Leading Boutique Agency Prodigy Sports Launches Esports Recruiting Practice

Written By Dejan Zalik on February 2, 2017 - Last Updated on January 22, 2018

[toc]Recruitment agency Prodigy Sports announced a new division focused on esports. The company will serve as the middleman between executives and the firms in the competitive gaming industry. It plans to assist clients with hiring senior management.

Another milestone for esports

The firm wants to utilize its resources to source, identify, and place executives in the growing industry of esports. The industry has expanded tremendously in the last couple of years, with 2016 being the most successful ever. Prodigy Sports’ entry into esports will surely help in improving the industry.

“We have such a wide number of clients in professional sports…teams, management, agencies, technology companies, governing bodies…who have called and asked about a path to growth in esports as they start to get into this relatively new business, so we are pleased to be one of the first firms to devote time, effort and manpower to matching opportunities and personnel in the space,” said Prodigy Sports founder and CEO Scott Carmichael.

Utilizing experience from traditional sports in esports

As one of the nation’s leading search and recruitment companies, Prodigy has 60 years of experience in the sports business. By using its know-how, the company is looking to pair experienced professionals from the sports industry with esports organizations.

This should also help esports to learn lessons from traditional sports, making sure the former won’t repeat certain mistakes. The latter indsutry has increasingly been investing in esports.

“Any mature business dedicating resources to esports needs to be able to identify and source leadership like they would for any other area of their organization,” added Carmichael. “While esports may be a new and fast-growing business to many, its challenges are not new, and we are looking forward to be able to marry the needs of those entering the field with a deep, diverse and unique database that we are always building.”

More teams moving to esports

Prodigy made the decision to move into esports because of existing sports clients getting involved with various esports organizations.

“These companies, many of whom are already working with Prodigy Sports, have a fast-growing need to have skilled people help manage these businesses as they mature,” said Carmichael.

As more traditional sports organizations move into the esports scene, the business of competitive gaming and traditional sports become intertwined. Last year, soccer clubs like FC Schalke, Valencia, Manchester United, and FC Bayern Munich invested in esports after recognizing its potential.

“As esports further integrates with some of the world’s most valuable sports franchises, there will be a rapid enhancement of the esports business, particularly as it enters the consciousness of a much broader fan base,” said Mr. Carmichael. The result, he added, “will be a further explosion of the exponential revenue that we’ve already started to witness in the sector.”

The company’s esports operations will run from its New Jersey office. The firm has already expanded its team, adding professionals to meet the demand.

The business side of esports

Recently, numerous companies and individuals have stared focusing on the business functions in the esports field.

In December, Paul “ReDeYe” Chaloner launched the consulting firm Code Red. He is looking to bring together parties that are interested in entering esports. Bryce Blum, an esports lawyer, launched his own law firm that’s focused entirely on esports.

The newly formed Copenhagen-based marketing and media rights firm RFRSH Entertainment also plans to bring esports ahead. It has plans to raise and invest $30 million in esports during the next few years.

As the industry grows, more business opportunities will arise. We’ll surely see more organizations, especially from the traditional sports field, making a move into esports.

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