2018 Ryder Cup Odds: Despite Past Struggles, Sportsbooks Still Like Tiger Woods

Chops September 26, 2018
Ryder Cup Odds

Tiger Woods’ TOUR Championship win has sent everyone into some orgasmic and euphoric state of golfing bliss.

His win led to the highest ever FedEx Cup Playoff TV rating, up 206% (!!!) over last year’s final.

Woods is now the 2019 Masters favorite. And his heads-up match against Mickelson. And multiple majors next year.

Woods at the Ryder Cup tho…

Even when Woods was crushing souls and winning every major in sight, he kind of stunk at the Ryder Cup.

His career record at the Ryder Cup is an un-awe-inspiring  13-17-3 (Wins, Losses, Halves).

Yet, he’s among the favorites (+600 at FanDuel and +650 BetStars in NJ) to be the top scoring American this year. Dustin Johnson is listed at +470 and +500 on those books, respectively.

Nine months ago it was an Old Dominion-level long shot that Tiger Woods would even be considered for the squad, let alone make it. Now:

Pretty amazing, considering a year ago right now he just started chipping and putting again.

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