Sports Betting News: Florida Gov. DeSantis Moves For Sports Betting Lawsuit Dismissal

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Written By Giovanni Shorter | Last Updated
Florida Sports Betting

Florida and Virginia highlight the recent sports betting news across the industry. The ongoing saga of the Florida sports betting lawsuit has reached another climax. Meanwhile, Virginia celebrates record-setting sports betting revenue for October. Let’s take a look at the sports betting news in these markets.

Florida Lawsuit Dismissal Filed By Gov. DeSantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis officially requested a dismissal of West Flagler’s lawsuit against online sportsbooks in Florida. This move follows the Supreme Court granting West Flagler’s application to extend the deadline for filing the writ certiorari petition.

In their argument, Gov. DeSantis and his legal team are challenging the nature of the West Flagler lawsuit. West Flagler claims that online sports betting in Florida is in violation of Amendment 3. Amendment 3 is a Florida statute that states that casino gambling changes must be put to a statewide citizen vote before implementation. Gov. DeSantis argues that sports betting is not casino gambling.

“The D.C. Circuit has now rejected Petitioners’ argument that the compact is unlawful under IGRA because it allows the Tribe to offer online sports betting, and the implementing legislation simply executes that lawful compact,” reads the response from DeSantis and counsel. “Petitioners are incorrect that the IGRA compact exception in Section 30 is limited to compacts narrower than what IGRA itself contemplates and permits—compacts addressing only gaming exclusively occurring on tribal lands.”

Two-Year Wait To File In Florida ‘Unjustifiable’ According To DeSantis

Additionally, DeSantis argues that it is unjustifiable that West Flagler has taken two years to file in Florida. The initial lawsuit was brought to the D.C. Circuit Court, and it was only after the ruling was overturned in DeSantis’s favor that the lawsuit was brought to the Florida Supreme Court.

“Petitioners provide no basis for this Court to upend work approved by three sovereigns in their third-choice legal venue,” continued DeSantis. “First, the Court should decline to entertain the petition for discretionary reasons. Petitioners’ delay in filing this action—two and a half years from the compact taking effect—is unjustifiable.”

If this move by DeSantis to call for dismissal is a success, this could be the end of the ongoing Florida sports betting saga.

Virginia Record-Setting October

Over in Virginia, sportsbooks have reported $571,354,817 in total wagers for October 2023. This is an 8.2% increase year over year. Off of an 11.2% operator hold rate, Virginia sportsbooks saw $63,996,952 in revenue, the highest since launch.

After deductions, the Old Dominion State saw $56,364,083 in adjusted gross revenue (AGR). With the 15% tax on AGR, the state collected $8,550,196.89 in total sports betting taxes for the month.

Virginia was dominated by online sportsbooks as mobile operators saw $565,569,001 in wagers for October. This was 98.98% of the entire market in October. With the strong mobile market, Virginia is showing no signs of slowing down with its sports betting industry.