New Survey Shows How Many Sports Bettors Want Live Streaming In Sportsbook Apps

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Written By Giovanni Shorter | Last Updated
Sportsbook Live Streaming

A recent survey revealed how many sports bettors are also interested in live-streaming sporting events. YouGov surveyed more than 2,000 sports bettors in the U.S. to see how much live-streaming the games they are betting within the sportsbook app was important to them.

Livestreaming Popularity Among US Bettors Examined

When bettors create new accounts, there are a multitude of reasons why they choose to join one of the best sports betting sites. According to the survey, 25% of all ages are considering the option of live streaming when making a new account. This increases to 30% when factoring bettors between the ages of 25-44.

This does decrease when factoring non-bettors or prospective bettors, those who haven’t wagered yet but are considering it. Among this demographic, just 21% of all ages and 22% of prospects between the ages of 25-44 are factoring in live streaming in their choices.

When it comes to the value of features included in sportsbooks, 69% of 35–44 year-olds placed importance on streaming live sports in apps. This extends to 71% when factoring bettors between 25-44 and drops to 65% when factoring all ages. The livestreaming feature is something important to sports betting fans.

How Important Is Livestreaming To Sports Bettors

With live streaming being a feature on a number of sportsbooks, including Caesars and BetMGM, bettors have the option to live stream games while betting. If bettors place action on a sporting event, how interested are they in streaming that game directly on the same app? Per the survey, this varies based on age.

The demographic that sees the most interest is 25-44-year-olds. 25-34 year olds are 40% very interested and 33% somewhat interested. 35-44 year-olds are 41% very interested and 32% somewhat interested. Among bettors 21-24 years old, they are 28% very interested and 40% somewhat interested in live streaming sporting events. The demographic that is the least interested in live streaming on betting apps is 55+.

Is Livestreaming A Difference Maker For Bettors?

Would the addition of live streaming motivate bettors to use a sportsbook app? According to the survey, it is a factor. Among future bettors, 35% see no impact whatsoever on a live-streaming feature. Meanwhile, 32% are somewhat more likely, and 29% are much more likely to use a sportsbook because it has live streaming.

It is a similar story for current bettors, who are 35% somewhat likely and 32% much more likely. 31% of current bettors have no impact.

The survey shows that live streaming is becoming popular among sportsbooks. With more bettors factoring the option in their choices, could more sportsbooks work to curate live-streaming deals?

How Practical Are Livestreaming Options?

While operators have managed to curate deals to offer live streaming directly on their betting apps, the practice is still limited to select games. Because of preexisting partnerships with networks and streaming services, there is only so much that can be available on a sportsbook.

Companies like NBC with Peacock and Amazon with its Amazon Prime Video offering have spent billions for exclusive rights. As massive as sportsbook operators are, the streaming space is a completely different animal. Because of the sheer amount of money invested in these partnerships, sportsbook streaming will not become the primary way bettors consume sporting events.

However, as an additional option for sports betting fans, live streaming has clearly left its mark on bettors.