Taylor Swift’s Engagement, an Octopus & 3 Other Ways to Play Super Bowl 58

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Super Bowl 58 has the potential to break records again this year for the total amount Americans bet around the game, and it’s not all moneyline and spread bets. From the length of the anthem to the color of the Gatorade poured on the winning coach there are a lot of out-there props for the big game. Here are 5 Super Bowl bets and free games that feature random chance, a Taylor Swift proposal prop and more.

1. You Can bet On The Super Bowl COin Toss

Most sportsbooks offer bets on Super Bowl coin toss odds, but some will make you pay juice for it. Even though it’s literally a coin toss, with a 50-50 chance you get it right, you may have to pay slightly more than $10 to profit $10. However, DraftKings Sportsbook is offering the coin toss bet with no juice. A hat tip to DK for making heads +100 and tails +100.

Heads: 27 times (47%)
Tails: 30 times (53%)
Heads longest streak: 5
Tails longest streak: 4 (three times)
Most coin toss wins: Cowboys (6); 49ers (5); Dolphins (4); Raiders (3); Patriots (3); Seahawks (3)

2. Free Super Bowl Game: Gronk’s Kick Of Destiny 2

FanDuel and Rob Gronkowski are teaming up again for a free-to-play Super Bowl promotion. After he missed the Kick of Destiny during one of last year’s Super Bowl commercials, the popular sportsbook is running it back.

The promotion allows all users to go on to their FanDuel Sportsbook apps and choose whether or not Gronk will make the kick this year. Those who pick correctly will share $10 million in bonus bets.

And the Kick of Destiny 2 ad campaign spots have been pretty funny, too, with John Cena joining in on the fun in 2024. Gronk and Jimmy Fallon even tried to kick random objects through uprights. Yes, Gronk kicked a hat full of bouncy balls through the posts with Jimmy.

3. A Bet On a Safety is Far From a Safe Bet

The 2-point defensive score is the most uncommon of scores in the NFL, so most sportsbooks will offer Super Bowl 58 safety odds around 10-1 odds if you want to bet one will happen between the Chiefs and the 49ers.

In the previous 57 games, there have been a total of nine safeties (15.8%), good for an average of one every 6.3 games. There were only five safeties in the first 42 tilts. Nevertheless, this wager cashed in during four of six contests from 2009 to 2014, including a run of three straight (2012-14).

4. Super Bowl 58 is the Taylor Swift Super Bowl

While most states will not allow bets directly about Taylor Swift, like how often she will be shown during the broadcast, several creative ways exist to allow Taylor Swift fans to have some Swiftie action on Super Bowl 58.

Those Taylor Swift Super Bowl options include a free Swiftie Bingo game for prizes, and if you’re in Canada, some wild betting props are legal. We even had to laugh at FanDuel in Ontario offering odds on whether Travis Kelce will propose on the field after the game.

Taylor Swift PropFanDuel Ontario Odds
Will Travis Kelce propose to Taylor Swift on the field after the game?Yes +920
No -2200

5. Octopus Bets Growing in Popularity For Super Bowl

It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that you could bet on an Octopus happening in the Super Bowl? What is an octopus when it comes to football games? It’s when a player scores a touchdown and then scores on the two-point conversion on the next play, giving him credit for all eight points. And an octopus has eight legs. Get it?

Octopus odds were all the rage in Super Bowl 57 because Eagles QB Jalen Hurts was among the league leaders in rushing touchdowns. Plus, Philadelphia had the unstoppable Brotherly Shove near the goal line for the two-point conversion.

The odds for an Octopus in Super Bowl 58 are around 12-1 odds at sportsbooks.

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