Sports Betting Lesson From NFL Week 7: Be Disciplined With In-Game Wagering

Written By Matt Perrault on October 22, 2019 - Last Updated on April 15, 2021

Last week in Las Vegas, at the annual G2E Global Gaming Expo, gambling companies from around the world gathered to showcase their latest products and to discuss the future of the gaming industry.

While it might not always be this way, the topic that clearly had everyone’s attention was sports gambling and the innovations coming to American states that legalize the activity. If you dug a litter deeper, you also found that nearly every company offering a gambling app is extremely excited about in-game wagering and what a mature U.S. market will mean for sportsbook operators.

Live betting is extremely fun, but it can also be dangerous as you are giving even more of an advantage to the books when you are live betting on games. Remember, you have a 10- to 15-second delay on your screen. The books have up-to-the-second data streams that allow them to be ahead of what you are seeing and that information impacts the odds for the wagers they chose to make available.

This is the future of sports gambling and the sports leagues know it. That’s why all the majors are partnering up with sportsbook operators and data feed companies to build out what the next five years will look like for sports gambling. The reason why the sports leagues and the sportsbooks are so interested in this is because of the money they are going to make when in-game wagering is widely available.

In other words, they know you are going to lose when you bet this way.

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Why the books promote in-game wagering

Sportsbooks aren’t going to invest thousands of dollars in data feeds unless they know they are going to make it back, and the sports leagues aren’t going to authorize those data streams unless they know they will also make a lot of money. However, it’s not impossible to win when live wagering if you stay disciplined for when you use it.

I’m not the biggest fan of betting in-game because of the volatility of the numbers, but one way I do like to use live wagering is to hedge a previous bet that I know I am going to lose.

If you watch a lot of football, and I’m guessing you do if you like sports betting, you often know early in a game if you are on the wrong side. If you are on the under and a touchdown is scored in the first three minutes of the game, you might be right to assume your bet is in trouble. In this situation, I like to look at the in-game total at the first commercial and see if I can play the other side of my previous wager.

Now, I don’t recommend doing this unless the game is in a commercial break and I don’t recommend doing this a lot. Hopefully, you are on the right side all the way until the 4th quarter and you don’t need to use this strategy, but for the times that you made a bad bet, in-game might be able to occasionally save you.

This week, the Eagles were three-point underdogs at the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football. Philly fumbled the ball twice in the first five minutes and Dallas scored two quick touchdowns off of the blunders. I was on Philly +3 and I knew I was toast. I was able to get Dallas -13.5 in-game during the 1st quarter. The final score was 37-10 and I was able to hedge the first wager.

In states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania, certain books also have a cash-out feature that allows you get a portion of your money back early if you don’t like how the game is going.

I think using in-game wagering to hedge on a bad bet can occasionally help to protect your bankroll if you know you are on the wrong side early into a football game.

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