants in 2007 and grew to 2,748 in 2017. The prize for first place last year was more than $1 million and it should be even more this year. The SuperContest is way ahead of last year’s record number of entries. The week-old tweet above is already out of date. The SuperContest already has more than 900 entries and the NFL season doesn’t start for another three weeks. Earlier this year, Westgate Vice President of Sports Operations Jay Kornegay told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that he’s expecting 3,500 to 4,000 participants in this year’s SuperContest. The popularity of the SuperContest could grow even more in the future. The Westgate is working with software developers to offer a mobile app just for the SuperContest. The app will be accessible to anyone in the state of Nevada, possibly as early as the 2019 season. Residents who can’t visit the casino to make their picks in person every week will be able to do so without stepping foot in the Westgate or hiring a proxy. Yes, there are residents in Las Vegas and around the state that hire a person to make the picks in person. Making picks from an app could help out of state residents too. A proxy will still be necessary but might come at a lower rate. Part of the fee pays for the proxy to drive to the casino. Since they won’t have to physically visit the Westgate every week to submit picks they might lower their rates. The Westgate SuperContest app should be ready by the beginning of the NFL season. That’s not a guarantee as we’re less than a month away, so don’t expect changes straight away.

SuperBook expanding

The Westgate hasn’t made an official announcement yet but they’ve leaked to some media outlets that they will begin offering their sportsbook services to casinos outside of Nevada. The new company will be as a separate entity from the Westgate, operating independently and offering line services to other casino operators. This new company will, in essence, make the SuperBook an outside sportsbook operator similar to William Hill. According to Patrick Everson from, Kornegay said he hopes to be operating sportsbooks in other states by the end of the year. An official announcement for the new company is expected soon. The addition of SuperBook odds around the country could be great for sports bettors. They offer some of the best odds in Nevada and that should extend to their new properties. Sports betting outside of Nevada has gotten off to a bumpy start with complaints about large vig from some sportsbook operators. A local SuperBook could make this a great option for a casino looking for a savvy sports bettor looking for the best wagering options.

More SuperContests

The SuperBook expansion won’t funnel customers looking to participate in the SuperContest to Las Vegas. Kornegay tells TheLines that each new SuperBook location would run their own SuperContest within the particular state. As the original SuperContest in Las Vegas grows it becomes more difficult to win. Having smaller contests around the country could provide a better opportunity for sharp handicappers to win a SuperContest. In this scenario, the Las Vegas SuperContest will still remain the richest and most prestigious.

More SuperBooks?

The extension of the SuperBook brand is more than just great betting options. The Las Vegas SuperBook is the largest sportsbook in the world. The massive viewing screen and 350 seats dwarf anything available in other states. Any sportsbook can be a great sportsbook because legal sports betting is great. However, no sportsbook outside of Nevada can offer the same experience of the SuperBook. Experienced sports bettors may care more about the best lines. Inexperienced sports bettors need will need to enjoy the experience as much as getting a fair bet. The Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook experience brings awe to everyone that walks into the sportsbook. The new SuperBook locations may not all have the same physical structure as the original in Las Vegas. Kornegay says that the size and scope of each new SuperBook will be based on regulations and what the partner property has to offer. Fingers crossed that the rest of the country will see the same great sportsbook experience as Las Vegas.