Everyone (Who Operates A Sportsbook) In Vegas Celebrated As Golden Knights Lost Stanley Cup

Chops June 8, 2018 481 Reads
Golden Knights

With about 8 minutes remaining in the third period of Game 5 in the Stanley Cup finals, Lars Ellers netted a goal to put the Washington Capitals up 4-3 against the Vegas Golden Knights. All up and down the Strip, people rejoiced…

…as in the people who operate sportsbooks.

Vegas books stood to lose around $5-6 million if the Golden Knights won, according to ESPN.

William Hill claims it was their biggest liability in Vegas since opening up shop in 2012.

Actually, the Golden Knights were great for Vegas

Let’s push aside the economic impact the Golden Knights had on the city in general, as fans embraced the team like a Midwesterner takes to the Rio seafood buffet: with gusto and unbridled enthusiasm, continually coming back for more.

The Golden Knights also brought a 36% rise in NHL handle to Vegas sportsbooks.

There’s always next year…

How things can change in a year. Around this time in 2017, you could get the Golden Knights to win the Stanley Cup at 500-1. Early Westgate odds have them as second overall favorite for next year, listed at 10-1. The storied Tampa Bay Lightning franchise is current favorites at 8-1.

This year’s champs, the Washington Capitals, are 12-1.