Study: Americans Are Tired Of Greatness And Have Some Shocking Sports Betting Views

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Seton Hall University released a head-scratching sports poll (sponsored by The Sharkey Institute) this week covering topics from who America wants to see win the Super Bowl to opinions on sports betting. The poll was conducted on 985 adults across the country, using both landlines (people still have landlines?) and cellphones.

Americans say they’re tired of greatness

According to the poll, among serious NFL enthusiasts, 62% are “tired of seeing” New England in the Super Bowl. Only 27% believe their appearance is a good thing. This will be proven wrong when the Super Bowl TV ratings are through the roof on Sunday. Would you rather watch two high-octane offenses like New England, who are closing out their dynasty against an emerging powerhouse in the Rams, or would you prefer tuning into the Jaguars vs. the Buccaneers? This is about as good a Super Bowl matchup you could hope for, if not the absolute best. Americans love dynasties, the ratings always reflect it, and they will again this Sunday. Oh and did we mention you can bet on this game in legal New Jersey sportsbooks? [i15-table-group groupid=’7915′]

Americans also say they don’t love GOATS

For a country that prides itself on being the best, it sure doesn’t always appreciate GOATs. Tom Brady, inarguably the greatest QB of all-time, has a favorable rating of only 29% (to be fair, he was 61% before Deflategate). Bill Belichick, inarguably the greatest NFL coach and possibly the greatest coach in any sport, only has a favorable rating of 20%. To put this into perspective, Donald Trump has a 39% approval rating.

Americans also have face-palming views on sports betting

If this Seton Hall poll isn’t maddening enough, it asked if Americans believe “legal betting can lead to cheating or fixing of games by players.” The result? 81% of respondents said “yes.” Never mind the close monitoring of games by casinos and leagues, integrity fees, and the like. Despite athletes getting paid significantly more than refs or umpires (and having that much more to lose), Americans believe it is less likely that officials fix games, coming in at 79% “yes.”

Is there anything positive?

The one takeaway to smile about: 71% of respondents said they’re more likely to watch a game that they’ve bet on. Maybe there is hope for America after all.