Why Sportsbooks Should Not Have Refunded Aaron Rodgers, Jets Prop Bets

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Just four plays into Aaron Rodgers’ debut with the New York Jets, the four-time MVP shook up NFL betting sites — but not just for Super Bowl odds and other Jets futures. Par for the course, his torn Achilles triggered a monsoon of complaints from bettors nationwide. Thanks to an assortment of sportsbooks previously “refunding” prop bettors when injuries occur, many demanded the same courtesy of refunding Aaron Rodgers bets and even other props correlated to that injury.

But sportsbooks should not have refunded lost bets due to the Rodgers injury and should stop this practice. Here’s why.

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jets odds: Which sportsbooks obliged?

First to the rescue was DraftKings Sportsbook, which issued bonus bets (equal to the size of the stake) to those who placed Aaron Rodgers bets and those related to his performance. That included same-game parlays, standard parlays, and their combined touchdown odds boost.

BetMGM, bet365, and Caesars Sportsbook all followed suit. The latter noted that bonus bets would only be available for users who participated in the “Welcome to New York” promotion. Keep in mind that users must win their subsequent wagers with their bonus bets in order to collect the full amount or a portion of their stake back.

This news comes on the heels of DraftKings’ PR snafu less than 24 hours earlier. The operator initially advertised a “Never Forget” parlay from Sunday evening into Monday morning, encompassing three New York sports teams on the 22nd anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. DraftKings later apologized.

However, FanDuel and BetRivers Sportsbook decided to hold bettors accountable for their Rodgers-centric bets. What a novel concept.

On Tuesday afternoon, DraftKings doubled down by gifting sportsbook accounts with a bonus bet if they’ve wagered on any type of futures associated with Rodgers, including NFL MVP odds.

Just like any business, sportsbooks aim to establish customer retention. This goodwill gesture provides users with a positive experience and a level of trust between themselves and a given operator. But at the same time, there’s reason for concern.

Rodgers refund sets Concerning standard

Both novice and even experienced bettors will take a bonus bet when they can get it. However, that isn’t the point at hand.

There’s a multitude of risks baked into the sports betting realm — no matter the wager. When customers click “submit” on any bets, they’re acknowledging the potential for injuries across the board. If not, they shouldn’t be gambling in the first place.

If all Rodgers-related props were refunded, shouldn’t the same action go for spread, moneyline, and total bets on the Jets — and Bills odds — for that matter? Of course not. With this mindset, bettors are somewhat treating NFL Week 2 odds and beyond like MLB odds. The latter markets incorporate “action,” in which the bet counts even if a starter is pulled before the first pitch, or “listed pitchers.”

While sportsbooks are aiding their users in the short term, both new and old customers will expect the same treatment for the next injury that takes place, disregarding the notoriety of a player or the size of the wager itself. Refunds aren’t a new “trend,” but that doesn’t make them any less extraneous.

That isn’t sports betting. It’s banking on a fictitious — and potentially harmful — reality.

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