NFL Super Bowl Gambling Policy: Players Not Allowed To Bet on Sports In Vegas

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Super Bowl NFL Gambling Policy

Despite Super Bowl 58 taking place in Las Vegas, the gambling capital of the world, team personnel can’t gamble on the Big Game. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has sent an official memo to players and staff, reminding them of the league’s gambling policy. Not only are Super Bowl odds prohibited, but league officials are not allowed to gamble on any sporting event during the weekend.

Goodell Says No Gambling During Super Bowl

Goodell explained the gambling rules to the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers staff in the official memo. Not only are sports off the table, but personnel cannot engage in casino gambling until after the conclusion of the Super Bowl.

“Super Bowl LVIII is a highly anticipated and thrilling event for our fans and viewers,” said Goodell in the memo. “With fans across the globe tuning into the game and related events, we must all do our part to protect the integrity [of] our game and avoid even the appearance of improper conduct.”

Players who violate the NFL Gambling Policy risk a two-year suspension and potential indefinite suspensions. The league dealt with several gambling violations during this past season, with nearly a dozen players being penalized for gambling-related activity. The memo is geared towards ensuring that no such violation occurs in Las Vegas.

Staff Not Allowed To Enter Sportsbooks

Alongside the ban on gambling, NFL personnel are also barred from entering sportsbooks, even for food and drinks. The memo is strict, and officials can be penalized for stepping inside a gambling facility. To avoid a potential slip-up, the league booked hotels 30 minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip for officials.

The rules are less harsh for officials not participating in the Super Bowl in any capacity. Nonparticipating personnel can visit table games or play slots during their time off. Those directly working with either NFL team are barred from such activities.

The NFL Gambling Policy for Super Bowl 58 has been made clear to players and staff ahead of the Big Game. Hopefully, no violations will be reported during the festivities, and the NFL can avoid giving out fines to players.

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