Scottie Scheffler Odds: How Often In Golf History World No. 1 Wins As Big Favorite

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Scheffler odds

On the eve of the U.S. Open, Scottie Scheffler is only available at in outright markets at domestic betting sites. Scottie Scheffler odds have entered rare air. For good reason: the man has won five of his last eight starts, including The Masters, along with a pair of T2s. Only a T8 at the PGA Championship “stains” his recent record.

Only prime Tiger Woods has gotten comparable respect in golf markets. So, how have favorites on the order of current Scheffler odds done in major golf tournaments? decided to examine the results of betting extreme golf chalk prior to U.S. Open odds turning into live markets on Thursday.

Scottie Scheffler US Open Odds

History of Biggest Golf Favorites In Majors

Going back to the past 20 years (2004-2023 and 2024 majors), here’s a look at every PGA golfer who checked in at +500 or shorter for a major championship, along with his results:

2004 MastersT. Woods+350T22
2004 U.S. OpenT. Woods+500T17
2005 MastersT. Woods+350W
2005 PGA ChampionshipT. Woods+200T4
2005 U.S. OpenT. Woods+400T2
2005 British OpenT. Woods+300W
2006 MastersT. Woods+200T3
2006 PGA ChampionshipT. Woods+200W
2006 U.S. OpenT. Woods+400CUT
2006 British OpenT. Woods+500W
2007 MastersT. Woods+150T2
2007 PGA ChampionshipT. Woods+300W
2007 U.S. OpenT. Woods+250T2
2007 British OpenT. Woods+250T12
2008 MastersT. Woods+130T2
2008 U.S. OpenT. Woods+200W
2009 MastersT. Woods+220T6
2009 PGA ChampionshipT. Woods+175T2
2009 U.S. OpenT. Woods+175T6
2009 British OpenT. Woods+250CUT
2010 MastersT. Woods+300T4
2010 British OpenT. Woods+500T23
2011 MastersT. Woods+400T4
2012 MastersT. Woods+450T40
2013 MastersT. Woods+350T4
2013 PGA ChampionshipT. Woods+400T40
2013 U.S. OpenT. Woods+450T32
2015 British OpenJ. Spieth+500T4
2024 MastersS. Scheffler+500W
2024 PGA ChampionshipS. Scheffler+450T8
2024 U.S. OpenS. Scheffler+300TBD

Heavy Major Favorites Have Produced A Slight Profit

If a bettor wagered one unit on each of these heavy major favorites, he or she would have profited +0.5u. The strategy would have peaked just shy of 10u profit before a lean stretch from 2009 through 2015 sapped 12 units of profit.

However, even comparing the current Scheffler odds to some of these +500s might not provide proper context. Narrowing the sample down to only +300 or shorter, betting these would have produced a -1u loss. Note that Woods did have four runners-up, and flipping just one of those to a win would have put the strategy in the black.

Overall, it appears the betting market has done a good job properly pricing these heavy golf favorites. As bettors reenter a golf landscape that hasn’t really been seen in more than a decade, they would do well to keep that in mind.

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