Prop 27 Vs. Everyone: Latest On California Mobile Sports Betting

Written By Giovanni Shorter on September 29, 2022
California mobile sports betting

As we get closer to the November California elections, Prop 27 continues to see vocal opposition from prominent figures. Prop 27 is the only bill that would allow California mobile sports betting to go live. Hundreds of millions have been raised to campaign against Prop 27 in the months leading to the vote.

Let’s take a look at why so many are opposed to the measure. Also, how many votes does Prop 27 need to pass?

Prop 27 In The Hot Seat

The major opponents of Prop 27 are, unsurprisingly, those in favor of Prop 26. This rival initiative would only allow for sports betting on tribal grounds. The major criticism from these opponents is that outside sports betting companies stand to profit more than tribes.

Several ad campaigns have been pushed by those in favor of Prop 26 criticizing all aspects of Prop 27. This includes its claim to aid in homelessness.

This talking point has also been made by the California Association of Counties, the California League of Cities, and the Major Teachers Union. Each of these organizations are against Prop 27 and doubts the added funds for homelessness are substantial enough.

Local Media Also Oppose Measure

Not only have big California organizations drawn skepticism over the homelessness aid claims, but local news outlets have also done the same. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that local homeless service providers do not support Prop 27. The Sacramento Bee has also broken down why Prop 27’s homelessness aid claims are not as lucrative as advertised.

“Prop 27 would potentially generate hundreds of millions in state revenue, but not more than $500 million annually, according to the Legislative Analyst’s Office,” reported Ari Plachta of the Sacramento Bee. “Sports betting companies would have to pay 10% of their profits (totaling tens of millions) into a new fund to cover state regulatory costs. Then 85% of the rest would go toward addressing homelessness and gambling addiction.”

California spends billions to combat homelessness annually.

Will Voters Choose Online Sports Betting?

In order for online sports betting in California to pass, Prop 27 would need more than 50% of total votes in its favor to pass. This could be easier due to 2022 being a midterm election which usually leads to lower voter turnout.

A recent poll of just over 1,000 potential California voters revealed that only 34% of those surveyed would vote in favor of Prop 27. 54% are expected to vote against and 12% are undecided.

For Prop 27 to pass, the 12% undecided need to be convinced of the bill while also more than 5% of those opposed would need to be converted. This survey did not account for those who would vote for Prop 26 instead.

Right now, all the evidence is pointing against California mobile sports betting passing. However, those in favor have several weeks to change voters’ opinions.

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