Super Bowl Props Crash Course: How To Navigate The Sea Of Bets

Written By Brett Gibbons on February 13, 2022
Super Bowl Props

Every year, the Super Bowl offers more prop markets than any other sporting event. Navigating Super Bowl prop bets can seem daunting at first, but we’re here to take you through it. Where do you begin to look? Are you making sure you’re getting the best price?

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How Do I Know What Super Bowl Prop Bets Are Available?

If you can think of it, it’s probably a prop bet. Yardage, touchdowns, and completions are typical props offered on every NFL game. However, they’re barely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Super Bowl prop bets.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by just opening sportsbook apps and scrolling through the literal hundreds of options. It’s worth knowing what prop markets are out there– the more obscure ones can present serious opportunity. For one, they’re not quite as finely-tuned as the major prop markets and therefore aren’t updated quite as often. The biggest edges in Super Bowl prop betting lie in these markets.

Finding the markets isn’t easy on your own. However, we’ve implemented tools here at TheLines where you can find dozens of props on every player by simply searching the player’s name. Also keep an eye on our Super Bowl coverage, where our team of experts publish prop picks frequently. We’re here to do the digging so you don’t have to.

Comparing Lines

After combing through book after book and prop after prop– or perhaps through our prop search tool (below)– you’ve found a prop you’re keen on. You really want to take over Joe Burrow’s passing yardage number. But is this the best number for you?

Not every book offers the same line. For example, DraftKings Sportsbook may offer 276.5 yards (O-115) on that mark, but Caesars Sportsbook might offer the same prop at 272.5 (O-115). If you’re looking to bet over, you want the lowest number you can get to maximize your success potential.

By getting familiar with TheLines Super Bowl odds page, you can quickly compare lines across dozens of books.

Comparing Prices

Conversely, maybe all of the books you’re signed up with offer the same prop number: Cooper Kupp receiving yardage 105.5. Price-checking is equally as important. Say FanDuel offers that prop with a price of O-120; that’s $16.67 in winnings on a successful $20 bet. But say DraftKings offers that same number at O-105. A successful $20 bet there would win you $19.05.

This is especially evident and important with prop bets that don’t have numbers attached to them and in multiway markets. For example, Matthew Stafford is +100 to win Super Bowl MVP at DraftKings Sportsbook. However, BetMGM offers Stafford to win MVP at +135.

By not thoroughly price-checking, you could be missing out on a lot of money routinely.

What Props Are Not Legal In The US

Sports betting in the US is a fickle thing. Legalization is a state-by-state case and even in legal states, some markets are offered while others are not. Some are flat out illegal.

For example, an office prop pool is illegal. Super Bowl squares are, under law, a private lottery, which is illegal. Work with a remote team and go in on an office pool? That can be classified as a federal crime under the Interstate Wire Act of 1961. Of course, these laws are rarely enforced but do carry heavy consequences.

Some specific prop markets aren’t supported by legal US sportsbooks. We always encourage bets to be made at legal US books as opposed to offshore. If a certain prop isn’t supported by US books, there may be a reason for it.

Cross-Sport Props

Special to only the Super Bowl, every year seriously unique prop markets are offered that go across sport lines. Some even cross months and events. For example, will Joe Burrow pass for more yards than the number of total strokes the 2022 Masters winner takes across the entire tournament?

Many of these special markets correlate with golf, while others get really creative. Will the Los Angeles Rams score more touchdowns in Super Bowl LVI than Trae Young makes three pointers against the Celtics?

If you have the patience and knowledge across sports to make these bets, it’s a fun way to change up your card.

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