Maryland Residents To SWARC: Hurry Up, Start Mobile Sports Betting

Written By Giovanni Shorter on October 11, 2022
Maryland mobile sports betting

The Wagering Commission has released public comments for its regulations surrounding Maryland mobile sports betting. Public comments ran for 30 days and local residents were able to voice concerns about the rules. Maryland sports betting fans and detractors all commented during this period.

The conclusion of the public comments period puts the market one step closer to launching online and mobile sportsbooks in Maryland.

Maryland Commentors Eager For Sports Betting

A common troupe amongst commentators in Maryland has been criticism of the slow process. Many residents are eager for sports betting and are understandably frustrated by the slow workings of the Sports Wagering Application Review Committee (SWARC). Sports betting has been legal in Maryland since 2020 and online sportsbooks have yet to go live.

Notable Comments

“Why has SWARC not approved mobile betting for companies such as Fan Duel, Draft Kings and other major casinos that are all ready to allow MD residents the right to make a mobile bet? Any other company that wants to operate a mobile betting site has had plenty of time to submit their application. When the other companies are ready to operate their mobile sports betting businesses, then they can get approved. Why are you penalizing MD residents for your slow process? Why has SWARC not moved at a faster pace? MD voters approved mobile betting in November 2020. Who gives you the right to delay democracy?”

Tom Rothschilds, Maryland resident

“What in God’s name is taking so long? I get that you’re trying to help out the lil guy but this is a stupid battle. The major companies in mobile betting are the trusted ones, No one will use an unknown book to wager because there’s no credibility. So give the licenses out already and stop wasting time and money.”

Kris Sanka, Maryland resident

SWARC is no stranger to vocal criticism of their slow process. Even Gov. Larry Hogan publicly pleaded with the committee to hasten the process of launching Maryland online sportsbooks. Members of SWARC have stated that they do not intend to rush the process and aim to make sure they get things done right.

The public comment phase is a step in the right direction as this indicates the market is close to going live. SWARC can now finalize the regulations for online sports betting and approve license applications. Maryland is targeting a November or December launch for mobile apps.

Next Steps

Maryland mobile sports betting apps looking to go live in the Old Line State have until October 21 to submit their applications. SWARC voted in favor of a rolling approval process which will allow the market to approve and launch sportsbooks one by one. With this, the committee will be able to move quicker than if they needed to wait on all applicants to be approved first.

Staggered launches are not uncommon in other US markets. Several states have seen sportsbooks go live months and even years after others. Marylanders will soon be able to wager at a few sportsbooks before the end of the year thanks to rolling approvals.

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