Massachusetts Gaming Commission Approves New Policies For Sports Betting Ads

Written By Giovanni Shorter on April 7, 2023
Massachusetts Sports Betting Ads

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) has added new rules to its Massachusetts sports betting advertisement policies. This comes following a request from Attorney General Andrea Campbell. The new rules will affect all advertisements from Massachusetts sportsbooks.

Attorney General’s Massachusetts Sports Betting Request

In a letter to the MGC, the Attorney General’s office requested several alterations for sports betting ads. The request includes a ban on certain promotional offers. There was also a request for operators to disclose the roles that automated decision-making and algorithms play on their platforms.

Campbell also wished for sportsbooks to allow customers to opt out of information-sharing and push alerts. Also requested was the MGC to prohibit conflict of interests inherent when an operator pays a spokesperson to encourage specific bets.

“While my office supports the sports betting law, we are acutely aware that its rollout to the mass market through digital platforms — if not done thoughtfully — can have addicting and devastating effects,” said Campbell in an email response to a media inquiry. “My office is committed to holding operators to the highest standard of safety and responsibility; where we find unfair conduct or business practices, we will not hesitate to take action to ensure that consumers are protected.”

Updated Ad Policies In Massachusetts

One of the updates already confirmed by the MGC involves the clarification of affiliate marketing regulations. Sportsbooks are able to partner with marketers with cost-per-acquisition deals. The rules, however, prohibit any profit-sharing agreement between operators and marketers.

“It will allow companies to partner with marketers on what’s known as cost-per-acquisition, but would not allow them to partner and provide those individuals with revenue based on how much someone gambles,” said Thomas Mills, the Gaming Commission’s communications director.

The MGC has also spoken about policies in place to ensure for advertisements to not be targeted toward younger audiences. This includes disclaimers on every sports betting ad from Massachusetts sportsbooks.

Responsible gambling messages are also beginning to become the norm for all ads associated with sports betting. The MGC has hammered home the requirements for local books to follow these policies within the market.

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