Bills Bengals Bets: How US Sportsbooks Are Handling Suspended Game

Written By Brett Gibbons on January 4, 2023
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Nothing is more important right now in the NFL than Damar Hamlin’s life. All of us here at are wishing nothing but the best for him. Sportsbook customer service departments issued statements Tuesday wishing the same for Hamlin. They also did inform users who bet on the Bengals and Bills game what is happening with their money. The game took place on the second day of legal sports betting in Ohio in a market full of new users.

It’s a reminder that sportsbooks may have different rules for different sports if a game is postponed and not completed within a specified amount of time.

NFL Releases Statement on Bills-Bengals Game

The NFL announced Tuesday afternoon that the Bills at Bengals game would not be played in Week 17 or 18.

“The NFL continues to be in regular contact with the medical team caring for Damar Hamlin,” the statement read. “After speaking with both teams and NFLPA leadership, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell informed the clubs today that the Bills-Bengals game will not be resumed this week. The league has not made any changes to the Week 18 regular season schedule.”

As of Tuesday, there is no final word on when or if this game will resume.

Sportsbook Customer Service Statements

Shortly after the NFL’s release, several sportsbooks released statements on how it would settle bets from the game. Most bets were voided and refunded.

Caesars Sportsbook

Per Caesars Sportsbook house rules, regular bets made on this game will be voided.

“Bets for all markets stand provided at least 55 minutes of play have taken place and an official result is declared unless a result has already been established,” their house rules state. “If a game is postponed, the game must be played within seven days of the original scheduled date or bets are void, the exception being the final/championship of a competition, in which case all bets stand for the rescheduled game.”

The book also tweeted this statement:

“Sports betting is what we do with our website at, and it is the least important thing right now in the NFL. We’re hoping for the best for Damar Hamlin, his family and teammates.”

Stephen Andress, managing editor at, in an interview Tuesday on FOX Sports The Gambler.

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel Sportsbook voided most wagers. Per FD’s NFL house rules, “Abandoned or postponed games are void unless played within the same scheduling week.”

Since the league determined this game would not be played in Week 17, these bets are void.

For prop bets: “In the event of an abandoned game, all stakes are returned, unless a result is already determined through the course of play that has taken place.” In Ohio, FanDuel did pay out a +100 welcome bonus odds boost for either team to score.

Here was the sportsbook’s statement to users:


BetMGM’s rules on date and site changes read: “Football games and any games/events not specifically listed must be held within one week of the originally scheduled date and location to be considered action unless otherwise noted in the specific sports rules section or the inventory game page within the mobile application or web browser application.”

They also have a 55-minute minimum length of play for games to be recognized. Bets on games not resumed within 48 hours are cancelled (bets void and refunded).

This was BetMGM’s public message to users:

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings voided and refunded bets that had been been determined. In Ohio, it did pay out a Bengals to score odds boost. Here are its house rules for football:

“There must be 5 minutes or less of scheduled game time left for bets to have action unless the specific market outcome is already unconditionally determined. If a game is halted before the minimum time has been played, and not completed within 48 hours of the scheduled start date, bets will be void, unless the specific market outcome is already determined (unless otherwise stated, i.e., playoff game rule). In the case of a halted playoff game, all wagers have action until completion of the game, as determined by the league’s governing body.”

Its announcement to users:


Again, most bets were voided and refunded. In Ohio, bet365 did pay out its Joe Burrow 1+ passing TD odds boost. Its house rules state:

“Abandoned or postponed (including forfeited games not played due to Covid-19) games are deemed no action unless rearranged and played in the same NFL weekly schedule (Thursday – Wednesday local stadium time) except for those bets that have already been determined at the time of abandonment or postponement.”


BetFred voided its Monday Night Football wager that were not yet settled, including its Bengals +26 odds boost in Ohio. All bets not settled within 24 hours of the original game scheduled date are cancelled (void). Its house rules state:

“Abandoned or postponed matches are cancelled unless played in the same scheduling week, except the Super Bowl final when all bets will stand whenever the game is played.”

If you have further questions, contact your sportsbook via its customer service email or live chat function.

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