In-Stadium Betting Trend To Reach Peak At This Year’s Super Bowl

Written By Giovanni Shorter on September 23, 2022
In Stadium Super Bowl LVI Betting

Super Bowl LVII will be the first Big Game that will see fans able to wager on Super Bowl odds in the stadium. SB LVII will be held at State Farm Stadium near Phoenix, which is home to a BetMGM sportsbook. GeoComply released an analysis that revealed how popular in-stadium sports betting has become, anticipating Super Bowl betting to spike on location.

Super Bowl LVII will be a hot spot for in-stadium betting, according to the analysis.

Super Bowl 57 Betting Projections

GeoComply revealed that more than 66,000 location checks off of more than 7,300 accounts were made at State Farm Stadium during NFL Week 1. The Arizona Cardinals hosted the Kansas City Chiefs during this event. This is near the top of sports betting destinations, according to GeoComply’s data on transaction volumes for NFL stadiums.

The projections indicate an all-time record number of wagers will be placed at the stadium and surrounding area during Super Bowl Sunday. The Arizona sports betting market will be is the first regulated market to host the Super Bowl since PASPA’s repeal.

“Seeing data from many of these games that shows more than 10 percent of NFL fans in stadiums are engaging with licensed sportsbooks is a clear win for states that choose to regulate sports betting,” said GeoComply’s Chief Executive Officer Anna Sainsbury. “This wealth of data is so important for lawmakers and sports leagues to determine sports betting policies in their states and at their stadiums.”

Arizona is a top-10 sports betting market in the U.S. The Grand Canyon State managed to see $5 billion in betting during its first year of activity. It is no stretch to assume that Super Bowl LVII betting at State Farm Stadium will bring in massive betting handle and revenue numbers. GeoComply’s analysis supports this idea.

In-Stadium Betting Trend

Arizona was among the first states to embrace in-stadium betting and with that, started a trend that has begun to spread across the nation. There are currently six markets that allow for in-stadium sports betting with Arizona, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Ohio, and Washington D.C. Arizona’s success has shown that this path for betting is lucrative for legal states.

A big reason for fans embracing in-stadium sports betting is the same as why mobile sports betting is the most popular form of betting in the U.S.; easy access. Most bettors prefer to wager on mobile apps because they are accessible from anywhere. Traveling to a retail sportsbook to wager is more inconvenient for those who are just looking to place a bet.

With in-stadium sports betting, however, the fans are already in the stadium physically. They are traveling to the stadium to watch their favorite local team play and will wager because of the readily accessible sportsbook in the vicinity.

Many fans who partake in sports betting are season ticket holders or die-hard local fans who try and attend as many games as they can throughout a given season. This gives multiple opportunities for fans to be at the in-stadium sportsbook which they will likely bet with every time.

In-stadium sports betting is likely the future of the market and Super Bowl LVII will likely showcase this with so many NFL fans betting on the Big Game.

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